Guide: Diabolik lovers – Haunted dark bridal –

I never thought I would actually play this game. I’m not a DoM.. I’m not fan of vampires nor blood, which is why I tried to avoid this game like a plague. But when you have nothing else to do and you are bored to death, this game suddenly started to look very appealing. So I decided to play it…

At the moment I have completed Ayato, Laito and Subaru. Subaru is my favorite so far. I don’t give a flying poo about Ayato. Laito again is a special case. He is broken, crazy, smexing pervert. I have a hate/love relationship with this nut job. But there are some aspects of him that I just can’t resist. I mean, just look at this face:

Oh Laito, why you so crazy. 

I‘m so freaking tired so I won’t write anymore ( = o = )….


In this game, every guy has three chapters in their routes; DarkManiac and Ecstasy. In each chapter there are 10 parts (plus prologue and epilogue). You have three meters in your game; Love, S-type and M-type meter.

In parts 01-06 you are able to raise the love meter. Your love meter rises if you see hearts appearing after choosing a dialogue option. In parts 07-10 you can choose either Sadistic or Masochist dialogue option (In these parts you don’t raise the love meter anymore). After choosing a dialogue option, you can see a different color showing up at the top of the screen; S option is the color violet and M option is the color blue.  At the ending of parts 07-10, you see this text showing up with three words that are colored light blue. You need to choose right two words and you know if you have chosen the right one if blood splatter shows up. If you hear a cutting sound, then it’s the wrong choice.

Every guy has three endings:

1st is the Best ending 
2nd is the Normal ending 
3rd is the Bad ending 

To unlock these endings, you basically have to do this:

1. Just raise your love meter to the max. Choose always the heart dialogue option. Your love meter is at its max when it’s 90.

2. To get the first ending (the best), just choose the M dialogue options. 

3. To get the second ending, choose S dialogue options.

4. To get the third ending, you have to choose both S and M dialogue options.

To unlock heaven scenarios, you have to get the two words right that appear at the endings of parts 7-10. As I stated before, you will know if you have chosen correctly if you see blood. Don’t worry if you get it wrong though. Just play the part again and again until you have gotten it right. 

Hopefully this helps someone.

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41 thoughts on “Guide: Diabolik lovers – Haunted dark bridal –

  1. I’m playing diabolik lovers right now (even though I know ZILCH japanese ^^UUU thanks for your post it was extremely helpful because i am at ayato’s chapter 7 and i don’t know if i should pick S or M option!!!! :DDD

    • just pick whichever xD there are 3 endings anyway. if you pick most of S options with correct answers for 2/3 words, you’ll get the normal end. if you pick M, it’s either bad end or good end

      • ok coolies. Now I really wish I knew japanese haha. I really wanted to play Shuu and Subaru but so far the only choices I have are Ayato, Laito and Kanato. Ahh well…

  2. Thanks so so so much for this walkthrough!! it helped me alot and not waste my time..haha I was wondering though how u can get the Heaven’s scenario? where it is suppose to show up? I did all of Ayato’s ending but i cant find it on the character profile..:(

  3. I’m having trouble with some of the guys heaven routes like 3 will not show up after I play 2. Is there a special pattern or something to unlock them?

    • to tell the truth I don’t know as well for the heaven scenario. I played kanato’s heaven scenario #1 but after that I cannot unlock the rest. sorry, cannot help orz

      • I know how to unlock all the heaven scenario scenes. You know the three blue words in the end of every locked scenes? You have to choose all the right words and it will unlock automatically. Hope this will help 🙂

  4. All of you played diabolik lovers but in japanese right because if you have it in English even if its a little part of the game I woul like to have it . I tried to find it in english but couldnt 😦

    • unless someone actually makes a patch for it then there’s no helping it coz it’s originally in japanese. it sounds like a trouble but that makes me be able to play japaneae games til now eventhough I’m scared at first

  5. Hello! First of all thank you for making this awesome guide! It helped me a lot to understand the game… But unfortunatly I can’t raise my love meter… I choose kanato and did all the 6 parts but the love meter only raised ’till 30…. Do you maybe know why? o3o (btw sorry for my english u.u)

    • lol its been a long time since I’ve played this but I’m sure I encountered the same problem. have you continued your playthrough to maniac and ecstasy mode? if I wasn’t mistaken, it should add up altogether in the end, choosing your ending

  6. Sometimes things dont work. I do not know what they are saying D; they say stuff like アイディアファクトリー and other things i dont know. I’m going crazy because of this. Please tell me if there is an english version. ._. Do any of you know what they are talking about because i had subtitles for the show. All i hear when i don’t have subs is sajkdskaoiwdjpsoaijwdsioasdhsaiubdfhyugdsufgu. I’m sorry im just really unhappy because i just spent my moneh

    • Also o.o would anyone on here know of any other otome games? ; w ; i love good heart teasers and noseb— i mean… fangirling games like these.. no … i really meant nosebleeds ..hnng ♥ , ♥

  7. eeh… I’m playing through now… and i know i picked all the right words at the end, and I unlocked the epilogue, but I haven’t unlocked dark 10??? have i dont something wrong??

  8. I always wondered why my babysitter liked hurting me but thanks to dl i know its because he was sadistic

  9. this is really helpful!! but for some reason the chapter 10 won’t unlock even after playing through prologue, epilogue and chapters 1-9. am i missing something?

  10. I have a question.. is there an option in the beginning for eng sub instead of Japanese? Cause I’m looking forward to playing this game 😊😊

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