Rejet + Otomate News

Decided to post another round of news since somehow I got some regarding both Rejet games and drama cd as well as Otomate’s. Let’s start with Rejet.



Alice=Alice is an upcoming otome game and situation CD (both dummyhead) and like the title said, it’s based on Alice in Wonderland story. Except they made the title “forbidden” and the white rabbit turned into a black rabbit instead. The characters and CD personality are announced in the video as well.

  • Black Rabbit (CV. Kondo Takashi) Ira-ira na do-S – 30th October 2013
  • March Hare (CV. Tachibana Shinnosuke) Tsundere – 27th November 2013
  • Cheshire Cat (CV. Takahashi Naozumi) Ore-sama chara na otoko -25th December 2013
  • Mad Hatter (CV. Toriumi Kousuke) Chokyota gaku no Mad Hatter – 29th January 2014
  • King (CV. Shimono Hiro) Wagamama aka selfish – 26th February 2014
  • Another Alice (CV. Midorikawa Hikaru) Yandere – 26th March 2014

Ira-ira do-S most likely means he’s the guy that keeps complaining and get iraira all the time. Seriously I have no idea how to explain the way rejet describes him. The same goes with Mad Hatter. Ore-sama chara no otoko for Cheshire Cat is probably that kind of guy who is uh, an ore-sama chara! All CDs are with prices 2,100 yen. Games info has not been released.

BAD MEDICINE(バッドメディスン)


Another announced game project + situation CD is BAD MEDICINE (both dummyhead as well). The CD will be separated into BLACK and WHITE CD and from what I’ve seen in the vids, it’ll be like a relationship with teachers. I smells fishy and dark experiments from this game lol. From the video, I think the teachers have this separated or 2 personalities which is nice and uh, yeah you know the other. Here are the casts!

  • Shido Kaname, English (CV. Takahashi Hiroki) – 30th October 2013
  • Nagihara Taiki, Math (CV. Terashima Takuma) – 27th November 2013
  • Kuzuha Kakeru, World History (CV. Takahashi Naozumi) – 25th December 2013 OH CHRISTMAS
  • Kashu Remu, Chemistry (CV. Kakihara Tetsuya) – 29th January 2014
  • Yanagi Ryota, Civics (CV. Itou Kentaro) – 26th February 2014
  • Tojo Kairi, Art (CV. Hino Satoshi) – 26th March 2014

The CDs are all with 2,100 yen price. As for the game, it’s yet to be announced.



Vanquish Brothers is another situation CD by Rejet and it says kannou so it means it’s another dummyhead! Wow Rejet and their announcements, really. The story has this sengoku vibes but it’s not on some old era, the time mentioned is actually in this era! That’s why I saw them in school yakuzalike uniforms instead of some old rusty armors. And now, the casts!

  • Nobunaga (CV. Shimazaki Nobunaga) lol really? xD
  • Shingen (CV. Kakihara Tetsuya)
  • Kenshin (CV. Sugiyama Noriyaki) another Sugiyama tsundere me likey
  • Masamune (CV. Namikawa Daisuke)
  • Mitsunari (CV. Nojima Kenji)
  • Kojuurou (CV. Toriumi Kousuke)

All release dates are the same as those 2 CDs above. sorry to lazy to copy/paste anymore lol. The price is also 2,100 yen.

I’m too lazy to write their personalities so I’m sorry lol. Kojuurou is a do-M though coz he literally said “please cut me more” in his videos… and idek why Rejet write Shingen’s personality 攻め攻め (semeseme) and no I’m not mistaken. Rejet wrote it twice in the PV lol. Tbh Vanquish Brothers is more of my type for a game so I’m still hoping they port this into a game?

Now, it’s Otomate’s turn. There aren’t many news but I just want to post them here.

Chronostacia クロノスタシア


Some of the casts in Chronostacia are announced. Here are they :

  • Kyogo Nagi (CV. Ohsaka Ryota)
  • Tio (CV. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)
  • Clive Neil (CV. Midorikawa Hikaru) is that how you spell his name btw? srsly I have no idea
  • Holic Sol (CV. Fujiwara Keiji)
  • Eva (CV. Abe Atsushi)
  • Orpheus Lex Albion (CV. Hino Satoshi)
  • Maririn (CV. Okitsu Kazuyuki)

I still have 50-50 feelings about this game and one of the points that makes me excited for this game is because of Akiko Shikata. I’m not a huge fan of her but I love her songs and voice. It has a good concept then again Otomate le sigh.

Otomate Special Pack! Hakuoki + AMNESIA PSVITA


Nope, you’re not reading it wrong. Behold! Otomate decided to port both Hakuoki and Amnesia to PSVITA. I’m speechless right now. First they port Amnesia to iOS and now this. I honestly thing Otomate should stop milking money from both of them. I’m honestly planning to buy a VITA and a few otome waves could be nice BUT they really could do something new instead

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15 thoughts on “Rejet + Otomate News

  1. the funny part about the vita port of Amnesia is that it seems like it’s just a download from PSN rather than a package. They coulda just made the original a PSN download that’s vita compatible but they’re adding some dumb music video to make you pay money all over again lol Otomate etc.

    And wow I didn’t know the REjet Alice thing was also a game. I thought it was just a drama CD series. I dunno though, my Alice fandom is kinda glued to Quin Rose so they’d have to really impress me though I suppose casting Kondo as the rabbit is a good start!

    • wow really? if it’s only a PSN downloadable but not vita compatible it’ll be stupid coz the screen sizes are different so it will become fugly stretched according to my friend 😐 I really need Otomate to make something new for Vita if they’re actually planning to make it a start. or maybe they just think “to start with vita, let’s just port our popular games!” idek

      actually pretty much most fairy tales related has this interesting point but I guess alice bias cannot be helped! it’s always interesting to see wonderland and that kondo rabit is definitely interesting 😀

  2. Why is Rejet always so depressing? They must have many weirdos at their office haha. I don’t know…Are people really into these things nowadays? I don’t want to believe it- (◕﹏◕ ) Wasn’t there an Alice in Wonderland based game in which the White Rabbit turned into a Black Rabbit before? I think it was those ero ones though. I think I saw it on B’s log or something. meh, not sure. And the teacher one…was scary-looking…Is this an otome CD? …looked more like horror-based haha. It was unexpected for me that Shimazaki is going to be a part of Vanquish Brother thing. To me, he was more like those 爽やか(refreshing? not sure how to translate it) type of people, so very surprising…aha.

    On the other hand, I guess it’s a bit relieving to see that otomate is not going dark like rejet…but yeah otomate milking money from both is like oh geez, here we go again. I don’t know why they do that…do they even change anything in it? Also, I’m surprised that people actually buy them IF the content is completely the same. Well, they must since they do that knowing that enough people will buy them right? I don’t know, I’m confused haha ヽ(。_゜)ノ

    • it depends on the girls I guess but rejet is really famous with those dark side of the games, even with games like TYB. so I think it’s their own thing and features lol
      oh you mean trick or alice? now that you mentioned it, yea the rabit is black rabbit too instead of white
      bad medicne aka the teachers stuffs are both otome games and situation CD.
      rejet thinks they need a “Nobunaga” to voice a “Nobunaga” XD but I think he did a great job with his voice in the PV! we’re all influenced to his sawayaka voice coz of Haruka from Free! I guess?

      Otomate has their own thing but honestly, I feel stupid. I know they’re thinking it straight as a company to see if Vita would be a good target for otome market but to think they’ll port both Hakuoki + Amnesia is kinda irritating. sure they combine the games in one package (I think) but I want something new besides those games which Otomate thinks it might be a good start to see how many fangirls will buy it

      • Yeahhh…rejet..I have some bitter memories from their games. I tried playing diabolik lovers and gekka ryouran romance. I quit after playing one route for both I think. Well, I tried playing the 2nd routes, but gave up. However, I actually enjoyed black wolves saga though. I haven’t played Last Hope yet, but played Bloody Nightmare. It was dark, but I actually liked it overall. I thought the setting was pretty interesting and I liked the music too. I felt like bws was dark, but I don’t know…diabolik lovers, gekka, and the above are indeed dark, but seems more of those sadistic/masochistic/yandere/ero/horror based games rather than dark…That’s how I interpreted them haha (ι´Д`)ノ Are you considering to write review on them? I’ll definitely take a look if you do~ (・ω・)

        Yeah I meant trick or alice. I feel that there are so many Alice in Wonderland based games these days.
        As of the Vanquish Brothers, I was also like yeahhh they totally chose him bc of his name. Indeed, I actually really didn’t know him until Free! Like I heard his name before bc it’s unique, but never really encountered his work or I just didn’t notice haha. I actually couldn’t tell it was him until I saw his name, but I agree. I think he did a great job too. ^^b

      • I’m okay with alice=alice actually but coz it’s a PC game, low chances I’m gonna play it. but I’ll try to take a look at my budget later LOL as for bad medicine, to tell the truth I’m not a type of otome like that. the same as you I don’t like make myself a total do-M for those. and dialovers is one of those games I actually finished! oh the glorious achievement

        he’ll definitely come more in otome games as he voiced in storm lovers 2nd too! it’ll be nice to see more of his roles 😀

  3. Ahaha so sad, I kind of ignored storm lover 2nd bc I just couldn’t accept Shiina with a new character. I wanted him to end up with Yuna, so I’m like noooo i did NOT see anything…|゚Д゚) Also, I was like why are they bringing up the previous characters. If they are, they should just MAKE a sequel with the same old characters. I’m actually not tired of the old gang, so I wouldn’t have mind since I wanted to see her actually end up with Chihiro, Shiina, and I guess Takashi too? lol But I guess I shouldn’t be complaining bc I actually didn’t finish the first one…I only finished Rikka bc the game was soooo long. I didn’t have the strength to go through 6 more years…_(._.)_ but I read the reviews! I think I was a bit teary for Rikka and I wouldn’t mind a sequel bc I wanted to see some future lovey dovey scenes of him and Yuna…Ahaha sorry for the rant. You’ve probably noticed by now.. I get side-tracked easily and I can’t help it~ (>_<。)

    • hahaha it’s ok, rants are meant to be long anyway XD I really want Shiina to end up with Yuna too but I guess D3P thinks differently and decided to bring him to a new game instead. the quality of SL2 kinda dropped as well though from what I’ve heard and read so yea…. and dw I haven’t played the first one as well lol

  4. Chronostacia has a good story premise, but seeing how Otomate really screwed up with Norn9 and Shiratsuyu I’m kind of lost faith, that the plot will be satisfying… LOL I guess I’ll just stay away from Otomate for a while now…

    And regarding Rejet’s announces… I’m actually only interested in Bad Medicine, but seriously… Rejet, WHY?? We’re NOT WEIRDO FREAKS or anything. LOLOLOL Give us more normal characters… Please? >o< orz

    • norn9 is still ok, shiratsuyu is below helpless idek otomate. I still hate them about the amnesia and hakuoki jokes as well. I see another third party participating in making chronostacia though, hopefully it’s good.

      lol pretty much why I chose vanquish brothers to be “gamed” instead of the others xD; sensei psycho mode looks crazy man…

  5. Heeeeeeeeeeeh. But the last brothers from Vanquish Brothers look really uhm… DANGEROUS… ;w; Like REALLY CRAZY AND CREEPY. Anyways… my sanity is NEVER safe with Rejet. LOL And still I love Rejet to bits… xDDD I must be super do-M and I’m even more do-M after my Japan trip. orz orz

      • It was GREAT!!! And I got so many goodies. xDDD I’ll post about the trip in the evening or tomorrow. Depending how long the report will be… 8D And lots of pictures of goodies and Japan. wwww

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