A little rambling

Let’s seeee, first of all, I want to apologize for being inactive. I’ve been following otome games news, I know otomate is jumping to the so called PSVITA bandwagon, and I kept my eye for Rejet’s games and videos on youtube, so sorry I haven’t been posting anything and just stay dead.

Reason, right. I’m on my 2nd semester in university and it’s really hard for me to balance my schedules between studying-assignments-gaming-drawing. In the first place, my hearts has RPG >>>> otome game. Sure I love seiyuu but after reading some reviews of last year til now games, I don’t think I’ve taken interested in otome games anymore. Sure I still have backlog, but most likely I second them after rpg games which are backlogging as well. It’s kinda hard for me as well when you have 80% of your life taken by assignments and got stressed with it coz I barely have any good sleeps these days lol.

I’m still in the middle of writing the oh so have been left Norn9 last part, and GHP Platinum which I started playing a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can make a comeback starting from that. As for otome PSVITA games, I am unsure of myself whether I’ll be buying it or not. The reasons are, 1. Otomate is the first company to do so and looking on their past games specially last year, it has been a train wreck from them. 2. I have limited budgets. Like I’ve said I prefer playing RPG so when one or two games I like have their release date decided, I plan to save the money for them first, specially limited editions. I think it’s more worthy for me to keep stuffs from LE edition rather than some freesbies that Otomate usually gives. Let’s face it, I like the art and the seiyuu, but they are not really convincing me with their games.

Instead posting stuffs here, I have been active on my other website specially for RPG, managed by my friend and I, called Remocon+. You can take a peek and check if you want, follow if necessary 😀 I just want to share the fun of the games I’ve been playing so far.

That’s it for now, I hope I found more courage to play otome games after the current semester is over, although I’m planning to attend a doujin event but I’ll try to find a free time between those drawing days.

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2 thoughts on “A little rambling

  1. i feel you on the rpg thing, FFXIV has pretty much destroyed any free time to touch my backlog. Now I just prioritize the new games and move on. Not sure if I’ll ever get to my old otome game backlog at this point but I do have some high expectations for vita games. Hopefully my reviews can give you some insight on what to get ^^

    • thanks ;; I always enjoy reading your reviews anyway xD I mean I bought vita in the first place to play RPGs. if we see the art in the upcoming otomate games in vita they’re all so shiny but what about the plot later on? I guess I’m just scared with all that orz

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