AFA ID’13 : Indonesian, Otaku, and Crowds

Overall view of the 1st floor. It’s crowded with otaku that makes me really hard to walk. (photo from AFA facebook)

I finally have time to write something lol. This is about the recent event (anime convention) I attended. It’s one of the biggest event for otaku in Indonesia, and probably the only one I’ve ever cared about since last year. For the 2nd time, they make the place bigger and better. There are still some problems though so yeah… The event is held from 6th to 8th September 2013. I only came on the 2nd day aka Saturday, 7th September 2013.

The highlights and special guests for this year. I didn't really check on them tho

The highlights and special guests for this year. I didn’t really check on them tho (the photo doesn’t belong to me)

AFA ID always brings memorable people in the anime industry. But unfortunately, I’ve never really interested to watch the concerts etc etc. For Day 1, we have Aoi Eir, Hirano Aya, and May’n singing in the Anisong stage. On the 2nd day, we have fripSide, BABYMETAL, and Kalafina. I was actually wanted to watch the 2nd day concert (to tell the truth I have no idea about BABYMETAL til AFA lol) just for fripSide and Kalafina, but I’m currently saving money to buy games so yeah. Next year maybe? I’m still crossing my fingers they could bring someone I actually REALLY REALLY like and a fan of.

For the cosplayer, we have KANAME and Reika, the most known cosplayers in the industry. Also Angie and Ying Tze from Malaysia, Joining them is Clive, a mecha cosplayer from Singapore, and Richfield from Indonesia.  Danny Choo is hosting the event as usual. Special guest? T.M. Revolution on the last day and Emi Nitta (seiyuu). Madoka Magica Movie and Conan Movie brighten up the stage as well as Gundam Unicorn in the movie screening.

On Saturday morning, I arrived at approximately 8:30 AM with a bunch of people filling the parking lot already, just for queuing the tickets. I only entered for the exhibition only as I have no interest in the movie screening and the guests (shamed? not really). Seriously I don’t think of spending anymore money unless they bring a seiyuu/singers I really know and a fan of. My friend already lined since 7 AM and it’s not helping it’s still far from the actual ticket tent. She got in first because her friend’s friend already lined in EARLIER. So I took my friend’s line and stayed there for about, say, 2 hours (or more)? Burning there under the sunlight. It’s not helping either there’s an ERROR in the line because apparently, some people branch the actual queue and we have no effing idea. Idk, shouldn’t they at least put a line or rope so it’s easier to notice? At least we can stand and queue properly if they actually guard or at least, PUT A DAMN ROPE SO WE COULD KNOW THE QUEUE LINE. They didn’t give any sign or whatsoever, to see the line correctly. It’s just horrid and my brain has burnt just to enter event itself. After I bought my ticket, I rushed inside and I thought I need to line up again coz I see a LONG line of people. FUG. Fortunately I can go inside right away FIUH. As a result for waiting 2 hours, I missed 1 hour from the start (the event started at 10 AM. I got in at 11 AM), and KANAME who was cosplaying as Kaito Jazz. And I was looking forward to it too… Fortunately I managed to see Reika, cosplaying as Jinguji Ren. I was a few meters away from the stage though, so I literally tiptoed while trying my best to capture Reika’s pose with my camera. I took about 20 shots and they’re prolly only headshot and such, while the half body was blurred. To take a picture with the guest cosplayer, you must bought a souvenir from the AFA shop at least 50,000 rupiah and show your receipt. yea I’m not wasting any money for that thank you. I was gonna to but I only brought about 400,000 rupiah so be it.

I also went to animax booth, with Hyouka settings (tatami and tea table) and took a picture. lol I have no effing idea I could ask the photographer to took it with my OWN CAMERA so I have 0 knowledge where the heck is my photo now. It looks good with the tatami as well! Forget my face I hate it lol, only want to see the whole traditional japanese feels. At least they gave us a free Hyouka clear file? With an animax logo on the back side though so…

The official shop has Shingeki no Kyojin booth, which literally lined with people that it’s closed down. I wanted to queue, but the staff said it’s closed for a while. what the hell… There’s also SAO shop, along with Madoka Magica shop, and Love Live shop. They only have the Love Live shop coz if you want a sign by Emi Nitta, you need to buy something with a total amount of 450,000 rupiah and that’s over my budget, and I don’t care about Love Live either so ADIEU. So I take look around and eventually went downstair (for the cosplay thingy). I spent my time mostly on the doujin circles, buying unofficial goodies from some deviantArt people I know. Bought lots of button and a Kyojin chibi tshirt for cheap prices. At least they’re not as expensive as the official goodies!

WASTING ALL THE MONEY. no actually the hyouka clear file is free lawl

WASTING ALL THE MONEY. no actually the hyouka clear file is free lawl

From above left : KagePro doujin, Only Human comic (Only Human is a comic made by an indonesian which was an entry for Pixiv contest. It got an honorable mention :D), Only Human button (I got it free for buying the comic! How generous!), Spirited Away Kuroko keychain, Lavi button, HaruTaka button, SplashFree!Nagisa button, Shin button, and Aigis keychain. Moving on is SnK T-shirt (Levi Heichou button!), Hyouka clear file, with Minuki (Trucy) & Kokone (Athena) from Gyakuten Saiban to brighten up my day. Hey I don’t expect any Ace Attorney goodies in here so I was quite happy when I found them! The total is 340,000 rupiah for shopping. I only use a few for eating (I BARELY EAT so I was starving when I got home). Too bad I didn’t buy any posters. Someone actually offered me an A4 print of Ao no Exorcist for 10,000 rupiah which is good (not to mention CHEAP)! I was considering it but when I came back, someone already took it so yeah…

After lots of walk with my friends from uni, I went home with lots of plastic bag from the shopping. The weight on my bag is adding as well. When I got outside, there’s DJ Kazu x Sony Music Mixing stuff, that added the crowds by mixing vocaloid music. Some of them that I’ve remembered are Black Rock Shooter, Luka Luka Night Fever, Tell Your World, and Senbonzakura. It was kind of exciting that I actually got along screaming? xD

Nonetheless it was quite the moment for me as someone who’s in the anime world and such. I forgot the pain of queuing after I got in lol. But seriously they need to make the place bigger? It’s better since last year but I’m kinda suffering because of the crowd inside. Also, MAKE THE QUEUE BETTER PLS, LINE IT WITH A ROPE, MARK IT WITH A CHALK, IDK JUST MAKE IT BETTER. If the guests next year are good, I’m gonna buy the stage ticket, or the VIP just to get inside faster. Ugh the horridness…

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, PHOTOS! I didn’t take many photos though, specially the cosplayer. There’s one decent Mikasa cosplayer, but she’s in the middle of something with a Jean cosplayer so I couldn’t take a pict of them. My friend did though ; v ; Sasha’s cosplayer too…

One more notice : I’m officially an university student now (NOT A NEET ANYMORE lmao) so I’ll be busy for quite a time. Honestly I’m still in the middle of pre-university, just preparations stuff but I never knew that I would get homework and projects already. I happened to be finished so I’ll get free time before the real uni starts next week. I’ll be staying at a different place as well, so if I have a free time I’ll definitely play otome games. Dunno bout the movement to VITA, still thinking really deep to buy VITA otome games. coz if it’s one hell of a crappy game, I’ll be crying my tears. The only thing I like about VITA otome games prolly the trophies are easy to hog. I’m kind of a trophy whore and otome games are relative easy to be finished completely, as long as they don’t have annoying as hell system. But I don’t want to play crappy games just for the trophies.

Lastly :

bitchI'mfabulous by Levi!Reika to Eren!Kaname. they must be practicing for the main stage

bitchI’mfabulous by Levi!Reika to Eren!Kaname. they must be practicing for the main stage

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4 thoughts on “AFA ID’13 : Indonesian, Otaku, and Crowds

  1. Hahahahaha… Seems like you had FUN! God, this full floor reminds me of Natsu Comiket… IT WAS SO FULL OF PEOPLE I WAS AFRAID OF GETTING LOST IN THOSE MASSES… orz orz

    And congrats on entering university! Welcome to the 大学生クラッブ!8D

    • it was! except for the ticket queuing party lmao.
      Indonesia is big in the first place. don’t even talk about Indonesia, AFA ID is only held in the city I live, and the report said about 50,000 people come overall lmao. I even met someone from other island that came just to come there and watch the concert! I was alone at first orz good thing I found my friends :’D

      and thank you! oh it’s gonna be lots of hard work XD

      • Well… Visiting a convention alone is okay too, but it’s so much more fun with friends! 8D 8D

        It will be lot of work, but it’s worth it! Being a university student means lots of time in your holidays… or not… if your going to do holiday work like me. xDDD

      • there are lots of stranger, plus I cannot take a pict with a cosplayer I like if I’m alone! D:

        I still have free days on wednesday and saturday for the first semester. idk for the next few semesters though orz

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