DiaLovers Fandisk More Blood PV and more

Since dialovers is getting high rates here in our blog, I thought I should give this new since this is the first thing I saw on my subscriptions from Rejet lol.

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal is getting a fandisk! That’s right fangirls and do-s vampires lovers, rejoice!

The title is called Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal- More Blood.  In addition to the previous 6 vampires, they added 4 more Do-S vampires brothers for you. Here are they (sorry of my translation is off) :

  • 無神ルキ(Ruki) : CV Sakurai Takahiro
  • 無神コウ (Kou) : CV Kimura Ryohei
  • 無神ユーマ (Yuma) : CV Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  • 無神アズサ (Azusa) : CV Kishio Daisuke

The names are listed from the oldest to the youngest. Oh and they did mentioned the youngest bro being a yandere so… I promised myself not to touch these kind of games anymore but, the new chara looks good in my eyes but yandere why ; v ; I kinda like the casts as well so, let’s just see when it came out.

EDIT : Oops I forgot to mention, Rejet announced DiaLovers anime. That’s right our do-s vampires are coming to big screen into your TV! I still don’t know how to response to this lol

Rejet also announced more from youtube (IDK if it’s known from magazines already but I’ll just put them here)

  • Dot Kareshi -We’re 8bit Lovers!- PC Game and Drama CD (this looks like an RPG to me but who knows?)
  • -8 (read as Minus 8) : more to come below

-8/Minus 8

“Minus and minus will become plus”

It is a collab of Rejet and Otomate. The platform is yet to be announced but the casts already are!

  • Kazahara Maya (CV Okamoto Nobuhiko)
  • Saeki Ikusa (CV Nojima Kenji)
  • Kuramochi Aoba (CV KENN)
  • Tonami Otohiko (CV Shimono Hiro)
  • Nijioka Rion (CV Kimura Ryohei)
  • Itsuki Mario (CV Miyata Kouki)
  • Utano Jun (CV Ono Yuuki)
  • Nanjoe Keima (CV Morikubo Shotaro)


Sevent heaven is a collection of dummyhead featured songs and drama/situation CD? No news are further announced but every chara seems to have their own personality, and most of them are Ore-sama, Do-S, and Yandere orz. The characters are 7 butlers living with you (if I wasn’t mistaken). Here are the chara and casts :

  • Akira (CV Nojima Kenji)
  • Hinata (CV Takahashi Hiroki)
  • Itsuki (CV Takahashi Naozumi)
  • Yuri (CV Kondo Takashi)
  • Shion (CV Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
  • Mint (CV Toriumi Kousuke)
  • Kanade (CV Morikubo Shotaro)

Btw if you guys want, I can post more news from now on. I just happened to subscribe Rejet, 5pb. and D3P on youtube 😀

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5 thoughts on “DiaLovers Fandisk More Blood PV and more

    OMG I think Rejet wants to see us fangirls dying. o.O I was so excited, when reading the news of all those GREAT games and CD’s….!! Sakupyon as a vampire?! I WANT!!! LOL Seems like Wasurenagusa gets two new characters with Tomoaki Maeno and Tachibana Shinnosuke too! (*´▽`*)
    Rejet, let me LOVE YOU! (○´3`)ノ

    • oh yea I saw that wasurenagusa video too, I thought it’s a sequel as well but I don’t really know coz I haven’t checked it but apparently it is! wow they added tachibana and maeno? holy crap lol

      • Yes, more earcandy for us! They added awesome CV’s. I mean Tachibana is known for his sexy R-18 voice… 😀 😀 I just can’t calm down right now… LOL

      • my thoughts exactly ror. I actually never heard him in any otome games I’ve played so far but I’ve definitely encounter one someday. I’ve only heard him fully in the anime kamisama hajimemashita

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