Tsukihana Blogversary Countdown Raffle!

Heyo peeps! Time flies so fast that Tsukihana almost reaches its 1st Anniversary! It’s on 8th October so I decided to do something since it’s our first anniversary…..

Not that I have any merchandise to give lol BUT! I will still give you something! I decided to do a raffle, and I will draw you a piece of fanart. It could be anime/manga/games/otome games character. Remember it’s only one character! So make your choice wisely!

Just comment below and mention if you want to join the raffle. I will pick the winner randomly and I will announce it on our anniversary, precisely on 8th October 2013. If you want to see my artwork style, just checkout my deviantArt. I’m not a pro but I will do my best! Although you must remind yourself that I won’t draw a BL/GL/R18/anything explicit character. I apologize but it leaves a bitter taste when I need to draw something I don’t like. Also, since I probably won’t have much time coz I’m on uni, the fanart is probably about thigh up and simple bg, unless I’m a masochist when I was drawing it, or some kind of idea struck my brain.

Idk if there are gonna be many participants, considering this blog is quite new, but join for the fun 😀

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15 thoughts on “Tsukihana Blogversary Countdown Raffle!


    also congrats on the 1 year ヽ(*´∀`)ノオメデト─ッ♪

  2. Congratulations~! (੭ु´>▿<`)੭ु

    (this is fun!) Aaah~ If I won, I'd like to see you draw Hibiki from Harajuku Tantei Gakuen ~ ❤

  3. Happy Almost 1yr Anniversary!!! イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ
    I’ll join the raffle too~ If I win, I would like little Lulu from Wand of Fortune 2 FD Ù©(ˊᗜˋ*)و

      • It took me a couple of days to think about it ahaha.(>ω<) I wanted to choose a character from the games that I wrote a review on my blog. I don't know how I got to the conclusion in choosing a heroine though; I was stuck between little Lulu and little Kyoko, but WOF2 was my first game review on my blog so yah…And the little versions of the heroines are so much cuter ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

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