Otome Game Review : Glass Heart Princess

Glass Heart Princess | Cero B | Otomate | PSP



Himeno Kyoko is a rich ojou-sama and the only daughter of a rich family, Himeno. She was spending her last summer vacation as a 3rd year high schooler until her chest felt weird and she fell unconscious for 3 days. According to the doctor, she is diagnosed with a rare disease that appeared 30 years ago called “Glass Heart Syndrome” and she only has another 4 months to live. Because therapy won’t help her either, her maid Satsuki suggested to have a beautiful rose colored love life instead of waiting to die in her room. Finding “love” is a good training in her mind since by dating someone, you would go doki doki and make a good practice for your heart! The doctor is convinced and thought it’s a brilliant idea so Kyoko decided to have a love life!

In this game, Kyoko normally has 70 HBM. At first, her limit is only 100 HBM, but as spend your time with practice by Shinnosuke, her butler, and Satsuki, it will increase. The training for her heart includes physical training (conducted by Shin) with a special jersey created by him and romantic scenes (Satsuki) including watching romantic movies, reading shoujo manga, even playing otome games lol.  The physical training will add her HB limit while the romance training will increase her L-int, which is ranked from G and as it increases, the better the date event. So onward to a beautiful love life!


pic_0004Masaki Shinnosuke (CV. KENN)

When I see this guy, I see Miketsukami from Inu x Boku SS lol. Shinnosuke, or Shin (as Tenma sensei called him), is Kyoko’s butler since she was little. Apparently he’s been sticking for 10 years, making him so loyal and obedient like a dog. He loves and collects guns idk for what purpose, and always protective of his Ojou-sama. Not only that he has true Mafioso skill either with guns, or picking lock. He also can play piano a bit, apparently it’s Kyoko’s wish but she forgot. Apparently Shin is the first guy Satsuki asked to do simulations with Kyoko so she’ll get used to date.

Eventhough he’s the guy Satsuki asked to do dating simulation, he’s pretty much as clueless as Kyoko about love so when they were doing window shopping, Shin try to lip-read other couples around them (old couple, young couple who were breaking up lololol, and new weds with their kid until she’s embarrassed as hell xD). Satsuki also told them to read shoujo manga til drop, while Shin with his megane fell asleep besides Kyoko and almost say “I love you” (〃д〃)きゃ~♪

So our heroine here is actually very very popular, considered Madonna of the school so the boys are always falling for her. Apparently she won the popularity contest but she decided not to participate coz of her heart but then Tenma jumped and said to Manaka that he had an idea to make an idol group called Glass Heart Prince! Yukito refused at first but in the end they all agree with the help of the mighty Satsuki threatening him. During the festival, Shin and Kyoko went to the haunted house together but Shin is such a scaredy cat that she screamed and hugged Kyoko like a baby when he couldn’t hold his fear anymore. He hates things that cannot be shot by guns lolol what.

So long after that, Shin became pretty weird. He got his first cold, tripped on telephone pole, broke a glass, and any other random and reckless things that usually he never does. At night when Kyoko wanted to drink something, she heard Shin was having a phone call with someone, saying he won’t do it but suddenly he was cut in, and he said he need time to think. Kyoko called him afterwards but Shin said it’s nothing. On the last simulation training, Shin first acted like a normal bf like in Satsuki’s manga but Kyoko was “wtf?!” and he stopped the act xD Shin wanted her to kiss him on the final simulation, but when Kyoko closed her eyes embarrassedly, he kissed her hand instead.

pic_0014One day Kyoko fell ill and was taken to hospital. Shin barely visited her and rarely seen in house. So at night suddenly Shin visited Kyoko from the window and say he wanted to stay with her til morning and let her sleep. Of course when she woke up, he’s not there anymore. Suddenly Satsuki came and told Kyoko Shin’s gone missing from the mansion so they went home quickly to asked her dad, Monji. But when they’re home, they were surprised by black dudes coming to their house and raid searching for stuffs or something. The result to that, they took Monji. After that a man named Kuroe who appears to be Monji’s rival claimed that someone leaked info to the police. Another striking thing is Shin appeared different, pretend not knowing Kyoko and Satsuki. He said he’s only been working for Kuroe.

Kyoko’s house was taken and they became extremely poor while Monji is sick pretty bad. Kuroe appeared and negotiated if Kyoko wanted to marry him, he will help to revive the company. Of course Monji refused, not wanting his beloved daughter to marry an asshat like him but Kyoko, bravely accepted it. He was taken to Kuroe’s mansion the next day but apparently Shin didn’t know about their marriage. When Shin asked about it to Kuroe, he was thrown to jail. Basically, Shin’s pretending to be Kuroe’s butler because the phone call back then was from him, and he told Shin that he can cure Kyoko. Satsuki snooped there as well and knocked some sense into his brain, making him realize that he loves his Ojou-sama.

Flashback : Shin was an orphan and was working for a bad group. He kidnapped a 5 years old Kyoko, but she’s noisy as hell, keep asking about food and such, because she usually lives in luxury so not used in jail xD She also claimed Shin is her butler now lol. One day, Kyoko asked Shin to brought her to a hospital where her mom is, Shin finally helped her coz she promised she will return to the jail again. Her mom also gave him a heart necklace, a pair with Kyoko. She also protected Shin when he was about to get shot but were saved by a butler (who became Shin’s stepfather later on) from Himeno family. Monji punched Shin but finally accepted her coz Kyoko’s mom had just died the night they visited her.

pic_0000After Shin got back to his senses, he and Satsuki planned to bring Kyoko back. Just when Kuroe about to announce his and Kyoko’s marriage, Shin broke in with a prince attire and a bike and asked her to come with him but Kyoko flip raged instead rofl. And she thought it’s supposed to be a shining knight in armor with a white horse (according to what her dad said), not a bike! But then Shin screamed her name “KYOKO! Do you want to come with me or not?!”Of course she said yes and they ran away while Satsuki sabotaged the network to beat the crap out of Kuroe.

Normal End : Shin decided not to stay with Himeno family. Her mansion is back, and a butler came. Kyoko told Satsuki not to greet or welcome him, but to catch and drag him into her place instead xD

Happy End : Shin brought Kyoko to the beach instead, as he apologized and hugged her. The mansion is back, Monji scolded Shin for being (;`皿´) @#$%^. Satsuki gave him no mercy by telling to clean pretty much everything. Kyoko decided to help him so they can go date quicker, and Shin kissed her behind the curtain while cleaning the window, because he didn’t spot anyone in 30 metres and he cannot hold his urges ♥(ノ´∀`)

pic_0041Karasuma Yukito (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

He’s the kid next class, known as a bad student always comes late and such. One day on rain, Kyoko saw him near a cat inside a cardboard box. Thinking he’s gonna bully the little neko, she decided to step in until she saw him putting his school coat to protect kitty. Kyoko brought her coat back to his class but he dragged her and asked “Did you saw that? The cat and I…” so basically after that Kyoko asked him for a date out of nowhere and used the reason “I was asked by teacher to help you bla3x” In the end, they started their relationship as friend! Wait, isn’t it different? Friend? Lol

Yukito often goes to arcade, playing shooting games, and teach Kyoko how to do it (she’s good with guns already coz she has held the real thing taught by Shin w). He’s also bad with math, that Kyoko need to teach her slowly, while he asked her to teach him in Japanese xD He appears to know a lot about paintings. When they went to a museum, the owner talked to Kyoko, and there’s a topic about Kaito Raven who happened to steal paintings from there with the motto “He certainly won’t go the thing he’s targeting.” He also has pick pocket skill, which he used when saving Kyoko from a nanpa gangsta. After that he opened his hand and told Kyoko to hold it so she won’t get lost again.

In the festival, Kyoko visited his class to meet him, until he saw Yukito in maid outfit and he actually fit them perfectly! Kyoko was surprised that he looked like a real girl www.

One day Kyoko was gonna go date with Yukito til daddy came home suddenly. Of course she won’t use “I’m going out with a guy tonight I can’t have dinner see ya dad!” as a reason but unfortunately Yukito suddenly came lol Just when daddy cried into pool of tears, Yukito introduced himself and who knows, his dad and Monji are related so now Yukito’s trusted! They went to a sightseeing place later, but they’re the lucky 10,000th couple to come so they need to make a stupid wedding commercial. Our heroine fainted because she couldn’t take it when she was asked to use a wedding dress. When she woke up, Yukito said rescue is on the way but Kyoko told him to cancel it, as she knew why she fainted. On the way home, Yukito piggybacked Kyoko, and asked if she had a bad disease or smth, Kyoko finally told him the truth. About choosing him as her date partner to cure her disease but she truly likes him! Just when she thought it’s their final encounter, Yukito’s next sentence is “where is our date next week?” While he’s pissed at first, but he can’t help it coz he likes her too so they’re officially a couple now (quite fast to in the route!) with him confessed to her blushingly.

pic_0052Kyoko wanted to meet his family officially coz the last time she went to his house is because of the rain. One tip from Yukito is, “NEVER reply my mom. Just ignore her when she talks” but her mom is the first person in front of the door so he slammed and cancelled the date www. But her mom asked them to come in quickly, and the tension level is getting higher with her mom rofl. Her mom told Kyoko to look at his album when he was shota xD They talked about him being a grandpa’s kid. Not only his mom, but her sister came home and the house turned bam because of their hype level. It’s the first time Yukito brought a girl home after all. Kyoko told them about her mother who passed away, Yukito’s mom and sis told her to call her “Mom” and “sis” xDD oh, Kyoko caught a glimpse of the silk hat. It had been appearing since she first stepped into his house.

In school, Yukito’s been appearing less, come to school getting late and later, go home faster than usual. At night, she needed to attend a party because her dad absent. When she took a breath of air in the rooftop, a glider got closer with a guy with mant and silk hat and kidnapped her. Kyoko was scared of falling but the guy hold her and they landed on a park. He also mentioned how she looks good in the dress and bid farewall after that. The next morning, not wanting Yukito to get late into school, she picked him up in front of his house. Unlucky for Yukito, he opened the door half asleep with a kaito look and Kyoko was only (゜。゜)  all the time looking at him, until Yukito realized that he’s still wearing last night’s costume and facepalmed his own look. Nana (his sis) tried to explain that he’s into cosplaying or else he won’t be crossdressing during the festival lololol. After quite the debate, he gave up and told about his story being a thief. I don’t really get this part but basically Yukito’s grandpa made fake paintings but then was found out. He helped a girl and that girl told him that she’s a thief, so as a gratitude, grandpa ask the girl to steal all of his fake paintings (she’s now Yukito’s grandma). As for the costume, apparently he has 3 rules :

  1. Never lose/let go of the target.
  2. Never touch anything besides grandpa’s painting.
  3. When on undercover, use a mant and silk hat idk for what reason lolol.

pic_0060So Kyoko decided not to back down even when Yukito asked if she still wanted to date him coz he’s a sinner. She even prepared herself to help him if he need it xD But it’s not going well coz they were tailed by a strange dude when they’re dating. Kyoko acted like a robot coz she’s nervous eventhough Yukito told him to act normal w. He also came in the middle of night coz he was scratched or smt. The next morning, Monji received lots of mail, including an auction invitation. When Kyoko saw it, she saw the name of the painting Yukito targeted next. Confused why there are 2 paintings at the same time, Shin contacted the person in the auction and the painting in the auction happens to be real, while the one in the museum is the fake one. Kyoko took this chance to make Yukito quit as a thief because she saw him not relying on her for things like this. So she challenged the Raven to steal the painting in her house at night and Yukito took the challenge as if he won, she will give the painting to him. He striked at night but apparently the painting that was put in the hallway was true because it didn’t have grandpa’s sign. But at the same time he didn’t know what to do as his 1st principal will contradicts the 2nd one (he shouldn’t let go the target, but since the target is true, he shouldn’t touch it coz it’s not his grandpa’s painting). He was caught with a trap later on xD Kyoko later told him about the truth, and Yukito finally revealed a secret he was keeping, that he was gonna quit after this. Shin suddenly raged and shot Yukito not wanting her ojou-sama to be touched, but he shot the real painting instead lmao and Kyoko screamed to him asdsdfsdfa. Long story short, Kyoko decided this time it’s a no count and Kaito Raven is back in action! \ o / They returned the fake painting, tricked the museum owner and both of them stole the fake painting (will return it with the real one later) while Kyoko masked herself as the thief Glass Heart! ヽ(^Д^)ノ They went to the beach and burn the fake paintings from grandpa.

Normal End : Yukito and Kyoko were ichaicha-ing til Nana destroyed the moment and gave him a letter from Grandma. She was traveling abroad and realize there are still paintings done by grandpa outside Japan so she told Yukito and Nana to go to England asap! Yukito “WTF?! England?” so he was dragged by Nana, leaving Kyoko alone. But our heroine didn’t give up! She called Shin right away to search about England and she will catch up with him as Glass Heart! XD

Happy End : After they burn the painting, both of them kiss. Fast forward til graduation. Monji trusted his daughter to Yukito awww. He also asked if Yukito would like to stay together with Kyoko during uni  (≧∇≦)/ and promise to stick together.

pic_0072Asahina Tenma (CV. Hatano Wataru)

Tenma is a teacher at Kyoko’s school, at the same time he’s the nurse as well. He has genki personality and popular with the students (though our heroine is a lot more popular). Luckily for Kyoko, he’s not the teacher that matters with “I’m your teacher, your mah student, we can’t go on dates!” but he accepted her in a flash when she asked him to go out with the reason “Really? I’m gonna date with number 1 school Madonna sweet!”

He likes to garden vegetables, but he hates tomatoes because of its color xD idk if it’s just me, but Kyoko’s heartrate increased a lot during his route rofl. Wow sensei is gooood dayum. He even promised to become her knight! But her three kouhai bodyguards were blaargh sensei you won’t take onee-san from us! When sense was sick, Kyoko made a porridge for him but it’s not enough, because sensei wanted her to ふうーふうーああん the porridge for him (*°∀°)=3

During the festival, sensei opened a shooting stand and let Kyoko tried. She hit one thing, and apparently it’s sensei’s and he told her to take good care of it. One time, Kyoko fell and sensei rushed to help her by jumping out of the window (shortcut!). After that, he told her to call him Tenma-sensei instead of Asahina-sensei. He also helped her when she received a letter of confession (which her kouhais have been hiding for her, some bags of them lololol) to release her nerves, and saying がんばれ! Of course Kyoko rejected the random guy who confessed, saying she already had someone she likes.

Tenma and Kyoko hung around a lot that rumor started to spread about them. The three of her kouhai of course wanted to know the truth about this, until sensei suddenly appear with a bouquet of rose and kneel in front of her O(≧∇≦)Oomg sensei everyone is watchingggg, and they were raging coz he’s stealing her primadonna lololol. He also said he had something important to tell her after she graduates.

So one day Kyoko needs to stay at a hotel coz Shin made a destruction in her house. Sensei asked if she could stay in school instead, since they need to cancel the date, so he’ll have a chat friend. She agreed and helped him take care of the injured students (they were trying to get hurt on purpose so Kyoko could take care of them rofl). They talked til night and sensei was gonna go to the next room, til Kyoko asked if he could stay with her. He quieted down and suddenly push her to the bed aww yeaaah ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノsaying she shouldn’t ask things like that from guys.

pic_0076At night, Manaka was with the others, but she’s walking around til a random dude claimed as a vampire hurt her. Saki tried to chase her but no use. The next day Kyoko is worried sick so after lots of thinking, she decided to use herself as bait. At first sensei didn’t agree but he finally did in the end, but he and Shin must accompany her. So they stroll til night but nothing happened. Kyoko went to the restroom, and Shin stupidly leaving her orz, of course she was captured by the guy, and hurt Kyoko with his knife (something about becoming a real vampire rofl) but sensei saved her! Wait he doesn’t look like himself? Bats are flying around him as well! Shortly, he knocked that guy down, and said he’s a real vampire, TA-DA! After that, the culprit, Miyashita-kun, became sensei loyal student xD Kyoko asked sensei if the thing he wanted to talk at graduation is this, yes, half of it. Another half is “would you like to become a vampire like me?” since they are different creatures, they can’t exactly stay togetha forevah. She wanted sometimes to think.

On Sensei’s POV, his 2 pupils found him and told him to go back to “Testarossa family” since he’s the boss. They have been searching for him for 10 years. Kyoko went inside, and sensei cut his pupils off and they went for a date instead (outside the school, coz apparently he couldn’t leave school as he had been sealed by the headmaster lol). They were ichaicha-ing in the park, til sensei ran away and sense his pupils were in danger. They really are, dem Mafia family were kicking their asses, til the limit sensei is pissed and kicked their ass back. Kyoko who chased Tenma then saw him in blood, freaked out and scared, after see what sensei did, she shouted that she didn’t want to become a vampire because he used his power for violence and ran off. Tenma, shocked by that, returned with his pupils. After that he’s gone from school and left a letter for Kyoko to take care of his garden if she wants. Of course Miyashita-kun tagged along.

There’s a wolf case around the streets so the teacher told the students to be careful. At night, Kyoko went home late, and was chased by the wolf. Luckily Shin helped her, though his shot missed. The next morning, Miyashita called, telling her the garden is ruined. When she got there, there’s a wolf wandering around, but he could talk and transformed into a werewolf. He kidnapped Kyoko after that, and told her that he wanted revenge against Tenma. His name is Geeno/Gino (or whatever) Mafia from the Soldart family.  He also told her about Tenma 100 years ago, kicking his ass. For a kidnapper, he’s pretty nice lol. He called sensei, and told him to go to ground at night, if he wants Kyoko released.

At night sensei came, but surprisingly to Gino, Tenma was ready to cut his neck, telling him to release Kyoko. Wanted man to man meet by fists, he released Kyoko and had an epic flash battle with Tenma. Coz sensei is rusty, he’s losing but Kyoko took the final blow instead. Didn’t want her to die, Tenma brought her somewhere else and tried to heal her. So Kyoko told him to ask the “question” but promise her that he won’t do bad things again as a vampire. Tenma only laugh and finally ask the “question” to her if she wanted to become a vampire and she said yes. They kissed and after that, Tenma bit her on the neck.

pic_0085Normal End : The plan turning Kyoko into a vampire didn’t work as her body couldn’t hold it. But Tenma promised her that he will save her no matter what. So Kyoko woke up, with Gino telling her that Tenma did a super idiot thing. Just when I thought this is gonna be a sad ending, a little chibi bat appear. Gino told her it’s Tenma. He used too much of his power to heal Kyoko so that he won’t be able to transform back into human, for about, lesse, 10 years. Gino told her to take care of Tenma (coz he can’t fight him at that kind of state) and she went into the nursery room. She found purple anemone, which means I trust you and will wait for you. Kyoko told him she will wait, even for 10 years, then please transform her into a vampire.

Happy End : Kyoko transformed into a hot beauty vampire with INFINITY HBM YES SHE IS INVICIBLE. So they kicked Gino’s ass and instead of sensei, he turned into a chibi puppy instead, with Shin ready to train him along with a dog necklace rofl. 4 years after that, Tenma became the headmaster while Kyoko became the nurse in school. She told him that the students look tasty lmao but Tenma said nooo you shouldn’t suck your students’ blood! He offered his blood instead and she couldn’t resist so she suck the blood from his hand and vice versa. Ichaicha-ing vampire version (◕‿◕✿)

pic_0094Hoshino Kanata (CV. Miyata Kouki)

Kanata is this pure hearted know nothing guy. He has an alien sticking on his shoulder. Kyoko met him when he’s trying to find a guy he could fell in love with. He heard a story about “a legendary tree where one can meet her soulmate” so off she went there. And amazingly a guy dropped out of nowhere, and after that he kinda scanned her lol and Kyoko fainted. When she woke up, she recognized him as another 3rd year student. Soooo, she asked him to date her.

Their first date is in the school cafeteria and Kanata had no idea about what to do so Kyoko told him everything and he got a kare instead, which he ate with his hands lol coz his info said kare is a drink. Later on he ate a cup of ice cream and gave her a spoon.

He has super human strength, coz when he threw baseball to the wall, it literally left a huge mark lmao. Also, he can do some magic tricks, making Kyoko fly a little bit.

During the school fes, Kyoko promised to eat takoyaki with him to repay singing practice. He also did a self commentary thingy wearing Japanese clothes with the alien. He also gave Kyoko another alien, when they’re playing in arcade. He asked her help to “free his friend” only to found a crane game with a pink alien inside it xD He also didn’t recognize Kyoko when Satsuki told her to dyed her hair black ( ̄ω ̄;)

Kanata invited her to his place (which is hidden inside a manhole in the middle of a park rofl) and he has quite the stylish place! After that Kanata told Kyoko that he seemed to like her and wanna try the “thing” that lovers usually do from what he read in novels. It’s kissing btw, don’t imagine strange things. So he grabbed her and kiss her, saying it’s only gonna take a while (*°∀°)=3 but Kyoko couldn’t take it anymore, and her heart literally broke. And I thought “DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG I KILLED HER ASSDFJSLDLH” but It’s bound to happen xD; When Kyoko woke up, her HBM is changed into other version! Robotic like actually. Kanata saved her by giving her “another heart” from himself. He then explained to her that he’s not a human. He’s not an alien either, he’s more of an “alien comrades” to sum it quickly, he’s an android created by the aliens from faraway planet. Kyoko went ( ゚д゚) as she can’t believe what happened to her life these days rofl. Another note, he told her that she needs maintenance everyday to keep her heart safe, or the earth could blow up lmao. And he did it by hugging her and Kyoko’s just embarrassed.

pic_0106So after that they went to date like usual but Kanata started to act weird, sleep in the middle of the streets, weird walking pattern, and moar. Kyoko said let’s go home instead but when he left, he went to the opposite direction and fell. His clothes transformed into something fabulously alien as well. Kyoko told Shin that Kanata’s actually an ikemendroid and Shin said “ojou-sama don’t you remember I luv robots!” so he checked his condition. It’s revealed that Kanata is missing one of his hearts. He originally has 2, but Kyoko remembered when he said he gave one to her, thus his weird functions. When he woke up, he explained to Kyoko about his heart. Shin told them that they could ask to Area 51, a place that’s been researching bout aliens and such. So they went there, only to be deceived. Kyoko was forced to have her heart taken but she refused, as it’s the heart that Kanata gave to her. Shin saved her and she went back to save Kanata but he called his comrades and erase Kyoko’s memories about him as he apologized.

Kyoko woke up in her room and idk why, the pink alien is still with her, doing maintenance for her. Her kouhais asked her where did she get the doll, but she forgot. Satsuki suggested that she should visit the places around her to refresh her memories (the date plans were written hiragana with asdlfjsdlkfj lol it’s messed up). In the end, she visited the legendary tree and she remembered everything. She rushed to the manhole, but it’s gone. She then went to the park as she forced her pink alien to tell her and it said the park, where Kanata told her that the signal is good in that place, he liked it. She waited til night and Kanata appeared. He came and took her riding a flying bicycle with ET background rofl. But then he had to leave most likely for all eternity, Kyoko refused of course.

pic_0107Normal End : Kanata left Kyoko that night. Months later, a package came for her. When she opened it, it’s like a box matryoshka, til she found a letter on the last one. Kanata wrote with hiragana (so cute assdfsf) coz he can’t write kanji, and basically told her he needed some maintenance on his planet. He said it’s gonna take a long time but after he’s fixed, he’ll visit her again for sure.

Happy End : He said farewell properly and asked Kyoko continue from the last time, coz when they did that, she died rofl. They kissed that night and said good bye. Actually he came back for a stupid reason, as Kyoko was still flying with the bicycle lololol that’s some gag reel. So again, months later a package arrive but it’s a big box. But inside, it’s Kanata instead! Remind me of Zettai Kareshi to wake him up? But he’s already awake and said to kiss him if she wanted him to wake up lolol. Apparently the aliens are wonderful enough to let him stay in earth properly and become a human! Except for his heart that is, so he can do maintenance everyday with Kyoko (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪ They hugged each other in her room and Kanata has a looong way to go to become a proper human being!

pic_0125Domyouji Gai (CV. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)

Oh hey it’s Kirito gaiz /shot. When you’re a rich ojou-sama, you’re bound to have “a partner that’s been decided even before you were born” and it’s exactly what happened to Kyoko. So one day Mr. Domyouji came along with his son, Gai. He’s a 10 years old shota and shy as hell. Gai was living abroad but she will be transferred to Kyoko’s school. Domyouji ossan then told her that Gai is actually her fiancée and Kyoko’s heartrate increased rapidly while she’s going WTF?! Monji then told her that it’s been decided when she was born, coz their family helped Himeno so much so her offered her daughter for Domyouji family’s son. Even Gai actually doesn’t really mind it wwww. Ossan said he can already call him Oto-san, so they can go date from then on coz Kyoko can’t find excuses to say no.

Happy End 2 : Gai asked Kyoko to go on a date during Christmas, and he proposed her while holding her hands, saying that he will become an appropriate guy for her. Proposal! She accepted it of course and he smiled with happiness. (If you don’t shoot the arrow aka not accepting him, you’ll die forever alone btw lol)

pic_0148Happy End 1 : Gai respected Shin when he saved a woman whom had her purse stolen. Kyoko called Shin right away and he managed to get it back safely. After that, he asked Shin to become his teacher and train him to fight and grow up as a man! It won’t be easy but he’ll do his best!

Satsuki and Shin left Kyoko and Gai alone. He wanted to test his pupil’s skill so he called out some robbers (who were really truly robbers lmao although this is just an act). He then explained Kyoko about ”the act” and Shin told Gai to protect Ojou-sama from any costs! So he then told him about the weapons hidden somewhere and to use them to fight against the robbers but he went a bit overboard. Shin then came out of the bushes (where Gai shot, thinking there are still enemies) and gave applause to Gai. Felt tricked by him and Kyoko, he left the mansion crying and went abroad again.

8 years later he sent a message to Kyoko that he’ll be picking her up. When she came home, suddenly Satsuki forced her to use a wedding dress rofl. She went outside and saw Shin on the floor, got his ass kicked by Gai – adult version. He became this beastly ikemen (ok maybe not really my fav but still…) He stepped on Shin and asked Kyoko to become his even if she refused lolol, so she must prepare herself…

Overall & Thoughts


Story : I had more fun than I’ve thought I’d be. Ok maybe at first the system looks annoying and all (I’m following a guide so I’m not really bothered lol) but it’s refreshing to see something like this. Some people said it’s pretty short but it’s a perfect length of gameplay for me coz I’m basically a snail when it comes to completing an otoge. Also, considering this is a Cero B, I’m still happy each guy at least get 1 kissing CG, except Gai of course. Good sense and amount of humors as well, and good dose of romance (Tenma specially lol). Oh and almost forgot, but I enjoy the Christmas dates as well as the parodies. I cannot believe they put lots of parodes (though I only can count some like Armen Noir in Yukito, Hakuoku in Tenma, Moujuutsukai in Shin, and idk what Kanata is in Kyoko’s dream). Lots of guests are coming as well during special trainings with Shin, he mentioned some guests and I countered some from Kami Naru Kimi to (I think?), Hakuoki, etc.

Music : The music is quite normal for me. I basically can’t say no when it comes to music. But I guess they’re using the same thing for each areas so yea I’m used to it. I forgot if each character has their own BGM but I think they don’t? The music during exercise weeks fits perfectly though. I guess it’s normal overall but I quite like it.

Art : Art is good for me. Although the last CG on Kanata’s route is a bit different from the rest? But nvm that, I look it as pretty. Not to mention I love the cameo CG as well, it’s perfect xD; The chibis are also nice addition in this game. There are a few chibi CGs, every guy has at least 2 except Gai coz he only has one.

Character : I thought I’m gonna bias to Yukito at the first time I looked at this game.  I still like him, but it’s equal with Tenma. I honestly cannot hate the main characters in this game. Maybe it’s a bit exaggerating, and I don’t really have the hots for Gai, but overall these dudes have their own qualities. First place goes to Yukito coz he’s my ideal type (he’s a gamer, so am I) and Tenma. Did I mention Tenma is so adorable? I think he has this romance thingy more than the other guys which make me really really like him. Shin has his quality and jokes as a butler, making himself a trash in stupid conditions lol and Kanata is this boke guy in comedy that you can’t hate. I’m normal for Gai but if they make this a fandisk, maybe I could like him more? xD Another note is Satsuki. She is like the portraition of every otaku and girls who’s playing the game. She reads manga, watches anime, and play otome games. She also get herself hyped when Glass Heart Prince is formed. You get the idea, she’s basically us muahaha. I love NPC like her, they should make someone like her more in other games!

Conclusion : It’s a great game and I’ve enjoyed it. Hoping and crossing fingers for fandisk now. I’m looking forward to it if it comes out xD I recommend this to you otome gamers coz it’s enough with its dose of romance. Each guy has their own unique dates and events, including broken Kanata which turn him into a ladies’ man lol. Getting Shin’s route is pretty hard, then again I’m using a guide. Though I kinda died at the end of Christmas once rofl. Just play this game and enjoy the fun. Did I mention the results of GHP popularity poll is out? Check it out and read the comments, it’s pretty funny lawl

Unrelated and further notice : This will be my last post before I went for my final battle in school aka exams. I’ve passed practical exams week already but next week we’ll have pre-exams and after that school exams. And after that still have national exams so don’t expect me to write anything soon. On mid April I should be done so if I’m still playing in the middle of my free time, I could post Solomon’s Ring at the end of April or the start of May. Til then, toodles! Here’s a Yukito for you all as my apology lol


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6 thoughts on “Otome Game Review : Glass Heart Princess

  1. I’m looking forward to a FD for this too! \o/ The popularity poll results were pretty expected haha (except for those English comments…).

    All the best for your exams~

    • lololol me too! I was pretty surprised when I saw the english comment XD but yeah, FD would be awesome for this game. hope Otomate makes it come true
      and thanks! I’ll do my best for exams (eventhough I don’t want to ) ; v ;

  2. Thak you for this wonderful review ^^ the game looks very interesting and cute xD
    Oh could you please show me the guide you used???

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