Code : Realize Coming West!

I was scrolling through my twitter timeline after a shower and I was shocked by a news in my timeline. Yes peeps, Code Realize will be coming to the west! Aksys will release the game with the title Code : Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

So should we be happy?

I am actually pretty excited because this means it will be easier for outside people (aka non japanese) to get the game including me. I’ve said in my previous post before how hard it is to obtain otome games in a local store unless you import all the time which can be impossible for some people. The chance for the game to be sold in a local store is higher.

Second, Aksys actually chose the right game. Let’s face it, Code : Realize got a good rating. Some of the recent Otomate VITA releases are actually pretty good if we remember how they fell during the last PSP period of otome games.

Third, western game tends to be cheaper. I sometimes import japanese games but tend to buy from local stores as well (recently) so I know how much differences in the price can be. If you’re someone who actually have a problem playing otome games because of importing, this is actually good to support otome market in the west. Not to mention, hey english language! Every woman who are always crying because they can’t read japanese will be more than glad to buy this game!

However, as someone who have played BlazBlue, which is localized by Aksys, I know the translations can be “off” sometimes. If you didn’t know, they kinda changed some important terms from the original japanese words. Some people like it though. I, who is biased with seiyuu cannot afford to play with english dub, therefore I like Aksys who localizes games with dual audio available. BlazBlue story mode is like visual novel so it’s easy for me to encounter and feel something when there’s a translation that feels off. Of course I know it’s what they do to adjust with western people, sometimes could be slang or phrases.

That being said, I am still pretty happy. I am still longing to play Code Realize ever since it was released and it will never change. If I’m lucky, then most likely local stores could sell this and I will one of the happy customers. Eventhough I am used to “off” translations, but let’s just cross our fingers for this.

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3 thoughts on “Code : Realize Coming West!

  1. LoL. I am one of the women out there crying because I cannot read Japanese and thus not enjoy otome games. That is why this is a real miracle when it happens.

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