Otome Game Review : Norn9 Norn + Nonette [Koharu]

Norn9 Norn + Nonette | Cero C | Otomate | PSP [Koharu]



For the sake of 3 heroines and this blog (I’m a slow player, mind me) I decided to separate this game into 3 posts according to the heroine. I will put the final thoughts later on the last post.

The story started from a boy named Suzuhara Sorata (CV. Abe Atsushi), who’s a realist and a genius at the same time. He was visiting the ministry building along with his school, until he heard a girl’s voice and singing. The next thing he knew, he was time-tripped into Taisho era. He then met a pink haired girl (CV. Fujimura Ayumi) who didn’t know her own name, but she’s going on a trip with a ship. On a sudden breeze, she took him and they arrived in a big flying round ship that has forests and flowing rivers.


When they arrived on the ship (called Norn, it’ll be annoying not to mention it til later), they were ambushed by 2 guys. They finally let them go when one of them got freaked by a chick and saved by other 2 girls. They mentioned how no-named “nicknamed weird girl by Sorata” is wearing the same uniform as them so they let them have the journey in the ship for the meantime. They met the rest of the members. Weid girl is a “power user”, that’s the only thing they want to know while Sorata introduced himself as the boy who came from the future and proved it since he’s a smart boy. But he then fainted coz the ship kinda already flied and he’s shocked XD

The black haired girl named Mikoto then told the weird girl that their main purpose gathered in Norn because they were taken by an organization called “The World” and when they arrived later they will protect the countries, according where they’re gonna be assigned. But in this ship they’re just separated into teams for their assigned jobs as preparing food, gardening and such. Long story short, the weird girl finally remembered her name. She was called “Koharu” by a certain traveler that taught her a lot. Koharu is a cheerful girl who is always happy to help everyone. She has less knowledge so she noted everything she was taught. When Koharu is introduced to other members in Kakeru’s team, Senri and Masamune, there’s a sudden earthquake. All the members gather for meeting, and Mikoto who uses her barrier power to protect the ship, realized there’s also an attacker from inside the ship, meaning among the members. Kakeru then suggested they should be separated into 2 people team but girl-girl team is forbidden, while trying to figure out who’s the attacker.

pic_0015Yuiga Kakeru (CV. Kaji Yuki)

If Koharu chose Kakeru as her partner, the partners setting will be : Koharu-Kakeru, Senri-Masamune, Mikoto-Sakuya, Nanami-Ron, Akito-Heishi, while Itsuki is alone. According to Sorata, Kakeru has this “sawayaka” aura around him XD He controls the power of plants, which made Koharu then tried gardening as well, suggested by Kakeru. She then tried planting a strawberry, but it then half withered since Koharu gave too much water. Shen then cried while bringing up to the rooftop. Kakeru found her and “revived” the plant and told her she gave too much water, twice a day is enough, along with a cheer. Not long after that a flower grew from the strawberry, and she rushed pulling Kakeru to show it. Kakeru then hugged her saying she’s not alone anymore but Koharu mistakenly interpreted it as “if Kakeru is away I could talk the strawberry all day.” To make it worse, they were cockblocked by Itsuki and Heishi, with Itsuki saying Kakeru lost to a plant and how Koharu doesn’t see him as a man lol

Later on when they were moving the strawberry since it’s growing, Mikoto told Koharu she should be cleaner/neater since she’s a girl. Koharu is moved by this so she decided to follow Mikoto’s footstep as a proper lady! She even holds back during lunch and it makes her really hungry. At night she met Kakeru and Kakeru just laughed and said he doesn’t really want her to change, the current her is OK. Kakeru then explained about his earpiece, coz he slapped Koharu’s hand earlier when she wanted to clean the dirt on it. Apparently it was from his dad who was killed when Kakeru was 10 years old. Since then he managed to survive thanks to his powers. The next day Kakeru got fever and sick. Koharu decided to take over Masamune’s place to take care of Kakeru. At night he probably had a nightmare and called his dad’s name, which made Koharu held his hand. At the morning, when Akito and Koharu brought him a bowl of porridge, Kakeru noticed his earpiece is missing. He got panic, even cannot use his power for a while.

pic_0018A few days later, Kakeru held up a meeting, saying they should get along together from now on. Eventhough Koharu agreed, she still felt something not right about it since every pair should get along better first. Koharu felt they haven’t get a long that well. The girls then think about their own partners until Itsuki came up with his trolling plan. He appeared and asked the girls to pulled up a lottery and he will reveal the results at night. Turns out she turned every girl into the respective Snow White, Cinderella, and Red Riding Hood story. Nanami then forced Itsuki to talk in his black cat form with her cat power lol. He finally spoke, telling them the only way to get out is to find their precious person inside the story. Koharu explained the other two about their own stories, how Cinderella is supposed to go to a ball and then left his glass shoe, and Red Riding Hood is to get chased by a wolf. They misinterpreted it and it ended up Mikoto chasing the prince instead, while Nanami is hunting the wolf. Koharu then went to the dwarf’s house, more like chick house but whatever, and stayed there. She went out and found Kakeru outside. Asking what role Kakeru is, he answered he’s a poisonous apple that she’s supposed to eat. He explained how dirty he is with nothing besides lies inside him, but Koharu can see through him. He grew a twig and tried to stab himself but Koharu stopped her by hugging him/kissing him on the cheek (I think?). She explained that everyone has weakness but everything that belongs to Kakeru is precious to her d’aww. Kakeru then kissed her and the dream ends. She woke up and went outside since she’s still heated up about the kiss, only to see Ron sleeping on the bench, with Kakeru’s earpiece on his hand. She tried to take it but Ron wakes up right away. He said that the earpiece is dangerous to Kakeru, and it’s better if it’s thrown away. But Koharu used her fire power which surprised Ron, and took the earpiece right away.

The next day when Kakeru and Koharu met in the garden, he said to her he had a weird dream, only to get another cockblok from Senri. Kakeru then took Koharu to the library where no one could find them. He then ask Koharu if she could take the poison inside him, referring to last night’s dream and Koharu just kissed her, until to get cockblocked by Sorata (srsly?) but Sorata ran right away tho. A book dropped, also Kakeru’s earpiece. Kakeru gladly took the earpiece eventhough he has no effing idea why it’s there. When both of them saw the book, Koharu noticed something about it. It was a tarot card book with the “Fool” written on it. Koharu was reminded when Kakeru called himself a fool in her dream, and how Sakuya foretold her something : “A traveler with a dog. He knew his goal but he was moved by a different will. For a traveler that does not have any numbers, either the trip will become a discovery or an escape, depending on it, the future will change.” See anything connected? Just when I thought it’s gonna be a glorious plot twist, Koharu just told him to not wear the earpiece, as the words from Ron kinda make her worried. Kakeru was confused but agreed anyway, since he has Koharu now(人´∀`*)

pic_0028They almost arrived on their destination, so the last town would be the last stop. The boys decided to go out together. Unfortunately for Koharu, she encountered Ron who kept taunting her to use her fire power. It got worse when a robot suddenly appeared out of nowhere but Koharu doesn’t show any signs of fighting back, so Ron shot it. Terrified, Koharu then burnt the robot which is holding her hand. Kakeru is worried sick so he went back to the ship only to find the condition confusing. A robot then approached Kakeru, and Koharu protected him by burning him. She then ran to her room and shut herself after that. Kakeru then pretend to try destroying her door and Koharu finally let her in. She then cried in his arm how she’s afraid of her own power. Kakeru then told her what if he badmouth himself but Koharu is just sad. She felt better after that. The next day there’s another sudden attack so all of them are told by Heishi (who used his telepathic power) to gather in the dining room. Heishi suddenly mentioned there are 2 of them fighting on the rooftop, which are Kakeru and Ron. When Koharu managed to get there, she saw Kakeru down bleeding, while a certain traveler she knew appeared in front of them. Apparently the traveler that has taught things to Koharu is Kakeru’s dad, aka Yuiga Shirou. Masamune and another guy called who tried to kill him, aka Natsuhiko, appeared. He speaks unknown craps and things about Aion and wars. Natsuhiko then chased him (who kidnapped his son), saying Masamune he shouldn’t give Koharu to Shirou or the world will be over.

The rest of them arrived on a place Masamune told where “The World” is. Sorata recognized the building, and apparently it’s the ministry building he visited during his school trip. They then met a girl named Aion, who explained everything. The power users are brought there so they could do a “reset.” Apparently the world is just corrupted and since the war at year 2060, things are getting worse, so the government planned a civilization installation plan which is called “reset.” They basically reset the civilization by erasing everything and restarted the history like it’s back to the years before. It started at year 2080. Reset has been done 3 times, and the current actual year is 8075. This made sense that Sorata isn’t time-tripped, but he was going through a “reset” that’s why he’s brought to the Taisho era (at least that’s my theory). That’s why the power users exist. In order to reset the world, they need a fire power that will erase the civilization, the barrier power to protect humanity, the water and plant power to revive earth, and the power to erase memories. Aion mentioned this will be the last reset they do, but unfortunately they couldn’t do a reset this time because Kakeru is being held. Koharu then asked Aion how to save Kakeru. Aion told her that Kakeru is actually brainwashed by his father, to make him do his deeds (from his earpiece, pretty much why Ron stole it in the first place), most likely to take Koharu with him and bring her to his father. Heishi is against this because he knew that Kakeru’s love is honest to her. Aion suddenly stop while Natsuhiko and Ron appeared, saying they will fight Shirou. Akito decided to join and told Koharu to join as well since she’s the only one that can stop him now. Worried about Ron, Nanami decided to join. After fighting some nasty robots, Kakeru finally showed up. He strangled Ron but Nanami protected him from getting stabbed.

pic_0031Happy End : Koharu realized that Ron is important to Nanami when she protected him. Aion then appeared in her head, saying if she has the feelings, the fire wouldn’t burn others. She used it and hugged Kakeru. Kakeru gained consciousness and kissed Koharu. Shirou’s dead somehow apparently due to aging. Koharu and Kakeru then lived together, as they lie down together on grass field.

Bad End : Koharu screamed coz Nanami get stabbed instead. Kakeru then brought her to his father. Kakeru then said how his father is awesome coming up with Koharu’s name, and how unnecessary for him to call her anymore. His father wanted to spend some quality time by talking to him.

Bad End 2 : if you choose to say “Cheer up Kakeru” instead of showing his true self in the library, the earpiece will drop from Koharu’s hands and he will left her since he doesn’t believe she actually stole it.

pic_0033Ichinose Senri (CV. Shimono Hiro)

If Koharu chose Senri, the partners set-up will be : Koharu-Senri, Kakeru-Masamune, Itsuki-Mikoto, Nanami-Akito, Ron-Heishi, while Sakuya is alone. Senri is a hikikomori shota, as he literally doesn’t want to get out of his room, much less seeing Kakeru in his daily life. Both Heishi and Kakeru gave him nightmare as he barely has time to sleep. So when both of them are searching for him, Koharu decided to hide him and take care of him. She made them fried snacks courtesy to chef Akito, and brought it to Senri since he wanted a solitary time alone. Of course he doesn’t sleep in a girl’s room what do you think he is lol. Though after that both of them fell asleep on the floor. Kakeru kinda saw them and told the girls that Koharu is too tired and overslept. Masamune also saw them went out from the same room and Masamune only commented “Senri has grown up.” Although Kakeru and Senri got into a little fight after that, which Koharu heard him saying “it’s not like I like that girl so we fell asleep together.”

When Senri is swimming on the waterside, Koharu asked if they could fix Senri’s door to Kakeru, but he’s like nope or he’ll turn into a hikikomori again. When Kakeru’s sick, both Senri and Koharu take care of the crops with Senri’s water power. And after that they decided to fix the door lulz. Surprisingly Senri is good with nails since he actually does some woodcraft. He then promised if he’s not busy, will craft something for Koharu. (by this point we all know that Senri’s a tsun) Knowing that Kakeru will get mad, the man himself suddenly popped out and Koharu tried to defend Senri. Senri then told Kakeru that he has no intention of locking himself again and they can hold is room key if they persist. With this Kakeru gave the room key to Koharu since she’s his partner. Senri got jealous when Masamune patted Koharu on the head and pulled her from Masamune XD He also fight back when Kakeru said it’s a shame he won’t be able to sleep in the same room as Koharu, saying “you must be jealous, why didn’t I realize” ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽAfter this Senri asked if Koharu has someone she likes, but since our young heroine is so innocent, she only answered she loves everyone in the ship, which makes Senri shut himself in the room again.

pic_0038In the fairy tale section (my fav part now in the games) Itsuki zipped Koharu’s mouth and throw her into the dwarf’s house. He said if she’s not able to find her important person, she will stay like that forever. Sad by this, she suddenly cried but the blue chick in front of her (which is obviously Senri but again Koharu doesn’t realize this) cheered her up. The poisonous apple (Kakeru) and the prince (Masamune, but I seriously saw him in Robin Hood outfit instead orz) finally appeared and asked her to come with him to the castle. Apparently no one realizes Senri’s existence so Koharu just ran away with the blue chick til they arrived at somewhere dark but Itsuki blow them away. Senri then talked, saying he’s the blue chick but he’s now in his human form with wings! And lifted Koharu while he confessed to her. Koharu also said she loves him. The next thing we know when she wakes up is that Senri’s sleeping besides her. He then asked what Koharu thinks about him, but things got dragged so bad that Koharu started to avoid Senri in the most annoying way possible to me. She got jealous when seeing Senri and Mikoto talked together and thought it’s a bad feeling. So Senri finally chased her and pinned her tiredly, and since he’s bad with words so does Koharu confusing the meaning of “like”, he just kissed her, and told Koharu to think what it means. Because of that, Koharu spaced out most of the time now.

pic_0043When the others decided to step out, Koharu is left since the girls think it’ll be inconvenient if she spaced out in the middle of town. When Koharu walked around the ship, she met the traveler (aka Shirou). Shirou then took her to a village that’s been attacked. Shirou told Koharu she’s the only one that can stop the attack so she burnt all the attacks. Shirou being a super kimoi ossan (I’m calling him a pedo now) told her to stay there and let the people cheer for her. Heishi then telepathy her asking where she is and everyone’s worried so she went back to the ship. Bad story started, a war happened between a country and a liberation army which sells massive weapons  so “The World” asked them to help the country. But then Koharu saw someone from the village she saved. Turns out that village Koharu saved is actually the liberation army they fight. Things got worse when Koharu used her fire to protect Mikoto and the country’s army saw the same fire that saved the village so Masamune told Senri to take Koharu as far as possible. Koharu then wanted some quality solitude time so Senri left her, only let her to be caught by the pedo (more like hugged ew) (ಠ_ಠ)

Everyone’s worried sick about Koharu so the boys decided to step out looking for her while Shirou keep tricking Koharu that she’s burning the other countries while she actually only used small amount of power, backed up by Shirou’s army. At Norn, in the meeting room, Aion appeared followed by Natsuhiko and she explained again from A to Z about the reset. This time, they couldn’t do the reset because they don’t have the fire power to erase the civilization. Natsuhiko then asked about the water user (since the only thing that could fight fire is water), who is Senri, but he’s weak. But apparently Akito is also a water user since Aion said there’s one power separated into two. Refused to give his power to Akito, they did the inverse instead so Senri holds whole of the water power and followed by Masamune and Natsuhiko, they tried to save Koharu, who is ready to burn another country as Shirou’s order.

pic_0048Happy End : Koharu was scouted by a guy with the same uniform as Natsuhiko and dropped on a desert like field. Senri is there and stopped Koharu from using her fire power by using his water. Rinse and repeat this about 3 times, Senri convinced her to go back to the ship. Just when I thought we finally have romantic kissing scene, NOPE, they cockblocked it by army attack and Natsuhiko saved them with his ship. They get away and Senri is back to his shut-in self but turns out he’s making a bunny woodcraft for Koharu and promised not to be a hikikomori again. WHERE’S THE KISS  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Bad End : Koharu managed to step into the country and Senri’s too late to stop her. Shirou appeared and Koharu blindly protected him, while Senri tried to stop her. Shirou then ask Senri to join him since he doesn’t care as long as he’s with Koharu. In the end both of them got caught and were put into a cage. What is this, Amnesia? ಠ_ಠ

pic_0050Toya Masamune (CV. Satou Takuya)

If Koharu chose Masamune as her partner, the partner set up will be the same as Kakeru’s route, except Koharu sticks with Masamune and Senri got a hellish partner aka Kakeru. Masamune is like a brother and leader figure of the ship, which means he has his hands full of everything. From separating Kakeru and Senri, stopping Heishi and Nanami with their poisonous cooking, into stopping Koharu from seeing Akito naked in the boys bath since Koharu’s misinformationed by Ron. This leads to the point Koharu decided to break the partnership with Masamune, but he said he doesn’t intend to do that but he promises he will protect her. So he started to teach Koharu lots of stuffs in the library with his dayum megane looks (*°∀°)=3

When Kakeru got sick, Masamune took care of her and Koharu baked some cookies for him but he’s not so happy when receiving it. So at night when Koharu stepped out, she saw Masamune went upstairs and brought the cookies. Thinking he’s gonna throw it, she follow his footsteps only to see him eating the cookies. Unfortunately Koharu made a noise that Masamune realized her, and out of nowhere speaking things like Koharu is cute and all, suddenly kissing her. Of course our heroine ran away and things got really REALLY awkward after that. Koharu started asking to the other girls what does kiss mean, while Masamune told his story to Sakuya. So when they continued to study in the library, Masamune suddenly said it’s better if they separate as partners after all. Eventhough deep inside her heart she doesn’t accept this, she just said ok.

pic_0053Before the fairy tale dreams, instead of Itsuki, Heishi asked the girls to pull out the lottery instead but they refused so he asked the boys to do it instead. The same thing happened, she went to the house, Kakeru found her and ask to eat/kiss him coz he’s the poisonous apple, but Prince Masamune come to the rescue! So Masamune said they must go to the castle to get married so they could go back to the real world, but the way he said it it’s like he doesn’t like it. So does Koharu who suddenly said she doesn’t want to do it like he’s not good with it. Koharu then said she’s not a good girl, saying she actually doesn’t want to separate from Masamune as a partner, but she just said ok so she looks like an obedient girl in front of him. Masamune hugged him saying she should wait til the journey is over then both of them could be together. After that Koharu finally discovered that Masamune is sugar high so if he eats lots of sugar he’ll get drunk like if someone takes too much alcohol, which explains his behavior on the rooftop ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽ If you decided to give him cookies to tease him, it’s actually kinda hilarious XD

A war happened and Mikoto is abusing her power too much that she’s really exhausted. So when Masamune told that the whole war is over although he’s lying, they let Mikoto rest for the whole day. Unfortunately Mikoto heard sounds so when she stepped outside she found out that the war is still ongoing and used her power again. Sakuya is running here and there looking for her and at the same time Koharu saw the barrier light that Mikoto uses and she ran into the country to find her. Mikoto is too exhausted, not realizing someone is pointing a gun on her, until Sakuya took the bullet for her. By the time Mikoto realized, Sakuya is already lying there, confessing to her “I love you” and died on the spot aww (´Д`。) Koharu thought this is her fault since if she hadn’t hidden her power, Sakuya wouldn’t have died. So when the army saw her fire power, thought this useful and put her on the frontline to burn the enemies. She didn’t return for days, that Masamune got pissed, as much as the army saying that this is The World’s will, she’s not accompanied by anyone. Masamune visited Koharu, only to find her power gone batshit and won’t stop.

pic_0064Happy End : Masamune hugged Koharu even she told him to stop or he’ll got burnt, but the fire doesn’t burn him as long as she has feelings. Masamune then asked Koharu to ran away with him. They returned to the ship, and Koharu talked about lots of things with Nanami, only to be reminded with Sakuya’s death. Koharu regretted and started to cry again, but Nanami erased her memories, and Itsuki put her into a sweet sweet dream. Masamune asked Natsuhiko for help so they could run away eventhough escaping The World won’t be easy. So Masamune then went to Natsuhiko’s place along with Koharu, with also the guy we met before teasing him since he’s a do-M, named Setsu. Out of nowhere the comp is hijacked by the chicks from Norn ship, saying it might be virus or something, although the journey is should be over by now. Masamune then asked Koharu to start thinking about their house, and how many babies they want(人´∀`*)Apparently the chicks are pointing both Nanami and Mikoto that Koharu is here, explaining the hijack it did.

Bad End : After Koharu’s power calmed down, he brought her back to the ship. She found Mikoto hasn’t been sleeping well because of Sakuya’s death, that she needs to take sleeping medicine. She then accompanied her to go sleep but the army tried to take Koharu back since she hasn’t came back for 3 days or something. Not only that, when they saw Mikoto, they planned to take her back as well because of her barrier power. What kind of people are you guys, ugh. Koharu then warned them with her power that Mikoto needs sleep. Masamune then put a blanket on Mikoto and Koharu who are sleeping. idk if you guys could call this a bad end

pic_0055Harem End : If Koharu decided to let Heishi helped her (who is obviously suck at cooking) they put lots of sugar, added with moar brown sugar, which made Masamune drunk so bad that the next day he became a ladies man and pulled the girls on her side, and never came back to his senses, aka he doesn’t return to normal.

Haremen (Harem-men 😀 sorry for the pun orz) End : If Koharu decided to go into the randy boys room while waiting for Masamune, both Itsuki and Ron will tease and flirt her アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ Ron said “I’m ok if I don’t get sake as long as I have replacement.” til Masamune appeared and kick both of their asses. After that, both Ron and Itsuki were never heard of again…

Conclusion so far

Reminded this conclusion is for what I’ve played so far, aka for Koharu’s route only. I’m happy for Kakeru’s and Masamune’s route eventhough Kakeru’s route isn’t exactly finished well imo. I mean the dad suddenly died out of nowhere, without any explanation, only because of aging. On the other hand, as much as I’d like say I like Senri, his route is just getting from normal to bad to worse because 1. lack of romance while the others get more kiss CG, he only got 1 forced kiss CG or something, and 2. I HATE THAT FREAKING PEDO SHIROU SO MUCH. I really want to punch him in the face, specially in Senri’s route where he’s just “I’m the only one who pays attention and accept you Koharu” ew jiji get lost. But yeah I recommend if you do Senri first then Kakeru/Masamune. It doesn’t matter since both of them still have decent routes. I keep cheering outside the psp see if Senri and Koharu could at least get a romantic kiss CG once, but no, they only put this almost kissing CG before got cockblocked by the enemies ಠ_ಠ I don’t write it in here but Masamune could get pretty eroi most of the time (*´Д`)ハァハァ

As for characters, I don’t hate anyone so far, everyone has their unique traits which makes me like them, and I really love when they’re in humor situations. Ok Ron is a bit of jackass in Kakeru’s route but meh. I love that ending where Koharu got flirted by those two dirty boys ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽI’m playing Mikoto now and hopefully I can finish all of her routes fast. Honestly I need a rest since I’ve never played otoge this fast paced before (it’s still slow in your eyes I know) and I need some kicking ass RPG. I’m also making a walkthrough for this game, check it out on the blog!

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11 thoughts on “Otome Game Review : Norn9 Norn + Nonette [Koharu]

  1. Finally!!!! I’am found someone translate this game in English, Thank you very very much!!!!! I’am playing follow you right now and will keep following for next heroine.

  2. It’s kinda interesting to see the mixed amount of reactions for Koharu’s routes. XD (Don’t really see that for the others.) I found both Kakeru and Masamune’s route to be lacking (in terms of plot) since they’re rather key characters imo. Senri isn’t so that’s why I didn’t nit-pick his route as much, plus he is kinda linked to another character as you may find out later. Masamune’s bad ends were so crack, I mean only he had those kind of ends so wwww

    • maybe because I haven’t played akito’s that’s why my feelings are kinda cut when it comes to senri. the only thing that bothers me is kakeru’s dad suddenly died out of nowhere. I mean suddenly they said it’s due to aging but I was expecting an awesome battle clash or something lol. as for masamune, I wanted to see when the girls get a reunion or something coz erasing memories are kinda forcing it I guess. but the haremen end rocks, I was laughing hard when I saw that XD
      I actually finished mikoto’s already but I’m too lazy to post orz

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