Otome Game Review: Issho ni Gohan. Portable

Issho ni Gohan. Portable | Cero C | Otomate | PSP



Like some other otome games, Isshoni gohan is based on a drama cd series. At the moment there is 10 drama cds with each CD dedicated to one character.

Our heroine is Mugibata Akane, a 19 year old girl who hails from Hokkaido. She is a 1st year student in Hanarenjyaku University of Cooking and her department is business administration. At the beginning of the game she is wondering around the streets hungry and tired. She doesn’t have enough money to buy anything; She was forced to quit her job as the place went bankrupt. As she is walking, she bumps into a very alien looking man before she passes out in his arms (how convenient lol). When she wakes up, she is in the park with the man who now introduces himself as Satou. He is the landlord of student apartment called Meshi Yasou. As the two continue talking, Satou offers a job for Akane; his position of managing the apartment to her. Akane of course accepts and we can finally start the game!

Yoneda Hikari (CV: Kaji Yuki)

pic_0053Yoneda Hikari is the kind  2nd year student. He is in the same department as Akane; business administration. He hails from Niigata and has one big brother and little sister. Because of his kind nature, Hikari is often caught up with others; he is the guinea pig for Rei’s curry experiments and he also has to participate in Gunji’s training. Unlike the others in the apartment, Hikari isn’t that good in cooking. The only thing he can properly cook is miso soup which he learnt from his grandpa. You can often find him in the grocery store buying food ingredients and lunchboxes. (Hikari is also the main protagonist in the Issho ni Gohan Takitate manga.) Hikari and Akane are very similar to each other. Both of them are shy and aren’t that used to talking to the opposite sex. At one point Hikari admits to Akane that he was really nervous when they first met but as he saw how Akane was nervous too, he felt relieved and was able to talk to her.

One day Akane comes to the apartment to find this blonde woman. It turns out that the apartment is going to get demolished  The people are getting devastated before Akane gives an idea; they should enter a food competition. To enter the competition, you have to pair up with someone. Of course Akane and Hikari decides to pair up but as they both aren’t that good in cooking, the training doesn’t go that well. One day Rei even says that Akane should change partners. This leads Hikari to get depressed and not contacting Akane for a while. It’s Akane turn to get all depressed by herself before finding out that Hikari was just practicing  He was asking others to teach him so he wouldn’t slow Akane down.

Even more tension rises as Akane sees Hikari with another girl. The girl gives him a letter which of course makes Akane think there is something between the two. Hikari on the other hand thinks that Akane likes someone else. He gets jealous one day when Yousuke and Akane comes home after a shopping trip.

But this all turns out to be a big misunderstanding, of course. Hikari didn’t know what would be a good present for a girl so he asked advice from friend. He got apron for Akane as gift for the White day as Akane had given him chocolate in Valentine.

Food competition: Even though with the training, Hikari and Akane comes in 2nd. They start to think that the apartment will be demolished but Satou comes in and saves the day by buying the apartment building with the help of some organization (It’s yakuza, I tell you). After the food competition Akane confesses her feelings to Hikari and of course he has the same feelings.

pic_0059Epilogue: Akane comes to visit Hikari and they make their way to his room. Riki, Yousuke and Gunji pops in the room and starts to tease them. They also claim that Hikari and Akane doesn’t act like a couple. Hikari protets and says that they were just going to a date and they leave with that. As they walk down the town, Hikari notices that the trio (Riki, Yousuke and Gunji) are spying on them and gets angry. He grabs Akane and quickly runs to the park. At the park they finally share their first kiss.
Karasawa Rei (CV: Ono Daisuke)

pic_0060Rei is the oldest of the bunch and is hot headed as hell. He has already graduated from the university but is still living at the apartment because his work place is near the building. Rei is curry fanatic and adds curry to everything, even at their parties he add some sauce to the food, making others puke lol. He is also a Do-S and likes to use Akane and Hikari as his guinea pigs to test his curry. But deep down he is a kind man.

Rei works at a Indian restaurant. Because of his irregular working hours, he is usually sleeping while everyone else is awake. He often wakes up because of all the noise and when this happens, he is angry as hell. Because of this everyone tries to be quiet and warns Akane about this. Surely enough Akane doesn’t listen and makes this mistake in the beginning of the game and Rei almost rips off her head lmao. Stupid heroine is stupid. Another thing he hates is bugs. He is so scared of them that he even used Akane as his human shield lol.

Because of the age gap between Akane and Rei, Rei treats Akane as if she was a little kid and says that he doesn’t see her as a woman. He also likes to call Akane his toy (servant, slave, whatever you like…).

Rei also has one brother and that is Ruu. They have different family names because their parents are divorced. Akane is surprised to hear this (just as I was lol) because they aren’t similar nor do they speak to each other much. The brothers aren’t on good terms because of the shitty attitude of Ruu and because they both played prank on each others when they were little kids. Their relationship starts to strain more as Ruu and Akane interact with each other more.

Food competition: Just like Hikari’s route, the same blonde woman waltzes in and says that the apartment will be demolished  This time Rei and Akane pairs up for the competition. Because of Rei’s curry fetish, their menu is pretty clear lol.

pic_0063This time around everyone pretty much knows that Akane is hot for Rei as even Rei himself knows this. Rei doesn’t really show love back to Akane but can be seen jealous, even if he denies it himself. He always brushes it back saying “She is only my toy, I don’t see her as woman”. But at one point he gets so jealous after seeing Akane and Ruu hugging (in reality Akane just had tripped and fell down to Rui’s arms of course) that he accidentally pushes Akane. She starts to fall down the stairs but Rei catches her and they fall down together. This results in Rei hurting his hand which again results in that he can’t cook for awhile. Akane starts crying and apologizing but Rei is all “no biggie” bleh. Akane starts to work really hard after this. We see Rei’s soft side when Akane catches a cold. He comes to take care of her and feeds her some food. He even stays the night there and comes back after work to check up on her.

It’s finally time for the food competition! This time Rei and Akane manages to win the whole deal with their menu. All is good and Meshi Yasou is saved! Yay!

pic_0066The epilogue: I was actually really scared when the credits started rolling! BECAUSE there was no love confession XD I played the game without guide so I thought I did something wrong lol… But anyways, in the epilogue all the guys + Akane are watching Cherry blossoms. When Rei and Akane are alone, Rei confesses to Akane. They kiss and go to Akane’s place to have some freak time on the bed… SEXYYYYY TIMEE!

Toriyama Yousuke (CV: Shimono Hiro)

pic_0076Toriyama Yousuke is 1st year and his department is western food. He is the fried food maniac and loves fried chicken (karaage is nomnomnom! <3). Yousuke knew Akane from before as they both had same classes. Like every Shimono characters, Yousuke is conscious of his height; he hates to be called chibi. Because of this complex, he drinks milk everyday and works out. Akane finds him usually training with Gunji or jogging in the park. Because of some weird rumor, Yousuke calls Hikari “master”. Apparently someone (Satou lol…) had made some dish in a very short time (like 1 minute) and it was really delicious! Because Satou and Hikari look almost identical, Yousuke thinks that Hikari is the legendary pokemon and challenges him to a duel. Hikari of course loses as he sucks at cooking, but Yousuke had gained respect for him anyways and continues to call him 師匠.

Yousuke can be pretty dere dere around Akane. When Akane has to stay over because of some big thunder storm, Yousuke muses to himself “I wonder if it’s like this when we move together”. He and Akane also has their bumping against each other moments very often. One time Yousuke lands on Akane while some other time when they are cleaning Akane lands on top of Yousuke. Aahhh, the classic on top each other situations!

Food competition: Same bitch coming, same deal; apartment building going to get demolished! Oh no! What to do? Ranger Yousuke and ranger Akane to the save! Yosuke and Akane starts training but it ain’t going well. One day when they are frying their chickens, Akane accidentally burns her hand. Everyone goes crazy with worry as Natsu takes her to the hospital. It isn’t anything bad and they get back home.

pic_0079Yousuke starts angsting after this incident and after all the judging eyes he got from others. It is no surprise that he runs away and doesn’t return for a while. Akane gets to know about this and they start their C.S.I shit! They run around the town, searching for Yousuke but he is nowhere to be seen. Luckily Akane, as bright as she is, figures where this red stripe head is. She finds him at the beach, looking at the waves. He angsts some more but then Akane puts her hands on his cheeks and tells him that everything is ok. After this little moping everything is good and it’s time for the competition. They win the whole deal and all is good again! Yousuke asks Akane to come with him. He takes her to the park, where he confesses and they kiss.

Epilogue: Yousuke buys matching cups for Akane and himself. They shall use dem when they move together! Someday. Da end.

Umino Riki (CV: Suzumura Kenichi)

pic_0083Every game needs a playboy, yes? Well here you folks go! This guy here with his flash purple dotted pants, is Riki! He is 3rd year student and his department is Japanese cuisine. He is pretty popular with the opposite sex an is seen going on lots of dates with girls. He is also a DJ in a club. Another thing he adores is fashion! (He is so fashion forward with his blue pantsus!)He doesn’t have that good relationship with Natsu as they are the complete opposite of each other. Riki comes home very late, breaking the curfew, which annoys Natsu to the bone. Natsu likes quiet and calm while Riki is carefree. He doesn’t like to be tied down by something.  He wants to live freely and happy life.

First minute they meet, Riki hugs Akane and asks her for a date. From this point forward Riki’s endless wooing attempts starts. Every chance he gets, he is on Akane’s back, hugging her. One day Akane tags along with Riki to the club where he works. There she meets some of Riki’s ex girlfriends and Riki wanders off (what a gentleman really lol). He comes back with drinks and hands Akane some drink he made himself. Nothing much happens expect WALL HUMPING! They also find some lost kid one day and Riki and Akane take him in to the dorm. They feed him some food while he sits on Riki’s lap and Akane is feeling like they are family. In the end the other guys find the kid’s mom and the kid leaves.

pic_0086Food competition: As usual the dormitory is getting demolished! Riki + Akane GO! As usual the training doesn’t go that well in the start. It doesn’t help when Riki starts disappearing off to somewhere. This leads Akane thinking that Riki is off to woo some other girls. One day when Riki leaves again to somewhere and Akane is left alone to his room, Natsu comes in. He notices that Riki isn’t there and decides to help Akane train cooking. Of course Riki comes back just then and is getting all jealous saying “Why the hell are you here? And why are you together?” After some fighting and blaming, Akane decides to leave and come back tomorrow. Next day Riki apologizes and Akane finds out that Riki has been going to some extra classes to help them win the competition. Yay! As expected they win the contest with their pizza! Same deal; dormitory saved! Later Riki confesses to Akane and kisses her in his room.

Epilogue: Riki takes Akane to the club again but this time they are alone. Riki goes to change into bartender outfit and makes Akane his special drink. The end.

Unoha Nao (CV: Fukuyama Jun)

pic_0092The shemale. Nao is 4th year and he is majoring in cuisine presentation. Nao is from Kyoto and his parents are artists. He has a very weak body and is often found lying on the floor. Because of his poor health, he doesn’t go to the school very much. He does his every assignment at home and brings them over later. Natsu is often seen worried about him. In the past Natsu’s room used to be next to Rei’s and he was forced to taste Rei’s curry experiments till he was taken to the hospital because of it. (What the heck are you killing everyone for, Rei!? XD Lol) Besides art, he likes to gaze stars.

Food competition: This time Riki and Natsu decides to enter the food competition, since Nao is just a cuisine presentation. But we can’t leave all this to Riki and Natsu, right? Akane finds out that there is another competition held the same time: a food sample competition. After little bit of time, Akane manages to persuade Nao to join it. Akane joins the competition too, but as Nao’s assistant.

pic_0094Nothing much happens before Nao gets offered a chance to study abroad. Since he hasn’t attended school that much, he might not graduate. So, studying abroad would be a good option for him. His professor also offers Nao a job to work at someone’s company. This time around Akane realizes that she loves Nao and first feels surprised about him going to abroad. But in the end approves of Nao going to the abroad. Nao ends up winning the competition while Natsu and Riki wins the 2nd place. And with that the dormitory is saved again! Nao and Akane goes star gazing at night and there they confess their love to each other. Akane promises to wait for Nao when he goes abroad.

Epilogue: One year later Akane finds Nao laying on the floor of dormitory. He finished his business overseas and came back for Akane! Yay! A kiss!

Daitou Natsu (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou)

pic_0003The calm and collected one. The mother. Daitou Natsu is a 4th year and majors in Japanese cuisine. He is often seen taken care of others and he makes sure that everyone follows the rules. If they don’t, then they are in for some punishing (the punishment involves bows and arrows lol). Natsu’s family runs a traditional Japanese restaurant. Akane thinks that Natsu is this strict  serious man but actually he is not. She finds him one day in the backyard of the dormitory, speaking to the dormitory cat, Pitan, in a baby language and cuddling the cute cat. As Natsu finally notices Akane, Akane goes right away “何も見てません” lol. Apparently Natsu loves cats more than anything.

Food competition: Natsu and Akane teams up and they start practicing  But then the family drama starts to stir up. Natsu is forced to go home from time to time and later on Akane finds out that Natsu has to go to an omiai. Akane feels devastated for some reason and starts missing Natsu. Thinking that Natsu might not come back at all, Akane continues training for the competition herself. But one day when Akane comes to the dormitory and enters Natsu’s room, she finds Natsu sleeping on the floor. Yay!

pic_0001Later one day Natsu asks Akane if she could come with him to his home. For some reason. Akane agrees and goes with Natsu. As they get to their house, some servant is giving dirty looks to Akane, but she brushes it off. Natsu introduces Akane to his parents and before we know it Akane has to train as a waitress in there! Train to become the okami of the house lol! Natsu was supposed to go the omiai but said that he couldn’t because he had a competition to complete with Akane. The parents thought that Akane was Natsu’s future wife, which why they wanted to meet her. As she starts working, the servant from before starts bullying her and trying to get her fired. The servant girl even asks Akane to break up with Natsu but Akane rejects, claiming that she loves everything about Natsu. Apparently the servant girl was in love with Natsu too and didn’t want him to get married to Akane. But the servant lets it go and goes away after that. In the end Natsu’s mother figures out that her boy was lying to her. Natsu has to go to the omiai but he rejects the omiai partner. In the end they end up winning the competition and Natsu and Akane realizes that they love each other.

Epilogue: This time Akane and Natsu return to Natsu’s home as a true couple. They go to visit a shrine and wish to be together forever.

Satou (CV: Hatano Wataru)

pic_0096The male version of Hatsune Miku. Unlike to our dummy heroine, it’s pretty clear that Satou is a robot. Or actually an android. (What’s with the android and robots in otome games these days?). He is the one who offered his landlord job to Akane in the beginning. Even though Akane is taking care of the dormitory at the moment, Satou comes in from time to time to help with things like washing dishes or preparing the holes Rei had caused around the house. One time Satou is with Akane at a discount/time sales and when Akane is unable to get something in time, Satou quickly fetches the things for her in inhuman speed. Akane is surprised by this and finds out later that Satou is called the “Time Sale Emperor” as he never misses dem sales. I’m still surprised that Akane doesn’t notice that Satou is an android. Satou talks like a freaking robot and his actions.. God. How stupid can a girl be lol?

Food competition: As usual, Akane and Satou decide to enter the contest together. One day when Akane is coming back to the dormitory to practise some cooking, Satou comes out to greet Akane. First thing he calls her is 子猫ちゃん and starts flirting with her. Akane shits herself and she can’t even speak to him. The next thing she knows is that Satou grabs her and is ready to kiss her lol. She was actually going to accept the kiss but was interrupted by the other guys as they came in yelling “STOOOOOOP!”. XDD It turns out that last night Satou had asked for some advice from the other guys. He wanted to know how to interact with Akane lol. Of course Riki right away introduced Satou his way of konekochaning. (Don’t ask me what that means). Riki also concluded that Satou must be in love with Akane. After knowing this, Akane ask Satou-san to act like himself because she likes him the way he is.

This time around Akane finally learns that Satou is an android………… seriously?

pic_0100One day Akane almost gets run over by a truck but is saved by Satou, who takes the damage. He is taking to this tube
where he stars to recover his lost data. Akane stays by him 24/7. When Satou wakes up, Akane finds out that he had lost the memories of Akane. (DU DU DUUUN!) Satou tries to recover them but with no success. His cooking skills also got damaged. As the competition comes near, Rei decides to be a jerk face (I don’t remember why lol… I Didn’t pay attention since I was so tired) and steals the cooking ingredients that were sent to Akane by her family from Hokkaido. Satou helps Akane to get dem back and recovers his memories back! Satou and Akane wins the competition and with the help of public protest against the demolition, they save the dormitory. Surprisingly Satou gets so touched by this and starts crying while Akane hugs him.

Epilogue: Satou and Akane watches a flower bloom in the backyard.

Overall & Thoughts


Story: This game had the typical, normal otome game story which resolved around cooking. The story was connected and there was not left any loopholes. I just wish that the guys had more events in their routes. And little bit more romance was needed.

Music: I actually loved this game’s music. It had a good variety; there was calm songs, there were sad songs plush there were these really bouncy songs that I loved. Definitely brought the right atmosphere to the game. Favorites were “Rolling!!”, “ずっと、いっしょに” and “ココロノシズク”.

Art: I haven’t seen this person’s art before (I think?). The art was good and I didn’t have any complaints. Though I’m concerned about some of the character’s clothing choices…

Character: I like them all! I just wish that Gunji, Ruu and Tama would have had their routes too.

Conclusion: I finished this game in 2 days so I guess the game is pretty short and I wish it was a little bit longer. Games like these are good change in pace since all the games that I have played lately have been so depressing and dark that I have wanted to die in a corner somewhere. Because of it’s length and good plot I recommend playing it. Also it’s a good way to spent some time when you are bored! The only bad thing about this game is that I got so hungry while playing it TAT; Like seriously the drawings of the food looked so good that my stomach kept growling all the time while I played it.

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9 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Issho ni Gohan. Portable

  1. おつかれさま!

    Despite having really weird character clothings… this game seems to be pretty fun! I LOVE cooking, but everything is so weird, I don’t even… xD Well, I think it was a good thing, that the game was pretty short, because otherwise, your stomach had to suffer even more… 😛 The art reminds me of Hatsukare, but I don’t thinks it’s from the same artist?!

    OH, REI YOU BEAST!!! 8D 8D His epilogue was quite suprising… because everyone else routes were like “can I kiss you” or “can I hold your hand” and his was “can I EAT you…” LOL

    • ありがとうう!

      Yeah this game is a lot of fun. At least I had a blast while playing it =) And yeah the clothing.. Some of them had really feminime clothing. For example Nao didn’t have pants, but instead he had tights 😀 In one of the cgs you can see his knees through his tights/leggings/whatever they are.. Ugh

      Hmm Now that you say it, I think it’s the same artist as in Hatsukare. At least the blue haired guy from Hatsukare resembles Ruu from Issho ni gohan. Also the white haired guy’s shirt’s color and pattern look fairly similar to Riki’s clothes.

      Oh yeah Rei.. And they did it right after they confessed too lol.

  2. Lool, your Hatsune Miku comment. I heard that the drama CD series had BL intonations so makes me wonder if that partly explains the lack of romance here…but anyway, I do agree with your fashion comment. In the fireworks CG, if you look at the way Riki sat– /kicked.

    • Yes, Satou is the new Hatsune Mikuo.

      I haven’t listened to the drama cds so I don’t know :\ But I guess that makes sense then. Bromances before romance lol. I’m really, really hoping for a fandisc, where we have more romance and not just cooking practicing. (plus routes for Gunji, Ruu and Tama lol)

      I don’t understand, do guys really wear clothes like that? At least not here lol =D I would be horrified if my boyfriend one day came over, wearing a big sweater and tights. And don’t even get me started on Riki’s purple pants.. They are just… ugh.. But since it’s fiction, I shouldn’t probably dwell on the clothes too much XD

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