Otome Game Review : Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal-

Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal- | Cero C | Otomate | Rejet | PSP



I told you I’ll get something done, though it’s already new year >: but here you go!
Komura Yui, our heroine, is moving to a house coz his dad moved abroad to Europe, and apparently tomorrow is the day of his departure. Apparently daddy didn’t plan to bring her daughter along with her lol. But the house looked creepy, just like a haunted house, that’s why she doubted to go in. Suddenly the door opened by itself and she went in.
Yui found herself in a strange situation coz dem guys just keep licking her. Yui finally explained her situation, and apparently both parties thought it’s a misunderstanding. Wanted to leave, Yui was stopped by another guy named Shuu, and told that he knew that she’d be coming. And they told her that they’re vampire. Yui didn’t believe at first, but Reiji said there’s no reason for them to make a lie. Subaru also broke her cellphone lolol. No escape, sorry and apparently her Rosario and stuffs didn’t work on them. When she was about to get eaten, she shouted that she wanted to pick the guy that will eat her rofl xD so welcome to the Sakabaki Vampire family!

There are three chapters for everyone : Dark, Maniac, and Ecstasy. Himawari already wrote a guide here so check it out if you want to know how the system works and how to get all endings.
pic_0101Kanato (CV. Kaji Yuuki)
I decided to do Hysteria-kun first. Yui found him in a cold room, apparently he didn’t like to be bothered lol, coz Yui is just noisy as hell. But our heroine is a do-M so she didn’t want to get out of the room and wanted to talk more with Kanato, pfft why do you want that. Kanato got jealous a lot when Yui started talking with Teddy, Kanato’s precious teddy bear, coz to Kanato, he’s the only one who can talk to Teddy. Kanato also loved sweet thing, he refused to eat/drink anything else.
There aren’t many things in dark chapter, it’s just telling how Yui was nothing more than a plaything to Kanato, coz he made her suffer a lot. From stabbing her with a fork coz she’s too slow, making him wait. And he punished her 6x, 3x more than how she dared to talk back to Kanato. He didn’t want Yui to be touched by others as well, claiming that she’s his food, so others shouldn’t touch him. Kanato is also good at singing, he sang when he was alone in a classroom (I wish Kaji actually voiced and sang it in engrish xD) but ended up drinking her blood anyway. According to him, other bloods are nothing compared to hers. Kanato got pissed when Yui mentioned Ayato’s name, and said he shouldn’t mentiond his and Laito’s name much. Turns out he’s a major brocon coz Kanato, Ayato, and Laito were born from the same mom. Apparently their dad was a whore so he had 3 wives. Kanato cherished Ayato and Laito so much, that’s why he didn’t want a random person like Yui to spell their names randomly.  He really大好き his bro. He always blamed Yui for everything, and Yui just apologized and all, which makes her kinda annoying. Kanato didn’t want to know whatever the reason is, he just said that it’s her fault, and ended up giving her punishments all the time.
pic_0116At the prologue, we got to see a guy with a woman named Cordelia (it felt like they were doing dat thing rofl) with Kanato watching them? No wonder dat kid turned into a crazy psycho. Though it might be just him chewing her lol.
He accused Yui that she took his Teddy coz she hate him, but apparently it’s just Ayato messing with him xD He scared the hell out of Yui when he fell from the 2nd floor, he even threatened her to kiss her if she didn’t want her to fall, well, after kissing him with the most effing amateur way, he still fell but coz he’s a super invisible vampire, he didn’t. On another story, Kanato stabbed her hand with an effing knife while Teddy MOVED AND HELD HER HAND TIGHTLY so she won’t go anywhere. Kanato jealous raged, like, A LOT. He raged when Yui was seen with Laito together. A piece of advice from Laito? “GANBATTE BITCH-CHAN~” He also went mad in front of people coz a random ossan accidently dropped his Teddy. How did Yui calm him down? By telling him that he could nomnom her blood later. Wow Yui you’re learning how to make your way already. Kanato started to trust Yui a little by handing her Teddy, but according to him it’s just because their skin HAD TOUCHED each other trololol. Kanato also mentioned that Yui looked alike to “that person”, but he suddenly raged, saying that he’s the only one that could look similar to “that person” so he broke a mirror, and he told Yui to clean it up by licking his hand. Another piece of word from Laito? “Bitch-chan eroiii~”
It’s revealed that Cordelia is actually Kanato’s mom. Kanato saw that Yui has similar habits to Cordelia, eventhough their voice and faces are different. He also mentioned that her smell is similar to “that person” and said that he loved Yui. He also started sharing his thoughts with her, like when she fixed Teddy coz his stomach was ripped, she found a bottle and he told her about it, saying that he didn’t mind if it’s her. Apparently the filling is actually a potion to make someone feel happy. And Kanato’s mood suddenly become genki (more like genki-ly creepy). He also saved her (again rofl) from Ayato and Laito (also again) from chewing her. Yui eventually became to a total M, coz she felt a bit happy when Kanato said he will bite her as a gift if she said “everyone should go die” I mean UGH really dafuq Yui. Not only that, Kanato tried to make her as a not speaking doll and pretty much doing whatever he wants, even asked her what she wanted, but yeah she couldn’t hold back anymore, she liked Kanato orz She event felt happy when Kanato praised her, even she was told to promise that she’ll become his servant forever um yeaa. There’s only one sweet part with its sweet CG where Kanato actually burnt Teddy because he said he didn’t it anymore, coz he already had Yui. And they kissed under the tree together. After that he’s back to his yandere creep self orz
pic_0120Bad End
Yui somehow became scared more and more of Kanato. She then consulted this with the other 5, and she told herself it’d be ok. Until Kanato found out when they were talking, he went batshit and burned the other 5. He didn’t burn Yui, instead turning her into another collection of his “wax dolls.” Oh and apparently he has Teddy the 2nd now rofl.
Normal End
Yui found herself addicted to Kanato sucking her blood but she felt lonely when he’s not around so she’s whoring herself with the other 5 sucking her blood, even she didn’t feel anything about them. Even the other told her that she’s turning into a lewd. Kanato realized this coz she didn’t open her skin much like she used to rofl, and realized every spot of her body got sucked by whom (how to use your nose properly, by Kanato). Kanato asked for his apology, and Yui turned herself into a psycho vampire hunter by killing the other 5 in any methods. She’s excited that she’s forgiven and Kanato will be always be by her side sucking her blood.
Good End
Yui just stayed in Kanato’s place all the time, and she forgot all the things from her family, the other vampire bros, etc. Apparently Yui wanted to be a vampire from what Kanato said, coz he didn’t felt any pain anymore when Kanato sucked her blood, instead she loved it. In the end both of them are seen in front of a castle, as vampires, and start their new life. Even if this is the best end, it’s still twisted IMO.
pic_0122Laito (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke)
Laito basically is the hentai of the brothers. He called Yui “bitch-chan” and teased her a lot, more like harass actually lol. He didn’t reveal about himself much, but you get the basic, he’s a perv.
Like in Kanato’s route, there’s not much to tell about. He suddenly appeared in Yui’s room when she’s trying to sleep, and teased her. It’s school time for them since they’re vampires, so they’re active at night. Laito told Yui to strip to change her clothes. He also liked being called “hentai” rofl, to him it’s a compliment. He surprised Yui when she wanted to take a bath, and ended up together in the bathtub. When Yui found him in the rooftop, Laito was seen like he was confessing to someone, but Laito caught him and sucked her blood. Somehow her blood reminded him of someone, though he said it’s impossible to have the same taste as “that person.” Since they broke her cellphone, she tried to call his dad again with another cellphone which I forgot where did she got from, but when she tried to call daddy, Laito hijacked the call and his sound could be heard instead. As a punishment, Laito told Yui to read eroi things with large voice XD At first Yui resisted him since he’s a total kimoi hentai, but after that she’s pretty ok since I saw her smiling when Laito do things with her inside a church. We also got a glance where Cordelia appeared and flirted with Laito, telling him to do something again.
Yui felt that her chest hurt sometimes after Laito sucked her blood for a couple of times. Yui wondered if it’s Laito’s fault, but she tried to get over with it. In a limo, Laito gave Yui a weird drink that made Yui’s hormone went up rofl, so they enjoyed their moment together where Laito just pic_0136licked her and Yui seems to wanting more. After that Yui was like “wat the hell just happened. Is it because of dat drink you gave me?” and Laito said that the only one who’s horny is actually Yui coz that drink just increase the effect lol. On another story, Laito was taking a bath in the lake in the middle of the night and Yui called her. He forced Yui to join in but apparently our heroine is a dame-swimmer so Laito had to hold her when she’s in the lake XD Here’s the main story, Richter (who’s actually his uncle) asked about a girl from the church but Laito hid her before Richter came and pretended not knowing anything. After Richter left, Laito suddenly scolded Yui and asked something like “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU” but Yui was just ???? Apparently Laito’s a pianist as well, calling Yui (who’s on her way to the nursery room coz she didn’t feel good, apparently it happens to her more and more lately) with his piano (smooth moves man) but ended up sucking her blood anyway. This chapter increases the hormone use and HiraDai’s sfx l;asjfkdsfj that made me quickened my pace to play the game (coz I’m not exactly the type who enjoyed those sfx, but yea, I couldn’t take it /bricked).
Ecstasy is like the main plot of the whole stuffs rofl. It’s like they decided to throw the main part only in here, and torture me by playing those eroi oneshots before just to get to know the main story. Reiji told Yui that she’s awakening as a vampire and she’s chosen as a vampire bride or something. Apparently according to Reiji, she’s not the only and first one to become one of those brides. After that Cordelia met Yui (more like in her consciousness idk) and told her the truth. Yui’s heart belonged to Cordelia. When she was killed by her kiddos, she went to her heart state and was put into Yui’s. According to her, Yui died when she was little? IDK if this is correct though =| anyway dat bitch did lots of thing that annoyed Yui and me until the point she wanted to kill herself so she came to Reiji and asked for a potion. But after trying it apparently it’s not a suicide potion lmao, and ended up Laito sucked her blood. Laito wondered why she has Reiji’s locket so she told him the truth that she wanted to kill herself. Laito was like pfft woman if you want that I could’ve killed you~ One of the worst moment in here was when there’s Ayato and Laito gave her to him and enjoying Yui got sucked by Ayato while Yui was like nooooo Laito’s watching. Ugh this is so trolling.
pic_0142Bad End
Laito killed his own dad (Carl Heinz) and covered in blood. He asked Yui to lick her blood like usual but he attacked her instead, saying that her blood is what making him stronger. He also realized another existence that is da bitch (Cordelia, just remember her when I say bitch xD) so she called her and she awakened fully in Yui’s body. Shit happened and idk suddenly why but Cordelia wanted to revive daddy again. Laito stabbed Yui, and she asked him to kiss her. End of story.
Normal End
Same thing about killing daddy and gave a special gift to Yui : to play with her familiar that’s actually the previous brides. He’s just watching her like a movie and finally humped her covered in blood.
Good End
The same thing also about daddy, he’s a lot stronger because he had a bride. Yui told Cordelia to gtfo and made a marriage oath to Laito and kissed each other.
pic_0070Ayato (CV. Midorikawa Hikaru)
Ayato is a takoyaki lover despite being a vampire, even Yui thought that’s cute lmao. His bed is an iron maiden, placed in his room. I have nothing to said about him, but he’s one of those ore-sama character as well.
He called Yui a fathercon coz she shouted oto-san when Ayato pranked her. Even though he pranked, some of his plays are just a bit too much like making Yui into his darts target literally putting her in front of the darts board. Yui started to avoid dat dude for her own safety but no one escapes from Ayato-sama so he chased her and tried to steal her first kiss. Good for Yui, it didn’t hurt and she felt it’s like a usual couple smooching. But then Reiji cockblocked lmao and told them to do things on their own room instead of the gym. Ayato being the first kid I think?, was forced to study instead of playing by de bitch so she won’t lose to Beatrix (you’ll find out later who she is) so she can become number 1 and accepted or something. He woke up and Yui didn’t resist when he asked for her blood (more like pitying him I guess coz he looked bad coz of the nightmare). She even offered if he needed some kind of role playing lmao.
Ayato dreamt about momma Cordelia punished him in the fountain. He woke up and raged in the kitchen and sucked Yui’s blood when she came. pic_0073He said to use her blood to kill “him” (I’m sure you guys know who he wanted to kill). Our heroine also found Ayato sucking another girl’s blood le gasp! Panicking, Yui hit her head and woken up by Ayato who said he’s pranking on her HUAHAHAH and sucked her blood anyway (why did it always ended up like that lmao). He did that coz he enjoyed being a do-S and the face that Yui made is so THRILLING. On other story, Hysteri-kun visited her but Ayato shooed him and again sucked her blood til her head spin coz he drank dem blood too much. She skipped school after that (wow that bad?) but like before, no one escapes from Ayato-sama! Oh apparently dem vampires know if dem blood are in good taste or not, so to hold his desire, he decided to pour honey to Yui and lick it from her hand instead of blood OAO not only from arm but from eyes as well and our heroine fell in love with Ayato suddenly =_=
Ayato was waiting for Yui and he dreamt about da bitch again when she was about to die while Ayato was covered in blood (well the three bros are the one who killed her anyway). When Yui came, he wanted to taste her new flavor but he realized that it’s similar to Cordelia. So one day when Yui came home, Richard ossan called her Cordelia and grabbed her but Ayato was gtfo and told him that she’s not da bitch. Ayato’s unhappy so he ぺろぺろ Yui from the places that Richard touched him. Things got weirder when Ayato slashed Yui with a knife but hugged her after that. He told her about da bitch more after that, and the only thing about her is her blood. On the epilogue, they were making out making eroi sounds~ Until Ayato realized Yui’s heartbeat is similar to Cordelia.
Bad End
Ayato told Yui she has the same power as Cordelia because of her heart (the same as above) so he sucked her blood beastly eventually killing her lawl
Normal End
pic_0094Also explaining the same crap about Yui’s heart but his bro Kanato and Laito was like WHOAA NO WONDER WHY and wanted to taste her but Laito was ready to shut the hell out of them so he sucked Yui’s blood til she fainted and when she woke up he’s covered up in blood most likely killed the rest of the family. Yui felt really wrong about it, she loved Ayato and all buuuuut so Ayato was annoyed and shut her up, becoming his plaything coz she has NO LIFE.
Good End
Richter suddenly came in and the same explanation began, and he’s ready to suck the hell out of dat woman until DO NOT FEAR AYATO-SAMA IS HERE! He has this awesum power from Yui’s blood and knocked out Richard with his awesum power so he sucked her blood even telling her to open her clothes in front of Richard lmao. And then the epic battle of vampires til doom happened! *insert sfx* After that Ayato and Yui goes ichaicha doing wedding oath while a bell chimed.
pic_0044Reiji (CV. Konishi Katsuyuki)
“Hey woman I’m gonna make you a proper lady to stay in this mansion” rofl. Reiji is like the mom of the house, really strict with rules that he taught Yui and raged because she couldn’t get it right after lots of times. On another note, he called Yui servant sometimes xD He also collected weird stuffs like plates(?) also he likes making weird potion out of nowhere. He also liked cooking, making cooking spaghetti one of the most hilarious scenes –by Ayato lmao. He’s also a perfectionist, had no interest in whatsoever that’s imperfect, like Yui! Unlike other characters, Reiji has more stories in the chapter he has, even from Dark.
While this guy barely strikes her because of ze delicious blood, he has a thing for whip orz. He whipped her because she talked to Shuu and Reiji hate that even they’re from the same mom, Beatrice (or Beatrix idk). But Yui still dared to ask Reiji why the hell he hate Shuu and he answered that he’s the one who chopped Beatrice, but the answer came up with a price of Yui’s blood anyway. It’s a vampire game what did you expect lol. Reiji killed Beatrice with a help of a vampire hunter, who happened to be Yui’s father.
Yui still didn’t want to believe that Reiji killed her own mom, just take it woman. On other side, Reiji couldn’t forgive her mom coz she died smiling pic_0048(isn’t that good?) that’s why he wanted to revive her again (WHY). Yui found a note while cleaning Reiji’s room and then she read the note containing ingredients for revival potion so yeah the rest is figured. But like every dramatic otome game, Reiji found out! And he raged and choked Yui’s neck. Suddenly there’s a whisper in her ear that said “kill before dat guy kill you” and she pushed her with incredible strength like a vampire. After that Yui ran from Reiji every time she saw him also her heart felt weird and hurt (the same like before so the reason is clear xD). So she went to sleep only to be found by an unkown ossan aka Richard, only saying “mah precious Cordelia <3” Reiji came in after he left, offering her medicine though Yui refused but he said it’s not poison so don’t worry. He said he was gone a little bit out of control back then. Yui : “a little?” Reiji with his nose smell an unknown person and he asked if someone was there. Of course Reiji knew Richard so she told Yui to be careful but he ended up appearing anyway later and Yui’s body was taken over by Cordelia. TO BE CONTINUED!
I’m honestly surprised they made Reiji’s chapter like a to be continued drama lmao. It’s revealed that Richard is actually Cordelia’s otouto but da bitch wanted Carl Heinz so Richard is forgotten (even in the ball when Carl appeared, Cordelia went to Carl even when Richard was in front of him). But before Cordelia died he begged Richard to cut her heart out and put it into Yui who happened to be the quickest he could found. Also I didn’t get some part but I think it’s also moved by Yui’s dad? After that Cordelia move freely and annoyed the hell out of Reiji wherever he goes and poked him lmao. So Reiji gave her a potion inside a cup of tea when she asked for a tea, and talked to Yui eventhough she couldn’t move her body and promised her to save her. Cordelia also went mad when he wanted to whip him and Yui was like noooo stop plz don’t whip him and Reiji only taunted Cordelia. This is mad orz. pic_0065After lots of Cordelia bitchin, Reiji pissed, and Yui whined, he finally finished the potion! He said it’s gonna revive Beatrice but we all know that she’s gonna free Yui anyway though Cordelia didn’t exactly saw his true motive and like “sure I’ll join you to revive Beatrice” but Reiji tricked her and gave the potion to her instead (by asking to dance with him).
Bad End
Cordelia took over Yui, Reiji was killed by Richard, and Cordelia trolled Richard that he’s not enough for her soooo yea lol
Normal End
Reiji became Cordelia’s slave or something, also he killed Richard. Yea this is screwed ಠ_ಠ
Good End
Yui gained herself back and making out sucking blood session in Reiji’s room w IDK wat happened to Richard though. And something about doesn’t mind being killed by Reiji. Well our heroine is always like that anyway…
pic_00021Shuu (CV. Toriumi Kousuke)
Shuu is…. a lazyass, literally coz he practically doesn’t have any motivation to do anything including using spoon to eat or change his clothes even telling that killing Yui is NG, making Yui basically like a maid to do his things lmao.  He even used it as advantages to tell her “if you want me to do ____, then kiss me or open my clothes coz I’m too lazy, go naked or something” lmao so we can conclude he’s a bit eroi as well xD He practically can sleep anywhere even on the floor. He always has an earphone in his ear but whatever he’s listening, we will never know, except one time Yui wondered and it happened to be uh, a voice of a woman making sounds lmao. He usually goes to the rooftop, music room, or announcement room to sleep. Good thing in this route is we won’t see da bitch yaaay.
Despite being a quiet and no spirit guy, he knows how to make his way with Yui yeaa. He had a dream about when he was little, Beatrice forbade him to go outside, including the servants and maid but as a kid, well, he went out anyway. He ran further into a forest and he met a kid named Edgar who was hunting with his gun. Edgar talked to him and they became friends but Edgar didn’t know that Shuu’s actually a vampire.
Moar getting his way with Yui! XD He was beaten by other people coz he just stand there and not moving while Yui was away so when she get back he saw him injured and he told her to lick his wounds. Yui was like OK in the end anyway and her heart started to felt weird like usual, even she felt his blood tastes pretty good. Shuu also left the mansion for a week and lived in a deserted place, Yui can’t abandon him so she stayed with him. After a week she’s like let’s go back but like usual, Shuu said “if you want me to go back then nude in front of me” lmao. pic_0029One day she followed Shu who went out, and she asked him coz someone ate Kanato’s pudding and HE IS NOT HAPPY. A boy throw a ball at them and ask them to give it back but Shuu told her to leave it and went further. Shuu told Yui it’s better for her to stay with the others coz they want her as food anyway but Yui refused. He said everything near her will be destroyed anyway, even “him” and Yui wondered who it was. Yui refused and Shuu kissed her gently (。♥‿♥。). Oh and apperntly, he’s the one who ate Kanato’s pudding rofl.
Dream about Edgar again. He taught Shuu how to use guns and how to shoot but Reiji spotted! He was watching from afar. When Edgar came back he saw the village on fire so he went back to his village but all of them are burnt so he went into the fire to save his parents and Shuu tried to stop him “NOOO” Unfortunately none of them are saved, including Edgar. After that Reiji who “happened to be there (yea right)” called Shuu lame and all. Shuu woke up and Yui was searching for him. He told her to call his name without the –san coz she called him Shuu-san coz Edgar called him the same way. After that Yui knew about Edgar from Shuu, his first and last bff. After that, something about going to class if Yui joined and amazingly she could I mean how could it be coz they’re different by one year orz. It resulted in him kissing Yui in front of the teacher and sensei is not happy! Yui became really obedient when Shuu told her things, and it’s like her heart spoke (you guys know what’s the cause) resulting her became ooc and weird words came out of her mouth, not alien like, just more of a S instead of M person. She wanted to stay with him whatever it takes, and Shuu took him flying like a superman yeaaa. He dreamt again about Edgar who died burnt and he’s really unhappy when she’s cooking with fire and all.
pic_0034Bad End
Shuu found Reiji’s diary about what he did to Edgar and his village so he challenged him to a manly duel! He accepted and they fought til die in the balcony but unlike Twilight super jumping battles and powers, they dueled with swords intead. Just when we thought Shuu won and he already made a romantic moment with Yui (we know where this is going…, Reiji stabbed him and he died, Yui screamed NOOOOO. The other was like wow as expected from Reiji lmao, battle’s over let’s go. Yui just mourned over Shuu’s dead body there. (I told you we know it’s gonna be like this lol). Oh and other 4 are like, gimme her since Shuu’s dead.
Normal End
Reiji called Yui to a deserted place and killed her coz he’s jealous of Shuu. So before he gets everything, Reiji took everything from him first (WHYYYY). Shuu came and surprised, Reiji explained to him he did the same thing to Edgar so Shuu raged and killed Reiji. He saved Yui by giving her his blood but she became a vampire. After that Shuu killed everyone in the family and they lived happily ever after?
Good End
Shuu and Yui decided to ran away to Transylvania, the place that once known as a vampire paradise or something but slain by vampire hunter so It’s empty. One question from Yui was actually about passport lmao coz they’re under aged. So in the end they’re in this forest and Yui told him about food’s coming aka humans ಠ_ಠ  is it me or the normal end sounds better, less the killing and Reiji orz
pic_0146Subaru (CV. Takashi Kondo)
YEAAA SUBARU キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━ saved the best for the last according to other people so yea. Subaru is the BAMF kouhai, coz in human age he’s younger one year than Yui. Even though he looks violent and super scary and blaaargh face, but he’s pretty tsuntsun coz he blushed when Yui thought his face was cute when he’s sleeping (≧∇≦) but he’s pretty moody and break everything most of the time I guess… He doesn’t have anything he specially like, making Yui called it’s pretty boring lol
While he’s violence, he somehow managed to protect Yui from touched by others coz he hated it when someone touched his food XD He protected Yui from Ayato in the bathroom coz he ate Ayato’s takoyaki and Ayato was ready to barge in but Subaru was like GET AWAY FROM HERE SHOO. He ended up punching the wall and as an apology, he opened his clothes and showing his body lmaooo. But he always told her to shut up coz she’s noisy as hell but he’s just being a tsun I guess. In his dream he saw a woman telling him to kill her and gave him a knife. Subaru said if that’s her wish then he will grant it. When he woke up Yui was holding his hand (he sleeps in a coffin or something?) but Subaru just blushed and told her to get off him w.
pic_0161Flashback thingy, Subaru was looking for someone so he went underground and found the same woman, who apparently is her mother named Krista, told him to cut her neck but an ossan came and he said that Krista couldn’t escape from him. Pretty sure it’s Carl Heinz but idk. He said she’s her thing so she can’t take her own life. Subaru said that Yui will slowly adapt into vampires environment and told her to stay away but Yui didn’t want to. He raged like usual. But he has his moment when he taught Yui how to dance in the balcony, using his familiar to start a music coz he skipped the ball in the mansion (´ω`)  On other day, Subaru dreamt about her mom again, and she wished that he has never been born coz she couldn’t ran away because of him.
Something about Subaru couldn’t save Krista. Subaru woke up, Yui shouted at him coz his hand was bleeding from grabbing the knife. He then gave her the knife and told her to kill him before he’s killed first but Yui rejected it anyway. One time she went to the garden and picking up some white rose but Subaru threw it away coz he hated it and he said the meaning of it is “losing purity, wishing to die” or something among that line. Yui found a pict underground and saw a woman (Krista) and said she’s pretty. Subaru came in and told her that’s her mom. And ended up something about Subaru being pretty XD On the few last of the chapters Subaru saved Yui from a nanpa jiji and get mad at her. He also kissed her on the bed ashsjhdjaks and pretty much make me scream most of the time. At the end, Subaru tried to go somewhere but Yui tried to stop him. He gave him a knife and told her to kill him if she wanted him to stop. Yui didn’t want and suddenly Subaru went closer and kiss her. He said “be a good girl and wait” (*°∀°)=3
Bad End
A bat came to Yui and brought her the silver knife along with a stained blood of rose. She screamed and white screen of doom and da bitch appear! (and I thought she’s gonna stay still til the end of the game orz) She explained everything the same crap as before, and she told her that Subaru tried to hold himself from sucking her blood coz he knew Cordelia was inside her so he gone somewhere to protect here. So in the end Yui killed herself with the silver knife while Cordelia just screamed there nooo coz she’s killed even before she enjoyed life. Cordelia is finally colored! lmao
pic_0171Normal End
Both Subaru and Yui ran away to a forest. Subaru already told Shuu about him going. He wanted to kill his dad but his power isn’t enough so Yui told him to drink her blood. But he held his desire coz she knew da bitch was there. He also told her about how her mom used to be called “white rose” but everything was ruined coz Subaru was born. That’s why he hated the white rose and always blamed himself.
Good End
Subaru went to kill Carl. When he came back, idk why Yui’s heart felt better so maybe da bitch is gone like swoosh and never will appear again. Even Subaru wondered why it happened. He also said he wanted to go protect his own white rose but Yui is such a ドンカン that she actually asked him to introduce her to his white rose, or more like beautiful moon lady? Idk the translation orz. But Subaru then “YOU DON’T KNOW WOMAN?” and blushed and explained that it was her (*/∇\*) . So they made an oath and Subaru said she could became a vampire to live in the same time as him, eternally.

Overall & Thoughts

Story : Besides Reiji who has more stories, anyone barely has any stories connected. For example, Ayato has more free stories and only reveal about Cordelia at the endings so I think it’s a bit too forced/pushed. While I like Subaru’s endings, it’s not exactly explained as well at some points. Instead of stories we get some voice fanservice and ぺろぺろ sounds or licking blood lol, but not of them are fun like Kanato stabbing you with a fork. IT IS NOT FUN

Music : The music is good for me. Well it’s a vampire game so what do you expect besides some scary OST but I enjoy it overall, it fits the theme and every chara has their own theme song if you listen it carefully xD though once you get used to “this music is used for thrilling and usually ended up at sucking blood” you know what will happen when the music starts lol The opening is…. vampire vibes, no comment. You get dem seiyuu sang for you so yeah, just take it 😀

Art : I like the art, it’s really nice 😀 I don’t have complain for this one as I like it. Most of the CG fits the situation as well although I think there are some parts a bit off? which I forgot I’m sorry orz. But overall the art doesn’t disappoint. I hope I can see the artist more (pretty sure it’s the same as Ozmafia?) though Himawari doesn’t like the artist draw the guys winking all the time. She said “winking ain’t sexy” XD

Character : Subaru FTW. To tell the truth I’m probably siding with some people who thought that Reiji, Shuu, and Subaru are better than the other three bros. but Subaru is still the best for me, minus some of the violence but he’s just a tsun I guess? As for the other three, I barely don’t have any comments coz you people probably know how I feel. um yea, did I mention I hate Cordelia the bitch? XD you probably could see my hatred all over the post so yeah… But every guys have their own sweet moment even only one or two lol. Although I’m still scared of Kanato ==

Conclusion : I’m probably not gonna play games like this again orz it literally puts me as a M and force to see scenes I don’t like. If you want to play this, just consider it for voice and guilty pleasures for your ear. But for romance, this isn’t exactly the thing. Except if you want to play Subaru’s route coz the last part he has the romantic thingies 😀 /sorry for my bias orz. On other hand, I apologize for not putting the heavenly scenario coz I don’t want to play it anymore. I’m probably only gonna check a few and I’ll post on other day if I have the mood (or if you guys manage to convince me badly rofl). The system looks confusing at first but it’s not actually though I still don’t get the choosing words thingy. Just get some M some S for bad end, mostly S for normal end, and most of them M (if can all) for good end.

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11 thoughts on “Otome Game Review : Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal-

  1. Ahahaha… I see you had a great new year WITH VAMPIRES. xDD

    I love the artwork in DiaLover, but this is TOO LESS to convince me to play it… To be honest… I can’t imagine myself to play a do-M game. LOL Well yeah, Ozmafia is drawn by the same artist, but sadly the game was delayed for an indefinite period of time… I hope it’s actually worth waiting for it…

    What I do not like about the game is its gameplay. You only get to see some scenarios of Yui’s life, so the story doesn’t flow very nice… But hey, it’s Rejet’s work, so it wouldn’t be suprising, if they wanted to confuse us more than necessary… orz
    Moreover, that drama with Cordelia was too much for me… Well at least I’m forever shocked from this game, because I entered Hinano’s broadcast in the moment Raito screwed his mom… o.O o.O
    And the worst… I get totally abused in this game… NO THANKS, I’M NO do-M…

    As for the characters… I like Shuu, Subaru and Ayato best. That squirrel in one of Ayato’s endings was weird though… LOL

    • lol I forced myself to play this during my vacation outside the town and because I have nothing to do much there, I decided to rush this thing xD I did hear about Ozmafia since ages ago, but I guess they just delayed it… but yea the art is really nice!

      yep you got that right, besides Reiji, they just put random oneshot story for each of them. Ayato has the least story plot and only reveal about Cordelia thingy at the epilogue of ecstasy… I guess if Rejet were to put more story it’ll become a chaos! or Otomate, or whichever anyway lol.
      you have to see me want to flip my psp and raged at Cordelia everytime she speaks, it’s really irritating XD

      don’t play it if you’re not into do-M, it literally transformed me into a do-M orz just play something else. this is mainly for ear service imo but I guess girls do enjoy games like this 😀

      • Hmm.. Well, I think I’m gonna listen Drama CD for ear pron instead of playing DiaLover. 8D

        Ah, yeah… I was a bit disappointed that Richter was not catchable… He’s such a sexy beast. (○’ω’○)

      • that’s a good idea since you’re a drama CD listener XD I don’t particularly like Yui as heroine anyway.
        welllll, his obsessiveness towards Cordelia was pretty annoying though lol

  2. I tried to play this, repeat tried.

    I plopped myself down and tried to concentrate on the game. Didn’t work.

    Too much gore and all the S and M stuff was just ughhh…

    Though Shuu and Subaru were real sweetie pies.

    • haha it’s understanding anyway. while some girls actually enjoy this, I don’t really.
      but yea I agree, Shuu and Subaru at least get decent routes (though I still don’t really like Shuu’s good ending)

  3. I’m having trouble with some of the guys heaven routes like 3 will not show up after I play 2. Is there a special pattern or something to unlock them?

  4. The furthest I got with the game was play Ayato, and part of Kanato I think? I didn’t know there was a recommended order, so I played Ayato first and was totally confused. I just couldn’t carry though this since I’m not a ドM either, so congrats to you. (´Д`) I was more like irritated through the routes, and didn’t wanna see Yui being stabbed by another eating utensil. (´-_ゝ-`) I like the art, but story-wise…meh It didn’t feel like actual good ends (-へ-) I couldn’t even handle listening to the drama CD…too many clashing noises. Well, I hope Ozmafia would be better, I think it’s done by the same artist. I hear it’s been delayed a few times though? Delays are so common these days…so sad.

    • the art is definitely pretty but yea playing this kinda made me suffered back then lol. I was saving subaru for the last coz I know he’s the best from everyone’s review and my friend. so yeah… I’ve never heard of the drama cd though! Ozmafia is actually good from what I’ve played in the demo. it has mafia + Oz fairy tail related story. I haven’t played that far but it’s not SM like dialovers so don’t worry xD

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