Quick Impression : ALICE=ALICE

Hey folks! it’s been a long time and now I’m having my sweet sweet holiday! Since I’m still taking time on revenging my gaming, I decided to do a new corner which is a quick impression. This is basically what I see in the game only on the first glance, as in I haven’t played it very far, even only in the beginning because you gurls know how slow I can be when finishing an otome game. Since a full review isn’t effective, I decided to do this to keep this blog alive! Of course it might still contain spoilers and I’ll upload a CG or two so it won’t be lonely.

First, lololol why the heck am I playing this game. I had no idea wtf struck me so I decided to play this. I HAD NO IDEA. I decided to get this a try rather than BAD MEDICINE, just because lmao. Anyway I haven’t got really far, only at the beginning of the first guy, which is Black Rabbit. That’s the guy in this pict.


Here’s a quick summary of this game. Our heroine, Asuka, is this girl bored with real life because she thought her friends are meh, and real life sucks. I think she can’t speak bluntly about her mind, so sometimes she’s just talking inside her mind/heart. Like I don’t wanna go there actually I don’t have $$$ but in front of her friends she couldn’t reject it. She wanted to escape and lucky her! A voice came to her head and asked if she wanted to go elsewhere, tho she was warned that she couldn’t returned. She did, and dropped somewhere (jeez Alice typical) and met some new guys that will harem her live! The whole world and people seemed mad to her that she find their opinion weird or insane or whatever. We have the ore-sama Black Rabbit (CV. Kondo Takashi), tsundere March Hare (CV. Tachibana Shinnosuke), the Mad Hatter (CV. Toriumi Kousuke), idk why his name is told as Hat Store or something lmao, the moar ore-sama and selfish King who played with his roses (CV. Shimono Hiro), le Cheshire Cat (CV. Takahashi Naozumi), and lastly Another Alice (CV. Midorikawa Hikaru). From the voice, we should know that the one who called Alice in to that world is in fact, Another Alice. Suddenly Asuka has the word “EAT ME” on her body and she got to choose one of her harem man to take care of xD

While the art is interesting, I guess I’m just used to Otomate’s art. I like the casts and I’m sorry Kondo-san I love your voice but you have been grating my ears since day 1 I’ve played this game. Sure the prpr dummyhead mic prolly sounds good but I couldn’t stand his voice when he’s irritated or smt. Meanwhile, dayum tsundere bunneh Tachibana. When can I play him lmao.

When playing Black Rabbit’s route here’s what happened so far : he wanted to die so bad because apparently he was cursed so he couldn’t die. He said himself that why he turned black is because he was cursed. He prpr-ed Asuka in the first place because they said she could have killed him. Asuka stopped him from commiting a suicide lmao and decided to become his personal maid. Actually he’s the one who suddenly claimed her or smth.

Anyway that’s what I got so far. There are actually more dummy mic fanservices rather than the story I guess, coz one time I got stuck in a choice that prolly left Kondo Takashi licking Asuka for the next 15 mins and I’m like, lol man, where’s the story.

What do you guys think so far? xD

Oh and I have another question, or actually poll to ask. I might get one game for the VITA release by Otomate in case I have enough budget to save. I have my interest on Senjou no Waltz (because Nakamura Yuichi, Code:Realize (because Miko and her pretty art that made mine look like a garbage), and Norn fandisk (formality because I played the first game, and I wanna see how it continues). What do you people think is the most interesting game to play? I’m still deciding which one I could get from them and I wanna know all of your opinions \o/ This might or might not affect the game I’m gonna buy but I’m still interested in your opinions!

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2 thoughts on “Quick Impression : ALICE=ALICE

  1. Honestly I’d go with Code Realize. Otomate FDs are never worth it (I’m getting it anyway cause I need to see Itsuki and Natsuhiko;_:) and Senjou no Waltz looks good but between that and Code Realize, the art in Code Realize looks so much better to me XD

    • true dat. the art is pretty much why I’m biasing my choice to code realize. then again, we still don’t know the release date of the game, and other games got delayed. nice one otomate :/

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