Hanasaku Manimani Casts Revealed

Since we won’t exactly be posting reviews, and as much as I’m studying atm (I really am!), my procastinator side is there. So I’ve been waiting for this news as well really, since I’m a fan of redjuice’s works and been gritting my teeth waiting for the casts to be revealed. Found it today and welp, here goes

From left to right in order (heroine is skipped after Tani, before Haku) :

  • Fujishige Tatsuyoshi : Hoshi Soichiro
  • Fujishige Takara : Okamoto Nobuhiko
  • Tani Wasuke : Suzumura Kenichi
  • Haku : Sakurai Takahiro
  • Kurama Kaede : Namikawa Daisuke

I’m interested so far, and they have PS3 ver as well. Although buying a super expensive otome game in PS3 isn’t exactly my thing =| but idk, unless they attached a redjuice’s artbook there for limited edition, maybe I’ll think about it? I’m pretty satisfied with the casts as well actually. Although yea, Sakurai is gonna voice a trap XD though I think he kinda fits the role since his image is there (?)

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4 thoughts on “Hanasaku Manimani Casts Revealed

  1. Thanks to you I’ve got to know this. 😀

    The character design is interesting, unique I mean. Since you say it would be on PS3 as well, no doubt the art would be gorgeous.

    Though plots about going-back time seem common, I’m quite curious how this one would turn out. (Because the guys look so nice! xD)

    And, gosh, the BGM is beautiful. Hope the heroine won’t disappoint us. ;3

    • it’s redjuice. he’s famous for drawing illust for supercell and guilty crown. but yeah I’m a fan of him, pretty much the reason why I’m interested in the first place XD
      I’m worried though, because like you’ve said, yeah the plot is quite common. although I’m curious about the guy Sakurai voiced (the crossdressing one lol).

      • Oh, I haven’t watched Guilty Crown yet, perhaps that’s why I’m not familiar with the art. 😀 (But I’ll make sure I’ll keep my eyes on redjuice from now on lol.)

        Yup, I’m a fan of Sakurai-san as well. Looking forward to sample voices! *(*´∀`*)☆

      • I think it’s the first time he has ever drawn for otome games, that’s why I’m pretty surprised, but pretty excited myself! XD just hope he’ll draw more
        yeah hope they update soon! ><

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