Otomate Moar Special Pack : DiaLovers Limited V Edition, Hakuoki SSL, and Amnesia World

With the recent news of Playstation VIta TV brought by Sony, I checked the list of playable VITA games, only to find a certain otome game title written “Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition.” I’m like HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO at first but with the upcoming Amnesia x Hakuoki special pack, after one second I thought this must be the Vita ver of DiaLovers. I decided to check the website later that night and apparently I was correct.


They added a new video promoting the Special Pack (with Toriumi and Hino narrating it lmao), along with other games that will be released for Vita. They are Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition, Hakuoki SSL ~sweet school life~, and Amnesia World.

There are no website opened yet for DIaLovers V edition but the release date has been announced.

  • DiaLovers V Edition : 19th December 2013 (along with the AMNESIA V x Hakuoki Kyokaroku Special Pack)
  • Hakuoki SSL & AMNESIA World : 2014

Maybe the fangirls are crying with the VITA movement from Otomate, and currently saving money for the Special pack? What do you girls think about this?

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19 thoughts on “Otomate Moar Special Pack : DiaLovers Limited V Edition, Hakuoki SSL, and Amnesia World

  1. NO NO NO -RAGEEEE- (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
    Well, the PS Vita looks pretty though…BUT STILL…Wait, so are they planning to abandon the PSP soon and stick to PS Vita or something? Just like nintendo and they’re 3DS? If they are, I think it would be smarter to just buy the special pack…

    • they still have some release like ghp platinum and snow bound land this year but we can definitely expect next year to be a leap into vita starting next year. at least for otomate though. idk about others like quin rose or takuyo. rejet mostly make their games targeted for pc so…

      I’m pretty sure that’s what otomate is targetting as well, to get the fangirls into buying their special pack so they could play their vita games!

      • noooooo…orz. Majority of the games I play are otomate…I’m not so hyped about the games that come with the special pack since I already played hakuouki and amnesia. I just think it would be better to just buy the special pack since it will be more worth it than buying the vita individually. Also, there’s like this limited offer for ps vita now and you can get a game cheaper with the purchase of a ps vita, but I rather have the special pack than the other limited offer since I’m not into the games they’re offering.

  2. Do you plan to get it? I considered getting it IF they’re gonna abandon the PSP. But since the stock is limited, how would people purchase it if we don’t live in Japan? I never purchased limited edition products :/

    • I plan to get vita but not the special pack. maybe there are online stores that sell it? but if there are, I would say the chances are really thin and be ready to spend lots of money for that coz it’s usually double the price by the time you buy it from the vita itself. well you will get the game, but still… lol

      • Oh I thought it will be cheaper than buying it individually lol. Well, I don’t anymore, but I don’t really want it either. So if it’s gonna cost me more then, I don’t want it ahaha. Is it region locked?

      • nope, playstation games since psp til now are region free, pretty much the reason why Iike sony rather than nintendo. as for your other question, if you’re importing than it’s more expensive. it’s only cheaper coz you get both games and the amnesia whatever cd that is

      • Yeahhh true, but I usually get imports for the hardwares/consoles bc of the color. You know how sometimes they don’t have the colors? The main reason I got an import for the ds lite and psp was bc of the color too. What I’m debating is that I wanted to buy a PS3 before getting the ps vita. But then people tell me that there’s the ps4, but then you can’t play the ps3 games on ps4. Also, I don’t plan to get the new hardwares bc they usually find problems from it. The only reason I’m considering to get a ps vita now is bc it’s been out for a while. In the beginning, a lot of people complained about problems with it. lol. So if I DO get an import, I was thinking the special pack would be a smarter way to go, but the problem is that I don’t think I can get my hands on them either. And I don’t really want to pay so much… Meh, I don’t know ><

  3. I was planning on getting a Vita anyway, so no problemo for me~ /gets bricked

    I’m interested in the special pack (since I don’t have Amnesia) but I’m going to wait until I see whether its a super-pretty-special Vita. If it’s just a plain white Vita with both games and special packaging, then I probably won’t splurge for it. Basically, I’m waiting to see the back of the Vita before I decide. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

    • oh you mean the vita skin? pretty sure it’s gonna be otomate decorated style but who knows? they should have showed it before they sell it to the fangirls lol.
      this is probably good for you coz you haven’t played amnesia. I’ve checked the contents from the website and it’s basically the same, only bigger screen XD

      • Yeah~ I kind of figured they would since the UtaPri bundle went all out (that WAS utapri, though. I hope they won’t let Broccoli outshine them). Still, I am a little disappointed that the Otomate bundle PSP won’t be a LE colour. lol I mean really! Just turn it around in the promos and let me see!

        XD Oooh~ I’m all for a bigger screen!

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