Otome Game Review : TOKYO Yamanote BOYS Portable Honey Milk

TOKYO Yamanote BOYS Portable Honey Milk | Cero C | Rejet | 5pb. | PSP



TYB from PC is ported to PSP! I wanted to play this but my PC isn’t strong enough coz of its low of everything, so I’m pretty excited when it’s ported to PSP. TYB itself is actually a “confession battle/tournament” where it will choose a girl as the princess every year, and many guys that will compete by confessing/dating the princess.

Our heroine is Chihiro (whose name is never default in the game but whatever xD), who is chosen as this year’s princess. Because they said 9 is too many, they decided to part it for 3 guys, and in Honey Milk we have entry number 1-3. They are Ninomiya Yuuto, Misaki Kotaro, and Momose Ayumu.


While the tournament is being held, a mysterious murder case is happening (all the victims are girls though). Heart mark appearing on the victims’ chests and they have symptoms of hurt head. This is the background scene behind the truth route in this game. I guess we’re not expecting this kind of thing to happen huh?

pic_0006Ninomiya Yuuto (CV. Suzumura Kenichi)

Nicknamed “Invicible Perfect Prince”, Yuuto is a rich bochama of Ninomiya family, Shinjuku’s representative. He’s a 3rd year of St. George. He has 3 bodyguards that can help him whatever he wants. He is so rich that everything he buys is most likely 30,000 yen ++. He even bought Chihiro the whole store filled with high class clothes, changed a gate’s name in Asakusa temple. But the truth, because he’s a high class person, he doesn’t know everything it takes to be a normal class, like a normal burger junkfood, a normal priced takoyaki, etc. This makes Chihiro feels off. She wants to see the real him, she doesn’t want all the goods and royalties Yuuto bought with money. He’s also a perfectionist (you guys prolly figured it out from his nickname), which makes one of his annoying trait as a bochama, as he doesn’t want to tell his weaknesses in front of Chihiro. When he’s tested to get 3 out of 9 people, he tricked the other two so he could be chosen lol.

Normal & Love Route : Yuuto bought a castle for Chihiro, even set up a firework, and then ask if she wanted to receive his love. Chihiro refuses, said she doesn’t want all the royalties but he wants to talk more with him, coz he saw “lonely eyes” that Yuuto has. Yuuto is surprised, said that money and his perfection is supposed to be enough to get a lady fall in love with her. Angered by this, Chihiro told him that love cannot be bought with money. Losing his screws, Yuuto raged and told his bodyguard to call TYB so he can drop out and ciao. He didn’t want to be bothered the next day, being a douchebag (#`д´)ノ Chihiro then talked to his 3 bodyguards, and eventually managed to talk with Yuuto and his sour look. Chihiro pwned him anyway, he calmed down, and they strolled at a normal park as a normal date. She showed him the normal way people drink, from a vending machine ww.

pic_0012Normal Ending : On the last day, Chihiro picks Yuuto and everyone congratulates them on parades. School’s busy but they’re still a couple!

Love Ending : After TYB parade is over, Yuuto somehow become nervous (why on the last day?!) but he knew that love isn’t planned anymore. So Yuuto decided to go home with Chihiro with a normal train! That’s right folks, he wanted to come with Chihiro on a normal train. After he dropped her off, he don’t want to let go of her hands, and said “It’s a selfish wish but I wanted to be by your side.” Chihiro then kissed him on the cheek and asked if he’s satisfied by that. Yuuto then changed his mind, he called his bodyguard to take them for dinner instead xD Yuuto said he will contact her parents so she doesn’t need to worry.

A month later, Yuuto took Chihiro for meal. He knows that Chihiro isn’t really good with fancy and expensive things, so he decorated the place himself (of course with some helps). Chihiro likes it and after that they make out, with Yuuto saying “Tonight, on bed.” (*°∀°)=3

pic_0023Truth Route & Ending : On the 3rd day, the mysterious killer appeared in front of them and keeps saying that he will kill over and over, Chihiro is her thing, blah blah blah. He even hurt Chihiro and her hand bleed. After that the SPs caught him and they continue their date. Yuuto felt something not good and told his bodyguards to do further research about Woodlink company. When they reached Asakusa, her hand miraculously had healed without scratch.

During their date in the garden, the black birds appeared out of nowhere and the killer demon appeared again. Yuuto realized that he’s targeting Chihiro so he basically used her to lured him out which angered her. He called his SPs and shoot him but it doesn’t work. When Chihiro felt Yuuto is in danger and wanted to stop him, suddenly a heart mark appeared on her arm and her head hurt coz she heard lots of voices inside her head. The demon killer disappeared and he brought Chihiro back to his mansion.

The next day, Chihiro is explained about everything. There is a killer virus inside her named “Creeping VI” and TYB is purposely made to complete that virus. Chihiro is chosen to be the princess because her body could hold and spread the virus. Basically the virus eats emotions to grow, and takes 7 days to complete. Thus, why TYB is held. Although the previous TYB was held for the same purpose, the princesses don’t have enough emotions/feelings, that’s why there’s no destructive outbreak like now. There are chances of 0.001% humans will survive but those who survive are the ones that know true love while the rests will die. That’s the president’s true purpose, he wanted to cleanse the human race with only those who experienced true love. Although on the contrary, true love is also required to complete the virus orz. While devastated, Yuuto asked if she would rather die instead, but it’s easier than done coz, the truth is she couldn’t die now. She will continue to live lifeless and soulless but her body will continue to mass produce the virus.

When there’s a virus, there’s a vaccine. Another unknown company made a vaccine called “Killer Nightingale” and also shaped as a human being, coz it feeds on emotion too. Our mysterious killer is actually the Killer Nightingale but he’s prolly a failed project, coz instead of only cleansing the virus, he killed the virus host/victims as well.

pic_0015After all the talking, Chihiro is supposed to rest, til her friend, Hina called her. She told Chihiro that Mai is currently suffering because of the virus and Chihiro, knew what she meant, decided to go out so she could be sacrificed but Yuuto wouldn’t let her go. He doesn’t want her to sacrifice herself, he won’t let her go. He told Chihiro his true feelings, about how he saw the killer to obtain Chihiro so willingly with his life, although he’s prolly just a mindless zombie. They hugged, and a heart mark appears on Yuuto’s hands.

The next morning, Yuuto broadcasted all over TV and radio about the virus, and there’s a way to cure it. He asked all the people to help him gather the black birds and throw it into a special cage he prepared. His bodyguards told him that the true love mark is no engraved in Yuuto’s mark so he could finish the vaccine off. Eventually everyone in TYB helped, and the killer appeared. While the guns aren’t working, he run himself into the killer, and get his arm stabbed, but he finally killed the killer. With his blood on Yuuto’s mouth, he kissed Chihiro and the pain inside her head disappeared. Yuuto confessed to Chihiro that he loved her.

The case is closed, TYB is no more, the people worldwide only know the case as a terrorist attack or smth? Chihiro went to Yuuto’s house and talk together blah3x with him showing an album when he’s a lil kid. He pinned her to the wall and kissed her.

pic_0000Misaki Kotaro (CV. Morikubo Shotaro)

Entry number 2, Ikebukuro’s representative, and a 2nd year Akagane high school student. Known as 一撃必殺ラブタイガー. He won the elimination round by accidentally pushing her into a wall or smth XD He hates high place, and I’m not really fond of his accent/way of talking with “orecchi” and so. He calls the heroine as “berry-chan” most likely coz he’s a son of a fruit market owner. Which makes him good at promoting and pursuing people to buy his store’s fruits. Apparently he’s also good with soccer.

Eventhough he’s known as the love tiger, it’s not really convincing (kind of ironic) coz most of the girls thought her as a joke, not serious confessing his love, and only say “はいはい we know you’re always serious” with TEEHEE written on their face. According to Ayumu, he’s actually rejected lots of times. That’s why he’s really excited to see Chihiro who’s serious and trusts what he really said. Though Kotaro’s mom asked her what’s so good about his dumb soon lol 😀 Chihiro is somehow always embarrassed of what Kotaro said coz he always speaks things so bluntly about relationships, which makes her blushing. When she’s selling fruits, she’s thinking “he will become a great husband” and suddenly Kotaro shouted “Will!” and Chihiro is like dafuq? But actually he’s just saying “it will be 450 yen!” ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽ

pic_0030Normal & Love Route : So Kotaro has this inner mental struggle (pretty annoying I must say, it’s like fighting with himself lol) that makes him keep thinking about Chihiro. “Is she serious bout me?” and such, which eventually led him to asking her what does she think about him. But he’s too scared so he covered her mouth. He’s curious but he’s scared. MAKE UP YOUR MIND DUDE. He wants her to think of him not only as a TYB participant. So during the dates, two girls who are Kotaro’s friends, asked Chihiro why did she pick him. I mean she could’ve chosen Nino ouji-sama and kawaii Momo shota. Chihiro then answered that Kotaro isn’t all talk, but really done what he said. She was reminded on their date, where Chihiro wanted to stop 2 gangsta fighting but Kotaro said it’s dangerous, but he helped her anyway by using a soccer ball. Anyway on their last date, they visited Ikebukuro Sunshine building, where Kotaro hugged Chihiro from behind. He said that, although he’s rejected lots of times, he’d sure make the 100th one a proposal for her. He shouted from the top of Sunshine building “I LOVE YOUUUUU PLEASE CHOOSE MEEEE” which makes Chihiro super duper embarrassed XD

Normal Ending : Parade like usual. Kotaro promised to bring her around Ikebukuro and eat good food coz it tastes the best when he’s with her. He’s gonna make more date plans with her.

Love Ending : After the parade, Kotaro is really excited that he’s chosen, but inner struggle happened again, that he didn’t believe, thinking “what if this is a prank and Berry-chan is working with the TYB president?! Maybe there’s a hidden camera here somewhere and now the president is laughing!”  He’s really itchy with this and finally called Chihiro to make sure they’re ACTUALLY dating. Get a grip bro (ノ`Д´)ノ キィィィ Kotaro also said he wanted to meet her now but Chihiro said it’s too late. Kotaro then asked if she wanted to visit his room and Chihiro is a-OK with it. Then he panicked coz he had to clean his room and think what cakes to buy ヽ(`Д´)ノ (д´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´△) ヽ(´△`)ノ He’s so noisy that his mom shouted at him lol. So the next day Chihiro came by and visited his room and he still panicked about snacks, cakes, drinks whatevah. In the middle of talking he hugged her on the floor and he said “Maybe we should continue what adults usually do” but Chihiro said NO, IZ NO. Later on they kiss in the middle of night on the street of Ikebukuro with people watching but Kotaro’s not gonna let it became a hindrance lol.

pic_0036Truth Route & Ending : During their date in Ikebukuro (5th day of course) Chihiro heard birdies sounds and turned out it’s the killer (pretty much the same as Yuuto’s route) so at night the killer chased them again. Chihiro told Kotaro to go away since he’s targeting her but he hugged her instead and the heart mark appeared. Yuuto saves the day and rushed to Kotaro’s house right away. The next day Yuuto started to explain about the virus but Kotaro couldn’t accept the whole virus craps. Chihiro rested til the next day and talked to Kotaro’s mom about how she wanted to help kids with Misaki fruits (?). Realizing this, she decided to go out and get herself killed so everone could be saved but she bumped into Kotaro and he’s “NO WAY GIRL THAT AIN’T HAPPENING” and he said he figured it out somehow and hugged her. The heart mark appeared on his hand now. Suddenly there’s a call for Chihiro and apparently some nasty thugs take Hina as a hostage to make Chihiro came so they could beat the shiz out of her (and they will become a hero! Well guess what, she couldn’t die). Kotaro decided to come with her and protected her, saying that sacrificing someone to save everyone isn’t a hero! Suddenly our killer nightingale appeared but Kotaro managed to fend him off coz she has the love proof now! But he dissolved into birds and tried to ran away. Kotaro needed some soccer ball or anything in round shapes, so everyone started to give him marucchi (I think it’s some kind of famous mascots over there?) and Kotaro kicked every birds with his awesome soccer power. He killed the killer demon gruesomely and kissed Chihiro to give her the blood, since everyone is on the verge of dying already. She’s healed and everybody is saved!

After the whole virus passing on, they started dating. So they went on the sunshine building, but instead of screaming his love, he gave her a ring and asked if she’d like to marry her. Of course Chihiro approved, eventhough she was thinking they’re still high school students lol.

pic_0047Momose Ayumu (CV. Yonaga Tsubasa)

Ayumu came from Sugamo, a 1st year from Hirakame high school, known as Pretty Forest Boy. Well we can see why anyway since he’s basically a shota in green clothes, there you go! In the elimination round, he gave Chihiro this charm from a temple. He used to be in Osaka but then moved, which is why he speaks kansai-ben sometimes. It kinda irritates me at first why doesn’t he speak kansai all the way since it’d be funny but after the reason, meh the story must go on. To tell the truth not much happened in his route so I’m just sitting/rolling on my bed while watching all the fluff stuffs triggering. I mean not much happened in Kotaro’s route but at least there’s him and his mental struggle. Idk why but Ayumu is loved by all ojichan and obachan. Not only in Sugamo but everywhere. In Asakusa, even the jichan bachan knew him and started to gather around him. He also has this smart onichan that seems to be a businessman?

Normal & Love route : Like I said, not much happened here. They only date in Sugamo, visited dango place, with Ayumu saying embarrassing stuffs like “You’ll be a good wife! I’m glad!” and ended up helping one of the gge played shogi. Ayumu is also popular because he sings in a unit named MOMOGI with an ojichan. But when on the show, I think he cracked his back or something, so he pointed Chihiro to replace him. Not knowing what to do, Ayumu guided him and the show is a success with their comedy play with Chihiro as a boke and Ayumu who keeps tsukkomi-ng. Kansai-ben maximum tsukkomi from Ayumu here (°∀°)b

So they all talk about how Ayumu wanted happiness for everyone else, and he apologized for not thinking about her feelings coz she’s an amateur and suddenly stood up on stage. Chihiro said it’s ok since she knew how Ayumu felt about giving everyone happiness. I think if you took his hand on the 6th night, he will hug you. And then there’s a falling star as well. He actually confessed on the 6th day, saying he really likes her, not because it’s a tournament but really REALLY likes her.

pic_0053Normal Ending : The tournament is over and Ayumu asked Chihiro to come to Sugamo again so they can play around.

Love Ending : They went to Sugamo after the parade finished, and a stage is already set. Ayumu then stood up and introduced Chihiro to all his grandpas grandmas, announcing that they’re officially an item now ヽ(´▽`)ノ

On the prologue, they’re on Sugamo at night, and Ayumu asked Chihiro if she’d like to thought about marriage and stuffs after they graduate. He wanted lots of kids with lots of grandchildren because he knew they will be cute coz of Chihiro ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Truth Route & Ending : Surprisingly, this started on the 6th day instead of 5th day like the other two dudes. Chihiro and Ayumu saw a bunch of people and they’re shocked to see the dango place where they ate before is destroyed. Another obachan said it’s Ayumu’s bro fault so he stepped into the office to have a word with him. Apparently his bro did it to save Sugamo in the first place, but he need to destroyed old shops to rebuild cafes and malls so they have income. Unsatisfied by this because he only wanted everyone to be happy but his bro tell him to see the real life, coz “It’s impossible for everyone to be happy. When there’s a winner there’s always a loser” and Ayumu ended up leaving the office, crying to Chihiro. Suddenly the heart mark appeared on Chihiro’s arm and the demon killer appeared. Ayumu tried to knock him but it doesn’t work, fortunately Yuuto saved the day again and bring them to his closest house.

pic_0062After all the explanation bout the virus, Chihiro heard Mai’s voice inside her head, and decided to step out so she could sacrifice herself, only to be stopped by Ayumu. He’s still going about everyone’s happiness ┐(‘~`;)┌ and said he’ll do something about it, then the heart mark appeared on his hand. The next day they prepare the battle with the help of Sugamo’s ojichan and obachan. Ayumu eventually kicked the demon killer’s ass and offered the blood to Chihiro (shamefully he didn’t kiss her here, I mean come on! ಠ_ಠ). Not only that she’s out cold after that which makes Ayumu screamed.

After a second thought it’s the only bad ending in this game, they trolled me by showing they’re a-OK and went to brother’s office again to speak about his feelings. So at night after that, he kissed her and confessed to her. And all the obachan and ojiichan only cheered themひゅうひゅう〜 While another shouted “Ayumu is mine!” Yea Chihiro go for a fight for Ayumu with an obachan or something lol.

Overall & Thoughts


Story : As much as I’m pretty bored with Honey Milk, it’s quite the fun ride I’d say. I know TYB is surprising coz of the virus things (as expected from Rejet anyway) but when I played it myself I guess it’s more surprising than I’ve thought. But yea the whole love route is pretty standard. I mean Yuuto is a bochama and I can see how his story will flow, Kotaro’s mental struggle, and they decided to added the whole “destroying Sugamo to awesum malls” on the truth route which I think would be better if they put it on the normal/love route instead. I mean let’s face it, Ayumu barely has nothing in his normal/love route. When I saw his brother I thought “ok maybe we gonna see him compared to his bro or something” but no, they pushed it into the truth route just so Ayumu could learn the whole “truth is harsher than reality” But the romantic point is there anyway, you have fluffs as well and the only one that goes with bed thoughts is probably Yuuto lol.

Music : Who am I kidding, I love the music here. We could expect the opening since usually otoge opening is catchy but yea, sang by the 3 seiyuus here is quite awesome. Kinda into my liking. The bgm music are awesome though. During the truth route I was pretty tense because of the music when the demon killer appear. Overall it’s really stylish, although probably a bit bored since we listen to it over and over again, but hey, otome games bgm people, they don’t have too many scenes booming out there.

Character : I don’t have any Honey Milk guys I particularly like. They’re so-so I guess. Yuuto is this annoying bochama that I want to kick in the face at first but suddenly they turned him into nice and pretty adorable when he’s kind ヽ(ー_ー )ノAyumu and Kotaro have their own childish thing but yeah, nothing really pulls me out from them. As much as I love shota, Ayumu is just so-so. Eventhough Yonaga is using his serious voice but I can’t unsee it when I’m looking at Ayumu’s looks orz

Conclusion : If you haven’t got the chance to play it in PC coz your PC sucks then why not? The secret tales are now voiced (although I’m not really bothered to read them anymore after I finish the game ┐(‘~`;)┌) But hey some of the girls would like to date some boys, being called “princess” for 7 days right? /shot  The game length is normal aka not that lengthy. Honestly after you finish one route (either normal or love, truth can only be unlocked after completing both) the rest of the game is pretty short. Although I really wish they added skip mode during virus explanation coz I’m tired being told about all the virus crap and president’s nefarious plot.

Sorry the review came late though, I suck so bad at scheduling myself eventhough it’s holiday so I can’t decide between drawing or otome gaming and ended up not doing both orz. For next game, I still dunno what to play so please kindly vote on the sidebar >>>>> because I can’t see myself playing Super Mint for now (maybe later? I will though). idk prolly either Danzai no Maria or Desert Kingdom. I’ll try to do it after finishing my current fanart while waiting for my 2 non-otome games to arrive (because I seriously could flip a table now that my KH 1.5 HD ReMix hasn’t arrived in almost 4 weeks (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

I also tried Ozmafia demo a few weeks ago and it’s better than I’ve thought. I honestly dunno who voiced who though, but I’ll be expecting it when it comes out.

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5 thoughts on “Otome Game Review : TOKYO Yamanote BOYS Portable Honey Milk

  1. I actually enjoyed the secret tales being voiced but that was only in Dark Cherry I guess lol (and really mostly for Jesus and Hammer XD) Honey milk and super mint were never my favorites but for some odd reason I enjoyed their characters in the fandisks (except for fresh ginger cause fack dat shiat.)

    I would wait on Danzai no Maria btw because the directors cut is coming out in September.

    • I actually only read some of them but yeah like all girls out there I guess I only want to play dark cherry lol. I hope the fandisks are ported as well though fresh ginger is…. yea…
      I know the director’s cut is coming but I doubt I’ll play it at first. but now I’m considering your thoughts. maybe I should grab desert kingdom instead and wait for danzai no maria director’s cut instead 😐

  2. Thanks for the review, I prolly play this game after finishing all mybacklogs orz. And omg your KH hasn’t arrived yet? Have you contact PA?

    • haha enjoy your time XD it’s not on top of priority actually, dark cherry is recommended the most for TYB series anyway. and yea I did. they only replied “please wait with patience” or something crappy like that

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