Website and Commission

Heya peeps. So not long after I posted the post below, I’ve decided some things in the past 2 months. or something like that.

Remember the thing about merging otoge contents with other games such as jrpg? welp I don’t see it working in here so I’m moving unrelated otoge contents into a new site called Remocon+. It’s still empty atm, and I’ve only designed the banners but it’s midnight and I’ll fix things by tomorrow. If you’re a fangirl but likes to kickass on other games as well, drop by to visit sometimes 😀 I will ravel not only jrpg, but other genres as well that I usually play. That’s for the website update. As for the banner in Tsukihana, there’s an unrelated otoge picture besides Norn9 lol, but I won’t take it off coz I’m lazy. Unless I made a new banner in the near time, it stays up there.

Another thing I’d like to offer is a commission. Let’s be honest here I’m currently a NEET coz I’ve graduated high school but not exactly a university student as well at the moment. I’ve gone through freshmen program but I’m not officially studying there yet. I’d like to get a job, but only what I can do. I draw fanarts quite a lot and I’ve posted a commission in my dA profile but I’ve got none so far except a friend of mine. The rule is simple, you ask, I draw, you pay. That’s it.

If you’re interested, I’m opening about 4 slots at the moment, which are still empty.  You can check all the details you need in here. You can read what I will draw and what I won’t draw. How the payments work and so on. If you decided or you wanted to ask more, you can ask here, or e-mail me at If you have a dA account, you can post it there as well. Anything works really.

Thanks for the attention! I apologize if we post things so few and uh, long XD

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