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Yeaaaa this blog is pretty much dead coz I barely play any otome games specially since the whole wagon moved to VITA. But a miracle hapenned! As we know otome game market isn’t that popular besides in Japan and I’m having a hard time to buy otome games since there are only a few otoge available in my country such as Amnesia of course, and prolly Hakuoki. I also rarely import games and I usually prioritize RPG before otome games, not to mention low on budget xD; Although now I tend to buy from online local stores which miraculously have some japanese games so I don’t need to import as much as I used to. And apparently don’t know from where or how or what kind of wind brought it there, the game Trigger Kiss appeared!

I really consider myself whether I should buy this or not since the end of last year coz I was really broke thanks to RPG and I was absorbed into Eiyuu Densetsu : Kiseki fandom and pretty much buy the games so I waited. The item kinda went missing for a few periods that I lost all hope (Norn Var Commons appeared in the store though but I’ve played the one in PSP so no thanks). What do you know, this week there’s a national day for women in Indonesia, lo and behold, Trigger Kiss appeared and discounted as well! I haven’t bought any games since last month, saw I could spend some since it’s discounted, and bought it.

Played it today, it was awesome eventhough just a bit. It’s not on my priority list as I still want Code : Realize so bad or at least Norn 9 FD but I guess the local store taste and mine doesn’t really match lol. Trigger Kiss was my first otoge experience in the VITA and I have to say it’s great. I agree with Hinano though how bout it almost feels like a shonen manga xD

That being said I hope there are more otome games coming here or at least I could buy it. Just pray I could review it here coz the last part of Norn9 review kinda scrapped away from my brain lmao

As for blogging, no I’m not dead at all. Like I’ve mentioned I moved to Remocon+, a JRPG review blog site along with my friend. You can check it out there for more RPG stuffs 😀

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2 thoughts on “A Few Words

  1. haha my norn9 fd arrived today so I’ve started playing that. i don’t even remember what the f happened in the last game so I’m gonna go re-read my review XD

    • lmao norn9 tl;dr is like world war, weapons, reset, good characters, lotsa loop hole xD;
      enjoy the game though! can’t wait for your review like always :3

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