Otome Game Review : Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable

Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable | Cero C | Otomate | 5pb. | PSP


In the middle of the night, you were suddenly woken up by an unknown butler (CV. Inoue Kazuhiko), and he’s gonna tell you some bedtime stories! lol why would he do that if we’re already sleep, no, he’s just there, and will tell the heroine, whose name is Himeko? (I forgot) some fairy tales. But it’s not a usual fairy tales, it’s where the heroine can actually feel like she’s inside the story. So that being said, let’s discover the magic of the fairy tales hurhurhur what the heck am I saying.
This game is a dummyhead mic featured, which means get ready to be blown with those whispers getting inside your ears. PREPARE YOUR HEADPHONES BEFORE PLAYING THIS GAME, YOU WON’T REGRET IT unless you really worry about your ears breaking because their voices are just too hot to handle /bricked.

Little Mermaid/Ningyo Hime (CV : Sakurai Takahiro)
We all know the little mermaid story. Mermaid goes above, found a charming prince, prince fell off to the sea, mermaid saves the prince, mermaid fell in love, mermaid went to prince by switching his voice with feet, prince got tricked, mermaid turned to bubble, the end. LOL OK MAYBE NOT THAT SIMPLE. But yeah basically it’s the same. The mermaid fell in love with the prince the moment she saw him, and want to become a human. Therefore she gave her voice to a witch so she could have feet. She drank it and went to the beach, where the prince found her. She couldn’t walk and her feet hurt as hell, but prince being charming helped her and brought her to his castle (´ ▽ ` )ノ. Prince fell in love with her, he even was happy when she stopped him from going somewhere. But there’s a random princess, saying that she was the one who saved the prince (the game doesn’t specifically said that it’s the witch being an impostor so idk) and then prince DECIDED TO MARRY HER! Oh good heavens. The wedding is held above the sea, mermaid was down because she knew she will turn into bubbles tomorrow. But her sister came and gave her a knife, saying that she should kill the prince so she won’t die. So mermaid went to the prince’s room when he was sleeping, and prince somehow didn’t realize that it’s mermaid and told her to come to his bed ==. When mermaid was about to stab him, she dropped her knife and run away. Prince realized that it’s the mermaid and ran after her but it’s too late coz she already turned into bubbles. He’ll keep her feelings forever idk what’s that suppose to mean, the end.
In the lovers’ suicide route, it’s pretty much the same but on the last scene, mermaid kissed the prince, then he realized how much she loved her so he took the knife, stabbed himself. Mermaid went alsdkfj and stabbed herself as well.
In the happy end route, prince realized that it’s the mermaid who saved him on the beach. Mermaid’s father and sisters appeared from the sea and gave her a potion that will return her voice, and made her feet won’t hurt from walking anymore. Then the prince marry her, and they live happily ever after.
In the love comedy route, mermaid asked for potion to transform the prince into merman instead. She made him fainted and then give the potion to him. The prince was like where the hell am I and decided to go back until he realized that he’s already a merman rofl. So he decided, oh ok, I’ll take this life coz the mermaid had this I’m sorry face. They uh, live peacefully until the prince wants to meet mermaid’s daddy, the king of the sea. The king and sisters don’t accept him though he pretty much convinced him. So he had to do a test, to catch 1000 sea urchins in 3 days xD she’s also not allowed to see the prince until 3 days are over. Prince had it tough since he’s new and all, and he got hurt here and there. Mermaid couldn’t take it anymore so she helped him and managed to get 1000 sea urchins but daddy rages because she helped him, but he finally gave his permission for them to marry because their bond is strong 😀
In the man’s pride route, prince failed to collect 1000 urchins orz but uh he decided to stick and follow king to the rest of his life lulwat. Lol mermaid I feel you xD
In the woman’s fighting route, instead of talking to daddy, they met the witch instead so prince can get the mermaid’s voice back. One of them must decide which one will go to face the witch’s trial, to find a rainbow tear or sumthing. Mermaid decided to go, but she was lot. But fear not coz the mighty fishes helped her and she got the tear. But when she got back, the witch has manipulated the prince, turning him into a creep or something (and pretty much raep your ears rofl). But then with the power of RAINBOWTEARZ mermaid broke the spell, prince returned to normal, and witch raged. But the tear’s power was used so they couldn’t return the mermaid’s beautiful voice, but mermaid is like “it’s ok as long as we’re together” and live happily ever after.
In the horror route, prince was the one who went to look for the tears but he got lost, and he has no mighty fishes who helped him (poor prince lol). Instead of ohmightyfishes, he saw an illusion of mermaid, and chased her into eternity (I keed), but when he faced her, apparently she’s just a stone. Prince then got strangled and turned into stone as well. Even after he died, since mermaid didn’t know anything, he waited for years, hundreds, even thousands, until she died as well. After that, their voices echoed in the sea, searching for each other (?). The end.
After finishing the whole stories, you get to review them with the prince (the same goes with the other stories as well).

Blue Beard/Aohige (CV. Morikubo Shotaro)
Blue beard comes from European story if I wasn’t mistaken? A guy named Blue beard was feared by everyone, coz he’s friggin scary and when he married someone, the wives are nowhere to be found. The heroine here, is a woman whom Blue beard fell in love to. He asked her to dinner at his house and proposed her (LOL DAT FAST?). Apparently coz she’s a beauty and she’s not scared of his face (I don’t too coz the game makes him less scary, besides his beard isn’t that much, I don’t think it’s even a beard lmao). Anyway Bluebeard ossan is a really busy man, until he had to leave his house. Since he didn’t want waifu (aka heroine) to be alone, he gave every keys in the mansion. Bluebeard told everything, except for one key, which he forbade her to go to that room. But the truth fails, waifu decided to go in and he saw corpses of his past waifus dead and bloody so she ran. But then bluebeard came home, yea what a right time sheesh. Bluebeard saw waifu scared, so he asked her if she went to the room, and pretty much got her dragged to that room again and gonna do some massacre with her. But then onitan saves her, and killed Bluebeard. Bluebeard’s fortune goes to waifu and idk if she lived happily ever after coz she didn’t sound like that to me after what happened xD
In the mysterious route, when waifu entered the room, instead of dead bodies, it was a dark room and 2 mysterious servants, creeping your ears out lmao to enter doors. You can pick either left or right, but once you entered it, you couldn’t go back. There are 2 endings for me in this route idk why coz I’m awesome /bricked. Either you got lost in the maze forever and ever or, you eventually escaped the maze when Blubeard returned. And then waifu decided not to break promises again to Blubeard.
In the tactics route, when waifu got dragged into the bloody room, he cried for help and onitan returned as well. But instead of helping her who’s being helpless, the three of them (yea there are 2 brothers), they were being sadists and beat the shit out of Bluebeard coz apparently they’ve been targeting people with fortunes and yea pretty much like that. Even waifu sounded scary in here orz. After they killed him, the fortune went to waifu and uh they’re finding the next target? OAO
In the true love route, waifu was a loyal waifu, and didn’t even touch the key until Bluebeard returned home. Bluebeard was touched by this, and decided to show her what’s the room about. Apparently it’s a garden, but it’s pretty much dead. He was betrayed by people the rest of his life, that’s why he tested waifu. Bluebeard apologized and asked waifu to rebuild the garden with him. Waifu agreed and years later, they were in the renewed garden, green and all, surrounded by their kids. Now if only they give me these kind of endings more lol
In the quintuplet route, when waifu went into the room with Bluebeard, apparently you got quartet ossan whose faces are the exact same as Bluebeard rofl, just with different voices, so you get quintuplet ossans yay! You gotta choose the correct one (I didn’t try what will happen if you choose the wrong one though xD) since I know Morikubo’s voice I just picked “him” and he le gasped, asked how do I know. Well I do know your voice but of course waifu said it’s just he’s different and all that stuff. And Bluebeard was like “MY WAIFU” and they hugged, happy end xD
In the waifu turned into bluebeard route (what’s with the name lol), waifu didn’t wanna be ronery, so Bluebeard called a butler to befriended her. But after that, butler goes “OKU-SAN I LOVE YOU.” So waifu decided to be a ho and had an affair with butler. Even after Bluebeard came back and left again, waifu is still being naughty and keep the affair with the butler. Then waifu gave a key to him, told him not to open a certain door. Of course being a curious butler, he decided to go in, and found a lot of man slaughtered in that room, and uh butler got killed as well 😀 the same thing happens again, til Bluebeard got curious and asked waifu where is everyone else. Apparently waifu killed all the man/butlers/whoever she had an affair with I guess? until Bluebeard was the only one left. So waifu decided to test him, but then Bluebeard went to the room as well, and then waifu turned into a creep, telling that she was alone that’s why she killed everyone in the end. But Bluebeard apologized before he died, and waifu cried tears of regret, leaving the mansion.
In the misunderstanding route, waifu decided not to have affair with butler, being a good wife and all lol. But when Bluebeard came home, Bluebeard didn’t trust waifu so he accidently pushed waifu and she died rofl, Bluebeard went insane and brought waifu into the bloody room and visited her everyday while complimenting her, brought her flowers and all, omg.

Bancho Sarayashiki (CV. Shimono Hiro)
Lol this story gave me creeps all the time, no matter which route it is, though there’s some funny and ridiculous ones. It gave me goosebumps, and I played it on night oh goodies. Anyway Bancho Sarayashiki is a horror Japanese story so here we go.
Okiku is a servant at Aoyama Harima mansion, a great man (idgaf what he is, my Japanese sucks ok, anyway he’s the lord of the house I think). Aoyama loved Okiku, but Okiku didn’t think she’s worthy enough but Aoyama didn’t care (we got to hear Aoyama’s voice massaged by Okiku rofl). But (his dad? Idk orz) didn’t want him to marry Okiku coz she’s just a servant, so Aoyama had to marry another woman, but Aoyama didn’t have any feeling for her, so he decided to had an affair with Okiku. But then Okiku broke one of a few precious plates of Hariyama treasures, she apologized but Aoyama “it’s ok bby.” But then oh noes Aoyama’s waifu found out about the broken plate (apparently she’s supposed to be executed coz it’s a precious treasure) and their affair as well. Waifu encountered Aoyama and Okiku, and told Aoyama about shiz and all, and uh, eventually Aoyama killed Okiku (more like mutilated orz) and threw her into a well. But after that Okiku’s spirit wandered around and when Aoyama apologized in front of the well (I guess he regretted what he did, serves you right), Okiku’s spirit came from the well rofl and haunted him, and pretty much the mansion as well.
In the curse route, instead of slicing Okiku, Aoyama sliced waifu instead. But the same thing happened coz all of them just hate Aoyama lol. Waifu spirit came in the middle of the night and killed Harima. Okiku decided to run for her life from the mansion lol.
In the monopoly route, waifu spirit haunted Aoyama, he went batshit and start attacking random stuffs, including Okiku in the process. The servants were afraid of the psycho, so they left the mansion, leaving those 2 alone.
In the harmonious home route, Okiku and Aoyama lived happily and had a baby boy. The boy here wanted to see the Harima precious plates, and after that he wanted to start his own plate collections as well. But daddy said no no, coz the Harima already had special plates, downed from generations to generations. At first, the boy cried, but then he accepted it and they live happily ever after?
In the plate otaku route, daddy agreed about plate collecting so they decided to collect plates, over plates, over plates, until Aoyama pretty much turned into a plate yandere, not talking to his waifu and boy (bad husband, bad!). Okiku even scolded him but he didn’t realize and idgaf, so Okiku and the boy decided to leave the house. And Aoyama died forever alone, oh wait, he was with his darling plates.
In the strange route, the servants in the house started to disappear one by one, until it’s only Aoyama, Okiku, and their boy. So they decided one of them must stay on guard. Harima decided to stayed up, but then he eventually fell asleep anyway lol. When they woke up, they found their boy missing, and the next day Okiku missing as well. Aoyama then heard cracking plates voice, and then he went to the storage, found many plates screaming, apparently everyone in the mansion had turned into plates coz the boy broke one of the precious plates.
In the horror comedy route, Aoyama went to the storage and found the plates were talking rofl. Apparently the plates were angry because the boy broke Nana-chan (coz she’s the 7th plate, hence the name), the plate which the boy broke and they had revenge for Nana-chan by kidnapping the servants one by one. Nana-chan told them to stop, but they didn’t listen (one of them actually had a crush for Nana-chan xD). They chased Aoyama down, but somehow Nana-chan was fixed. The servants returned, and the plates lived with Aoyama and peepz, uh, flying around? Despite the creeps, at least horror comedy ending gave me a good response.

Hosokawa Tadaoki (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke)
Another Japanese history, which is not my thing. I suck at Japanese history, even when I’m watching anime about it. It’ll be pretty vague since I don’t get the history shiz and all, I’m sorry m(_ _)m I also take a peek of wikip to check things out so I understand 😀
Hosokawa Tadaoki married Tamahime, I think it’s because of politics? Anyway Tadaoki vowed to Tama, he’ll only love her coz Tadaoki went to wars a lot. Anyway even he vowed, he eventually turned into a yandere over Tama. When he saw Tama talking to a gardener(?), he’s jealous and killed him. But then conflict happened, and Tadaoki must hide Tama, so she won’t be found out. She then was hidden on a mountain, in a small house of Tadaoki. After the war is over, Tadaoki visited Tama, he was rejoiced, until he saw a Rosario on Tama. Rosario means that Tama was a Christian. Tadaoki rages of jealousy (coz of Jesus lol wat) and I think he gave Tama a lesson (which I think he raped her or something). Tadaoki then locked up Tama again, making sure she won’t be Christian again. But she baptized herself (which made Tadaoki rages again and locked her up oh wow you yandere ass) and since she couldn’t kill herself (Christians aren’t allowed to do that), she told the servant to kill her and burn the house. Tadaoki finally regretted what he did, he said he’ll love her only.
In the preacher of love route, Tama told Tadaoki about Jesus, and asked if he believed or not. He said, if Tama believed Jesus, he will too, and they decided to spread the love of Jesus coz they were forgiven of their sins. And uh the rest of the stories told how Tadaoki and Tama spread the love of Jesus in front of Tadaoki’s friends and they want to follow the way of Jesus as well xD
In the attachment route, Tadaoki said sorry to Tama coz he couldn’t believe in Jesus. Tadaoki decided to kill Tama with a poison before everybody knows about Tama and her Christianity stuffs. He then killed him with a poison from sake via mouth to mouth (ok lol srsly how could Tadaoki possibly not die in here) and burn them together along with the house.
In the overcoming obstacles route, Tama’s dad wanted Tama to return to her house but Tama refused, but daddy forced her anyway. Tadaoki missed her badly and wanted to meet here, and since he’s afraid of her safety, he barged in the house superhero style, and saved Tama. Daddy then asked Tama which one she wants to choose, Tadaoki or daddy. Tama chose Tadaoki and then daddy accepted so Tama returned with Tadaoki. Not long after that, Hideyoshi ossan was charmed by Tama’s beauty and flirted with her. Tadaoki confronted and he shooed Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi who’s pissed, decided to spread bad rumors. Tadaoki then hided Tama in the mountain again, when the situation was cleared, Tama returned and they lived happily ever after.
In the loyalty route, Tama seek help to Ieyasu when Hideyoshi ossan spread the bad rumor. But then Tama killed herself coz she didn’t want to be a problem to Tadaoki. Tadaoki then turned into a mushroom and locked herself in, but Ieyasu said Tama won’t be happy if Tadaoki keep doing that. In the end Tadaoki realized and he’s back like before.
In the hetare route, Tadaoki killed daddy because of the whole conflict (I didn’t understand so I’ll skip it). Daddy accepted his death already, coz he already knew why Tadaoki came. Daddy told Tadaoki to take care of Tama. When Tama heard the news about daddy’s dead, Tama is pissed and did the silent treatment with Tadaoki. Eventually Tadaoki got mad as well. But then Tadaoki’s friends came and decided to help him. They told Tadaoki to kiss her or something rofl, and they cheered for Tadaoki. Eventually Tama forgave him though she still do whatever she pleased against Tadaoki lolololol. Woman power gogogo!
In the women hate route, Tama asked for a divorce from Tadaoki after the silent treatment. After that Tadaoki drank everynight with the rest of the jiji and said women suck, that they shouldn’t have relationships with women anymore lololol

Hansel and Gretel (CV. Toriumi Kousuke)
Ok srsly first of all, I felt that Toriumi is a miscast coz Hansel is a shota and Toriumi has a low voice, despite his attempt to voice Hansel with not-so-low-voice but yeah. I actually prefer Kaji when it comes to shota lol, he has true shota voice, but let’s skip that. Anyway Hansel and Gretel in here ARE NOT SIBLINGS, this must be kept in mind coz if people didn’t know, it’ll be a massive incest crap. They’re more like osananajimi but they treated each other as siblings.
The normal route is just like the original story, they were thrown by their parents, found a sweets house and found by a witch. They found out the witch is a bad baba, then Hansel got locked while Gretel worked her ass off til she barely hang on. The difference is, since they’re not blood related, Hansel loved Gretel so much. Hansel peropero Gretel when they were eating the sweets. Not only that, he kissed Gretel when she fainted to feed her. After that they killed the witch with throwing her into the stove/oven or whatever it is, took the gold, and then get out of the house.
In the wizard route, instead of Hansel got locked, it’s Gretel who got locked. While fattening Gretel, Hansel asked the witch to teach him how to use transformation magic. By training every day, Hansel mastered the transformation magic. But idk why the witch turned into nice all of the sudden, and the 3 of them lived happily ever after.
In the sibling love route, Hansel beat the witch with his transformation magic but then Hansel turned into a yandere siscon, still chaining Gretel, saying you’re mine or something. Seriously bro, give her a break. But she’s in love with Hansel as well so there’s no denying it.
In the ghost harem route, instead of finding house made of sweets, they found an old house instead. They decided to live there for a while. But then when Hansel went to check around the house, Gretel is suddenly surrounded by 2 ghosts, telling she’s kawaii and all and they wanted to eat her. Hansel came and protected Gretel, and those ghosts turned small all of the sudden. The older ghost, which is like their leader, came and told them it’s the power of love(?) that beat those ghosts. They then decided to release those 2 ghosts, and they lived happily ever after, with those ghosts flirting over Gretel each other lol, oh of course Hansel didn’t wanna lose either ╮(─∀ ─)╭
In the denouement route, after living with the ghosts for a while, Hansel and Gretel decided to return to their house coz Gretel actually missed living in their old house. The ghosts decided to help them. But when they got home, the mother went mad and scolded to the father, she’s not happy seeing them back. The ghosts then helped them by giving their parents “pain” in their bodies. Parents apologized, Hansel and Gretel forgave them, and they lived happily ever after as a family again. Then we also get to see Hansel grew up, turning into a hot ikemen (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
In the revenge route, when Hansel and Gretel were encountered by the ghosts, their souls were eaten, so they turned into ghosts as well. Apparently they couldn’t go to heaven unless they release the grudge that bind them in this world. With that, they decided to take revenge on their parents who abandoned them. They tricked them by showing a horse in front of their house. Their parents chased the horse so they could sell it, but they got tricked til they almost fell off a cliff. They then begged Hansel and Gretel for their forgiveness. They forgave their parents and since there are no more grudges, they went to the heaven together.
In the ghost route, they didn’t take revenge on their parents, despite being ghosts. They then decided to help the lost children in the forest, so they could get back safely.

Leda and the Swan/Leda to Hakucho (CV. Kondo Takashi)
Greek story time! As much as I love Greek stories, this one is not for me lol. But yeah, just bear with it. The original story is how Zeus, turning himself into a swan, to seduce a human woman named Leda. Zeus watched over her from the Olympus, and decided to seduce her even though she already had a husband lol Zeus you. Zeus turned himself into a swan and seduced her coz her husband was on war. But then Leda fell off the lake, but then Zeus to the rescue! He saved Leda and gave him a mouth to mouth resurrection breath. Of course Leda didn’t know that it was the mighty god Zeus who saved her. Zeus then wanted to help her, so he went to the battlefield in a swan form to reminded Leda’s husband of her, with the help of Aphrodite. The husband, Tyndareus, saw the swan and remembered how he and Leda met. But as the leader, he couldn’t leave the battlefield. Zeus went mad but just about he wanted to attack, Aphrodite hurt his wing. Zeus went back to Leda’s place, apologize because he couldn’t bring her husband back. Then he turned himself into Tyndareus and surprised her, and sleep with her coz Leda believed that was her beloved husband. Because of that, we got threesome voices with Tyndareus and Zeus from each of your ears (゜д゜;) Leda then gave birth to a twin, each from Tyndareus and Zeus. One is immortal since he’s a demigod, a son from Zeus, why another one is a normal human being, from Tyndareus. Then something about making them Gemini star lol.
In the jealousy route, Tyndareus returned to Leda instead. Leda then welcomed her and Tyndareus promised he won’t leave Leda again. While Zeus thought he’s satisfied because he made Leda happy, inside he’s not. He wanted to make Leda hers so he went down and confronted Leda. But Tyndareus then saw them and then scolded Zeus about dafuq ya doin with my wife. Tyndareus believed that Leda would never cheat on him. At night Tyndareus slept with Leda, but after that Zeus pretty much snucked into her bed and did the same thing rofl. And then Leda gave birth to the twin lolololol
In the immorality love, Tyndareus didn’t rage like he was in the jealousy route. He lost his trust to Leda in his heart and went away, he didn’t listen the part where Leda actually rejected Zeus bah. Because Tyndareus was sad, thought Leda had an affair with Zeus, he told her that he would go to the battlefield once again. Leda, who’s sad, then comforted by Zeus every night, even though Leda’s heart was thinking about Tyndareus.
In the pure love route, Hera, Zeus’ husband was being yandere over her husband, told him that he is hers, and beat the shit out of him everyday lol. Hera’s jealous coz Zeus keep visiting Leda until she decided to visit Leda. Zeus then went down as well, only having Leda beat the shit out of him, again. She raged, and then turned Leda into a swan, she also took her voice. She then flied to Tyndareus’ place but Tyndareus didn’t realize that swan was Leda, though he took care of her. But then Leda was chased by Hera’s underlings to kill her. Just at a critical time, an eagle helped them and brought them to Olympus, which happened to be Eros (he’s probably my fav in this story xD). Eros is Aphrodite’s servant, who was asked by Aphrodite so she could clear conflict between Zeus and Hera coz apparently, she’s sick of it as well (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ So then Eros explained to them and the way so Hera could return to human again. Eros then gave them 2 arrows, one will make Tyndareus forgot about Leda’s love, while another one will make Tyndareous fell in love with another woman. Tyndareus then took the iwillforgot arrow coz he’s sure that he’d fell in love with Leda again. Leda trusted him. Then Aphrodite appeared with Zeus and Hera. Apparently they had a bet, and Aphrodite won. She then had Hera turned Leda back, she and Tyndareus then lived happily ever after, while Zeus gave up on Leda rofl 😀
In the swan legend route, Leda didn’t trust Tyndareus fully, thus turning him into an amnesia swan lol. He then flied off, forgetting who he was, coz he’s just a normal swan now. So then Leda flied off as well, wandering where she could be, and keep asking people around if they saw a swan or not.
In the threesome route (LOL), Tyndareus encountered when Hera stole Leda’s voice. Tyndareus then attacked Hera with Hades’ sword. Hera then went back to Olympus, summoned Ares, her son, to defeat Tyndareus in war. At first, Ares refused, but after he saw Leda and she slapped his hand, Ares went to the war anyway. Ares then went to Leda’s place, where Tyndareus was hurt because the Hades’ sword didn’t work on Ares. Then they fight, but Zeus interrupted as well lmao, turning that battle into threesome battle, until they realized… that Leda went MIA lololol.
In the destruction route, Tyndareus refused to fight Ares that night, saying that they will face each other on war the next day. Of course Tyndareus lost, Ares appeared, but Zeus saved her from Ares. He then took Leda to Olympus, and they live together in Olympus.
Eros is still my fav here, even he’s just a minor character XD I wish I had a route with Eros uhuu.

Little One-Inch Man/Issun Boshi (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
THIS IS DEFENITELY MY FAV STORY, no, srsly, not kidding. Tattsun made me squeal a lot in here, his voice is just ladjfdslkjf. Anyway Issun boshi is a Japanese folklore as well, about a man about a thumb sized, named Issun Boshi. I’m enjoying this story a lot, coz, saved last for the best >D
The story is about a grandpa and grandma, they prayed to God so they could have a child, no matter what size he/she is. So then their wish came true, they had a really small baby, and they named him Issun Boshi coz of his size. Issun grew up, and he wanted to go to the capital, but the grandparents didn’t let him, until Issun begged them, they finally let him go. Grandpa gave him a needle as his sword, and off he went. He then worked in the castle as the princess’ plaything. He took care of the princess, he peropero princess’ finger when she was hurt (≧ω≦). So one day, they went off to somewhere, but then the rumored oni appeared before them. He gulped Issun down, but not to fear, Issun is here! Issun slashed the oni’s stomach and got out safely. They also found something that could grant any wish. Princess wished Issun will grow big, and he actually did, turning into a sexy beast ikemen. She and the princess lived happily ever after.
In the love comparison route, instead of oni appearing, another little man appeared. Apparently the rumor said there’s a shadow that will appear and ask “where are you Issun, or are you Issun” I forgot xD His name is Issun Taro, but unlike Issun, his life isn’t exactly happy. That’s when the princess called Taro to join them as well. So both of them become the princess plaything, playing with the princess blindfolded, which one is Issun, whispering her in the ears omg a;lsdjkfdjs. After that, it’s the same. Oni appeared, both of them beat the oni, and the princess wished for them to grow. Taro then teased Issun, if he didn’t want to be fast, Taro’s gonna steal the princess. And then Issun went deredere in front of the princess, claiming she also loved the princess coz he didn’t want Taro to steal her XD and they went loooong and loooong, wanting the princess to chose them.
In the friendship route, Issun didn’t want the princess to grow him, he instead wanted to train til he got stronger. Taro then decided to accompany him as well, and princess was a bit lonely coz their friendship is just suteki XD
In the mystery route, when he was going to his journey, he found his grandpa dead, with a note saying that it’s miyako oni. So Issun went to the capital to search the miyako oni, and stayed in the palace to search further. Issun then found a note in the princess’ route about miyako oni, and revealed that the criminal is the princess herself. The princess then confess she became a killer because she didn’t want to be left alone. She was sent to jail, but Issun, being precious, decided to stay with the princess in her jail to accompany her awww.
In the escape route, Issun pointed daddy to be the culprit instead. But Issun didn’t have any evidence to back up his accusation so he was sent to jail. The princess then helped her escape with her hairpin, and they run away, having a journey together.
In the suspense route, they were chased by a creepy oni, til they arrived on a place. Apparently the people inside were killed by the oni as well. They then ran away til the last room, and while hiding, they find the thing that could grant wish. So they wish to beat the oni, so the oni turned into stone. The princess also wished that Issun could grow bigger, so grow he did! 😀
In the action route, the princess wished that Issun would grow big and beat the crap out of the oni in his big size. He finally beat the oni, and they returned back, living happily ever after.


After you finished the whole story, you’ll talk to the butler again, and he will give you the book and he left. But he said you’ll meet him again. Actually yeah you can. When you back to the start, and he offered you which game you want, you can choose his route. It’s basically just reviewing the whole stories with you and he around as the 3rd party viewer. I don’t exactly do this coz I’m not interested to review the whole thing, coz it’s basically the same.

Overall & Thoughts

Music : I didn’t pay attention to the music much, but it fits the whole atmosphere so it’s good. I also love the opening since I’m a big fan of Valshe, the singer. I already know the song long before I played this game, that’s why I’m pretty shocked and excited at the same time, knowing that it’s the opening of the game. It made a major plus to this game for me.

Art : The art is beautiful, no doubt. Really good colors, and it’s refreshing and all. Not much to say but I really love the art in here 😀

Character : like I’ve said, my fav is Issun Boshi, followed by the Prince from Little Mermaid.  Zeus is actually pretty ok as a character, I just don’t like the whole womanizing thingy in the whole story I guess. Also, Tadaoki being a yandere creep is definitely a fav as well. Himeko only appeared at the beginning though, and I didn’t play the review, so I dunno what her characters are truly is as a heroine. I also love some minor characters in here, such as Eros. Btw, they all are voiced by those male seiyuu cast only, so it’s fun to hear them as different people, even baba or jiji, or shota, idk xD

Conclusionyea I enjoy this game. If you don’t like a long otome game, this is for you. It has humors and tension at the same time, while the romance is still there on some routes. I’ll recommend this for you otome gamers out there who also like fairy tales, Japanese history, or Greek anthology. But if you really really really want romance overall, don’t try this. It might be enjoyable if you play some the true love routes, but it’s a whole different story if you’re looking for all romantic or all angsty scenes.

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10 thoughts on “Otome Game Review : Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable

  1. I absolutely love fairy tales and the artwork in this games! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Sadly, I haven’t been able to get a copy of it, since I don’t have enough money, but this game is on my “Definitely-to-play list”. 😀 Usually I’m a huge fan of romance, but I’m even more into several “that could have happened” endings on fairytales!

    My favourite story so far is “Little mermaid”, because I’m really biased to Sakurai Takahiro’s voice and not to forget the HALFNAKED mermaid prince!!! (/ω\) The least favourite story would be “Hansel and Gretel”, since I don’t like brother-sister relationships….

    Hopefully I will be able to play it someday, when I can understand Japanese fluently. Because nothing sucks more than not understanding the main parts of a story…

    • yes it’s beautiful xD you should really play it, it’s not disappointing coz the fairy tales and the cast are fun. Little mermaid is also one of my fav though I like Issun Boshi more coz he’s just hot >D
      Hansel and Gretel is only a bother for me coz I feel it’s a miscast, but since they’re not blood related I’m not really affected, though sometimes it get on my nerves lol

  2. Hello there, I like Kannou too and gosh I agree with Zeus and his womanizer lolz. Issun Boshi and Little Mermaid are my fave too xD Bancho’s story is pretty strange, especially otaku plate? I lol so hard when I played it xD

    One things that I like about Kannou is the colors, very pretty and fairy tail-ish.

    Btw may I add you to my blogroll?

    • Zeus is just like that xD yeah Issun and Prince from Mermaid are the best for me. most of Bancho’s routes just gave me the creeps since most of them doesn’t have happy ending lol

      oh sure, no problem! 😀 I’ll add you as well :3

  3. hello I am already play kannnou mukashibanashi portable and finish the route of mermaid princess.When I hear the voice of prince is takahiro I hurry up playing the route until finish <3.did you already play mermaid route.also the prince voice is really fits with takahiro <3<3

      • you finished all route wow O.o.and why the voice of hansel is really not fits with the character.I hope its gonna be voice by yuki kaji or yonaga tsubasa >w<

      • hahah i thought the same thing actually. when it comes to shota i prefer someone like kaji. toriumi’s voice isn’t made for a shota

      • yep I agree with you too.Anyway did you think the voice actor of Bancho Sarayashiki is really fits with his presonality.I am better play Bancho Sarayashiki last because its have horror story o.O

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