Otome Game Review: Nekketsu Inou Bukatsu Tan Trigger Kiss

Nekketsu Inou Bukatsu Tan Trigger Kiss | Cero B | Otomate | PSVITA


Our heroine, Sendou Futaba, just transferred school to Akizuki High School, with the wish of living a normal life by joining the Art Club. She is asked to join the superpower club because she is the daughter of one of the elite superpower users group, called R8, but she refused. Tricked by one of her senpai, she is now forced to join the superpower club, to go win the national tournament of superpower club because it’s the last year for 2 of her senpai. Because of an incident, the club is almost disbanded but if they achieve the title of national champion, their club will be saved. How will our heroine do, who refuse to use her power because of her mother title and an accident that happened years ago? Futaba has the power to strengthen someone’s superpower when she kiss that person btw, which is why this game is called Trigger Kiss!


To sum up the battle in a nutshell so you won’t be confused, here are the schools name and battle stages.

  • 1st elimination battle : Hokuyou High School
  • 2nd elimination battle : Kamase High School
  • Final elimination battle : Hakuroin High School
  • 1st main battle : Karyou Tokiwa High School
  • Final main battle (depends on the route) : Hakuroin/Kyodoin High School

2015-04-27-191538Kanzaki Azuma (CV. Toriumi Kousuke) Azuma is a 3rd year, superpower club leader, and the senpai who asked Futaba to join the super power club in the first place. He is a hot headed and basically really energetic, using the word “youthful” in every sentence he can because  he wants to live a youthful life. You can also say he’s basically an idiot, called by the sub-leader, Yamato. She actually saved our heroine on the way to school on the first day, when she almost got hurt coz of an construction roll thingy (I dunno what is it called xD). He has the superpower of ultra vibration (I think?), he can use heat as his power as well. Honestly I am still not sure what the hell his power is xD He can be this stupid dork coz when Futaba ask her to kiss him to save themselves on the first battle, he’s just like “It’s my first time, is it okay with you?” with this sad kaomoji face lmao. Futaba said it’ll only be on the hand he’s just like “YA SHOULD TOLD ME SOONER!”

On the match Karyou Tokiwa, it is revealed that Futaba actually hated her power because people always compare her power to her famous and powerful  mother. She went to a superpower elite school but thought she isn’t strong enough, though she wanted to become just like her mother. Unfortunately for her, her power isn’t in the same mind. When she’s a bit older, she tried to push her power during a test, which caused her power to lost control. Her partner, also her best friend’s power was lost, and her friend didn’t want to see her anymore. Futaba felt miserable and decided to left the superpower stuffs all over behind her and live a normal life. Yamato and Azuma encouraged her, and with her power, they won against Karyou Tokiwa.

After they won, they found out that Hakuroin was defeated, almost one sided because Souya was taken to the hospital. Turns out the one who defeated them, also the one Futaba and co. will be facing on the final is Kyodoin. Apparently one of Azuma and Yamato former teammate is the current leader of Kyodoin superpower club, Ichijo Koga (CV. Konishi Katsuyuki). Also, one of their teammate, a first year, is strong as hell and basically who beat Hakuroin badly.

2015-05-17-230318When Azuma and Futaba were out near the river, they met Kobayakawa Tenchi (CV. Yonaga Tsubasa), who is a Kyodoin 1st year, the mini kouhai who defeated Hakuroin. He is also the little brother of Kobayakawa Seiji, Azuma/Yamato’s senpai, former Akizuki superpower club leader. Tenchi told Futaba and Azuma how Seiji was evicted from home after an incident which made Akizuki superpower club went almost disbanded. If Tenchi could win, he can see Seiji again under the permission of his father. Hearing this somehow broke Azuma’s heart. On the same time, there’s a rumor that Azuma was the culprit of the so called accident 2 years ago which made Futaba, Mikado, and Banri became anxious. They asked Azuma, and he finally told the truth. On the same time, Tenchi was told the truth by Koga (which I dunno if he twisted the story on the boy or not coz he is definitely a bad guy lmao)

2015-05-17-225635The Superpower club is on the verge of being disbanded because there’s an accident years ago even though Akizuki won the national championship. Seiji turned out to be the culprit, their title as champions is basically stripped, and they are threatened to be disbanded. Azuma saved the club and took over as club leader even their activities had to stop for 2 years. When Azuma and Yamato became seniors, they are taking over the club to win. The truth is, the culprit was Azuma. When he was a 1st year, he got lost in a stadium and checked the locker room to see if Seiji was around (he wanted to cheer him on). Turns out one of the opponents were messing with Seiji’s jersey and Azuma chased the dude. Yamato who were supposed to pick up the lost Azuma, caught the guy. But the guy tried to stab Yamato with a knife so Azuma punched him instead. It is against the rules for a superpower user to punch a common person with his superpowers so they decided not to report it. After Akizuki won, there’s a report coming to them about there’s someone in Akizuki punched someone suddenly. Azuma admitted to Seiji that he did it, but he did it to protect Yamato. Seiji told Azuma to kept this a secret and let him handle it. But instead he told that he was the culprit, and the club could be disbanded. Azuma cried in front of Seiji, but Seiji told him to live with youth and save the superpower club. This is why Azuma is heartbroken when he heard that Seiji might come back after the whole incident with Tenchi waiting for him. At the same time they mustn’t lose as well to save the club that was told by Seiji to be saved.

On the final match, Tenchi looks pissed as hell, showing his anger to Azuma coz it was Azuma’s fault that Seiji was evicted so he wanted to beat the hell out of the guy. After lotsa punch and Futaba beating the hell out of Koga (wohooo you go gurl!), insert shonen manga battle here for 1234567 hours, Futaba kissed Azuma on the lips and it boosted his power to the max! He barely won against Tenchi but finally won anyway.2015-05-17-225653

In the end, their club is saved. Tenchi also moved to Akizuki and became pretty attached to Futaba, to the point he and Banri were fighting over Futaba’s jersey coz both of them wanted to wash it XDDD Azuma and Yamato retired from the club. Azuma also confessed to Futaba as the last youthful thing he must do, but Futaba only gave him the comment you took too long to confess man! Futaba said he won’t kiss the guy he like on the lips but Azuma thought it was only for the sake of winning XD They kissed, with Azuma commenting if she had gyoza during lunch lmaooo. Futaba hit her, “You say something senpai?” “I love you” Oh goodness that was just gold.

2015-04-25-145045Subaru Yamato (CV. Nojima Kenji) Yamato is another 3rd year and the sub-leader of Akizuki superpower club, and basically Azuma’s partner. He’s a tsundere do-S, but mostly just a do-S coz he just plainly commenting something bad honestly without thinking of their feeling XD He said that behavior was from his parents, so she should just deal with it, or complain to his parents lmao. He’s also the one who tricked Futaba into joining Akizuki club by pretending to bumping on her “accidentally” and “helped” her getting into the art club. Turns out he just want her to write her name on the paper and basically made her into the super power club. Nice cheap trick Yamato! He has the power of “accelerate.” He can use it to make his body move very fast or used his power on something (like his jersey) to accelerate/slow down. He’s a pretty rich boy, with expensive bicycle and game consoles (80% reason why he asked the rest of club members to play games is to brag about the console lol). Apparently Yamato isn’t used to stuffs related to romance or ladies (basically woman) that he looked away when Futaba showed him some pr0n stuffs she found on someone’s locker ヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ which ended up him falling on top of Futaba coz he tried to steal the pr0n magz with his acceleration.


On Yamato’s route we also found Koga again. This time it’s told that Koga and Yamato actually already knew each other since they were elementary. Yamato doesn’t really hang out with anybody. On high school, after the whole Seiji incident, Koga decided to move to Kyodoin because there were 2 empty slots. He asked Yamato to join him and seeing that Akizuki superpower club is doomed, he decided to ditch Akizuki into Kyodoin. But then Azuma begged Koga and Yamato to not go into Kyodoin, but instead to revive Akizuki superpower club. Too bad for him Koga already made up his mind and ignored Azuma. Yamato ended up staying in Akizuki after hesitating. He also felt guilty to what happened to Seiji/Azuma because Azuma punched the culprit because he tried to stab Yamato.

2015-05-17-225741After the match with Karyou Tokiwa, Azuma had to stop competing for a while because something’s wrong with his power. The doctor told him to stop and he probably couldn’t join the match til the end. Futaba called her mother, asked if she could help him healed because she’s a renowned superpower user after all. Azuma is taken with a heli overseas for his treatment. Meanwhile when he’s absent, Yamato just turned really harsh on the rest of the teammate. Futaba is changed from support to attack so she had to deal with massive crazy training menu by Yamato. He just went really angry from the anxious he got after Azuma left. Yamato even got mad at Banri after he set up his jersey wrong. Mikado told him to stop and cool down his head. Mikado, Banri, and Futaba then got a call from Azuma because Yamato wasn’t answering his phone. He told them that apparently his power went unstable because of a medicine. For normal people it’s just a normal cold medicine but apparently it affects superpower users pretty bad. After hearing this, Futaba and co. searched for Yamato.

2015-05-17-225759Yamato met Koga again, and Koga told him that Yamato always lacked “resolve.” He told Yamato that 2 years ago, the one who tried to sabotage Seiji’s jersey wasn’t Akizuki’s opponent but rather someone from Kyodoin. Because Kyodoin got the 4th place. If Akizuki were rid off, Kyodoin could take the 3rd place. Futaba found Yamato and Koga talking, and she told Yamato to get away from Koga because she figured he was the one who put medicine for Azuma. He admit that it was Kyodoin’s doing because he believed that they must win whatever it takes. Yamato finally cooled down and they fought against Kyodoin. Azuma couldn’t make it on time because of the bad weather, so Yamato and Futaba decided to wait for him to join the match. 2015-05-17-225810They were at disadvantage because it would be 2 vs 3 for a while, but Azuma finally came and handled Tenchi and the other so Yamato could fight Koga. At the climax, of course Futaba kissed Yamato (also told him to close his eyes ww) and Yamato got a lot faster. He finally won against Koga with acting really cool at the end with the time seems stopping.

Akizuki won and they decided to throw a party. Yamato and Futaba were near the river and Yamato wanted to ask about the kiss he got from Futaba during the match. Futaba said that “It was for the sake of the match! Ahahahaha (。-∀-)” And Futaba thought OH MY GOODNESS SENPAI HAS SOMEONE HE LIKED I’M SORRY SENPAI I APOLOGIZE I STOLE YOUR FIRST KISS and Yamato just facepalmed lols. He then said the girl he liked is her and they kissed, not without her making fun of him, and got a chop on the head XD

2015-05-17-230050Yamada Banri (CV. Yamashita Daisuke) Banri is the kouhai, the only first year in the superpower club. Futaba first encountered him when she was…. changing clothes lol. So Banri was all SUMIMASEN SENPAI when Futaba told him to go outside coz she’s changing XD Futaba tend to tease him like a little brother because he’s all shy around girls. This is because he used to be in the baseball club and rarely hang out with girls. Banri was supposed to be the 3rd member before Futaba joined but he’s down due to sickness because his power has just appeared recently unlike Futaba whose power were already existed since she was a loli. Thanks to this, he doesn’t know what his power is, and spending one whole day running like crazy didn’t help as well. After the situation that forced them to ask Mikado to join, Mikado helped him to get his power, which is in Banri’s imagination is “beam” lol. Mikado said the first thing that comes to mind is usually correct, and boom! He got it. He can fire beams out of his palm now! Unfortunately his power is still raw and hard to control. Although he managed to beat Mikado’s challenge to make him go into the club.

2015-05-17-230107On the final elimination battle, Akizuki lost to Hakuroin, with Banri regretting until he cried. Fortunately the top two still goes into the final battle. Banri said that if he were stronger, they could’ve won. Banri did an examination later and turns out his power isn’t solely a beam but something like “controlling light.” But this power tend to be weak, mostly make yourself invisible, etc, etc, not an offensive type. During the battle with Karyou Tokiwa, they were in a pinch and Banri thought of the explanation from the doctor, which made his power unleashed, with him couldn’t be touched by any attacks and they won. Turns out this is dangerous and the doctor forbid him to use any of that power unless he wants to drop dead. He had to wait until this power disappeared from his body but then the competition will be over. But then Souya came like an angel of savior and told Banri that there’s a way to keep both powers without, but he had to prepare to die. Basically they have widen his power limit so that both powers can fit in. Welp as prediction he went berserk and shooting laser everywhere. Futaba were told to smack him with a tree branch to stop but the branch fell off lmao. She hugged him and kissed him to boost his power. He managed to control and fainted til the next day, next to Futaba as his body pillow too! ヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ


2015-05-17-230153They fought Hakuroin on the final battle, and Banri goes one on one against Souya. Souya asked him what is his purpose to win, and Banri screamed, I WANT TO WIN FOR FUTABA SENPAI THAT I LOVED. Banri won, and just when Banri were gonna confess, he delayed that because he wanted to go study abroad to become stronger, under the recommendation of Souya. Futaba said she will wait. Skip for a year, Futaba is now the leader of Akizuki superpower club. Banri returned, and showed her an illusion of the training room where Banri supposed to confess to Futaba years ago (not without getting a punch from Futaba coz she thought someone bad tried to capture her or smth XD). Banri confessed and of course Futaba accepted and kissed him.

2015-04-26-004551Koga Mikado (CV. Abe Atsushi) Mikado is another 2nd year student, a playful one you might say. He goes flirty with da ladies without noticing the gurls were all raging because of him eventhough he only think of them as friends XD He works part-time in a florist and his power is electricity (which reminded me of Misaka Mikoto from To Aru). When Akizuki needed one more man to become members because Azuma were put with doctor stop (aka doctor told you not to use your power) and Banri’s power hasn’t been figured out yet, Mikado was another choice. He refused to join at first because of his past. Souya told Futaba and Banri that years ago, Mikado was a so called superpower genius user. Back then in junior high school, on the way to competition, he ran into a police and a superpower user fighting. Mikado wanted to save the police or he’ll be burnt to death. Unfortunately for him, the fire user caused an explosion and Mikado got caught with it. He was hospitalized with his power gone. Even after a rehabilitation, only 20% of his power returned. Feeling it didn’t mean anything unless you use full power, he dropped out from the superpower club and everything related to it. After he lost against Banri, he joined Akizuki superpower club.

2015-05-17-225923During the match with Karyou Tokiwa, he suddenly couldn’t use his power. Furthermore his power is worsening, so he asked Asuka-senpai from Hakuroin, and told her to keep it a secret. Because of his power, his brain wave went whacky, and his memories are puzzled. When he caught a fever, Futaba and Banri tried to cheer him up by making a porridge, which…. turned out to be a disaster. Note : Futaba is a bad chef. Asuka then helped them, and told Futaba that she might be in Mikado’s favor coz he barely chased any girls despite his flirty personality. Futaba brought the porridge into Mikado’s room and she told him to stop teasing her with saying things “I like you, or I love you” but Mikado said he was dead serious for her. After that Mikado and Asuka decided to explain to them because they couldn’t hide it anymore, that his power is weakening and most likely to disappear, again. He decided to butcher the competition but our superpower club members worked together and pulled a “Futaba Honey Trap Strategy” so Mikado will be fighting til the end of competition XD He then asked Futaba to cut his long hair (WHICH IS BEAUTIFUL HNGGH I’m just sad (ノД`) at least he’s still pretty!) because he kept it long in the first place so his electricity power could flow properly. Since he has little power, it’d be more effective to cut it short. Welllll, the rest of the members told him to go bald though ヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ


In the final of course they fought against Hakuroin, and they decided to use the flag win instead of winning by beating the opponent’s team captain. This is a rule special only in final match. But Banri who brought the flag caught by Souya’s kagemusha. 2015-05-17-230008They were in a pinch as well because Souya decided to use a new combination with Asuka’s shadow which made them a hell lot stronger. Banri then saved the day by shooting laser beam (coz it’s a light element power) and disrupt the shadow. Mikado went all out, not before kissed by Futaba, and they won the match with Mikado fainting. Mikado asked if Futaba liked him and she answered yes.

On their 3rd year, Futaba became the leader of Akizuki superpower club, with Mikado is the coach. Futaba being a sad panda, saying that Mikado has kept him busy lately so they can’t icha icha enough! And she accidentally said it out loud. Mikado then screamed happily “Futaba dere kita!!!!(≧∀≦)” He apparently did this on purpose and actually worked really well! They then continue to smooch in her room. D’awww Mikado is such an angel.

2015-05-17-230249Katsuragi Souya (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke) Named him fabulous senpai coz of his blonde long hair with flower background the first time he appeared, is the leader of Hakurouin superpower club. His power is kagemusha, aka cloning and make a bunshin out of himself. In this route (and Iwao’s), Akizuki lost on the final and this time the 2nd finalist isn’t going into the real match. After the whole competition is over, they decided to do an exhibition match from the losing team against the winner of the competition (which is Kyodoin). After doing a match to see who will be the main team, Futaba, Souya, and Iwao became the main members.

They did a trip to deepen their bonds lol. In here Futaba did a braid on Souya because she said it’s a shame to let his hair messed up with the sands. At night, they played some fireworks. During the match, Futaba saw Kokage Minase, which was Futaba’s best friend, the girl in her past story where her power berserk and caused one of her friend’s power to disappear. Futaba in a shocked state, confronted her during the match. 2015-05-17-230301Turns out eventhough is power disappeared, Futaba actually boosted her power so much that her power is a lot stronger now. Souya fought against Tenchi, and after he managed to won, he helped Futaba fought against Kokage (which is now friends with Futaba again!). They won by cloning Futaba instead of Souya himself.

After the match, Souya asked if Futaba wanted to join Hakurouin coz Akizuki superpower club has been disbanded. After a few months, Souya just told her to sign up a paper which basically transferred Futaba into Hakurouin (what a deja vu! this technique is actually recommended by Yamato himself lmao). Futaba refused at first but Souya said he had given her plenty of time since the match, which Futaba never thought of it as a thinking time! So she moved to Hakurouin, and Souya looked forward to work with her again.

2015-05-17-230222Mutsu Iwao (CV. Satou Takuya) Iwao is the leader of Hokuyou superpower club, with the looks of a banchou (by Futaba). I never expected him to get a route but more to that on final impression. He joined the exhibition match together with Souya and Futaba. His power is to turn his body into iron, but he can only do it as much as half of his body (full body if he’s boosted with Futaba’s kiss). During the training camp, he fought off some 2015-05-17-230240self-claimed delinquent but he’s blushing when Futaba grabbed his arm ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリッ

During the match we went against Ichijou and managed to beat him somehow. He joined Futaba fighting against Kokage, and helped her by turning her stomach into iron instead of himself, and managed to win. At the end of story, Futaba and Banri do a co-op with Hokuyou and faced off another battle. Iwao said he’ll protect Futaba, with his underlings called her “Onee-san” XD

Overall & Thoughts

Story : It’s not anything deep, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  Sometimes I prefer simple story than some heavy wangsty fantasy shit that has lots of loopholes. It also felt pretty short, I marathoned it in the middle of gaming another RPG! I mean me, playing otoge first instead of RPG, that’s pretty rare man. My only concern is probably the battle. I just skipped them after I went through them except the new dialogues. It’s pretty long and dragging and you wish you’d be over to see where the story goes. Sure it can be exciting but not that much? Although a few things that happened in the match made me pretty excited, like the time Futaba fought against Koga I’m all YEA YOU GO GIRL BEAT THAT ASS. Also idk if it’s just me, but the skip mode is pretty slow? So I tend to look away when I’m skipping because it takes some time. Another note is, THE JOKES ARE ABSOLUTE GOLD IN HERE. Seriously when was the last time I laughed really hard because of an otome game. I know I rarely play it, but GHP who is also enjoyable didn’t make me laugh as much as this.

I still don’t know why Souya and Iwao got a route. Souya is pretty okay because he appeared lotsa times. Meanwhile we only see Iwao mainly at first, but then he just appeared midway without any memorable scenes. I actually want a Tenchi route because hey, shota Yonaga! But he’s only a sub-cast so yeah. He can be pretty freaky sometimes too, specially when he’s mad so I have 50-50 thoughts on that. Maybe on fandisk? If it’s gonna happen though lol.

Music & Art : Not much about music, it’s pretty so-so and repeatable. They did it properly though, like up-beat music during the battle, and when in pinch music that fits perfectly. Also they played the opening song when Futaba did an engage kiss on the last match, it’s pretty cool. The art is really pretty though! While it looks similar to its ancestor Glass Hear Princess, you can see the unique style in it. But hey I like the CGs in here so no complains from me. I think most CGs captured their moment properly, except Yamato? Besides the event that happened on the camp trip and the last kiss, most of moments gone meh.

Characters : I actually like all the characters in here! I have the highest expectation with Yamato-senpai but in the end Mikado won my heart because he’s such an angel. Maybe because there are more romantic interactions between Futaba and Mikado. Yamato showed a little bit of signs in the end but still no romantic approach ): NojiKen did a great job voicing him though. While Banri could be adorable, I am probably not accustomed to Yamashita Daisuke’s voice. Actually I doubt to buy this game in the first place is because none of the seiyuus are actually in my top list, but after playing the game, I have to say they all did a great job! Futaba is also a great heroine. I like her tsukkomis to the guys and she’s just a badass. She tried her best fighting eventho she’s a support member at first and when there are no dudes that could help her in the middle of a battle. Definitely a great heroine. But with the exception of Mikado and maybe Azuma, her feelings looked kinda forced at the end. Like suddenly, I love you because you love me. It’s like she just realized her feelings at the end, specially in Yamato’s route. In Banri’s route she realized this after Banri screamed replying to Souya. so yeah. The interactions between character, however, is entertaining, including the omake scenes. That’s just pure laughable, in a good way of course!

Also I never mentioned this above, but the chracters from Karyou Tokiwa are Himeno Miyako and Masaki Shinji/Shinichi (they are twins) which gave me a deja vu all over Glass Heart Princess again (because they have the same family name)! Not to mention Miyako is an ojou-sama and the twins are her butlers XD I was thinking if they were Kyoko and Shinnosuke in another dimension or their children or something lmao.

Conclusion : This might be not the best otome game in the romance department, but after a long otoge hiatus and starting one in the oh so new VITA port, I enjoyed this. I played the game pretty quick and enjoyed it as one package. The humors are just great, it helps me out from my stress when I’m just dead tired thanks to assignments. It’s a simple but nice game, nice characters, and nice art. I enjoyed the omake scenes as well, which are mostly funny. I definitely recommend this for those who wanna taste otome game at first although you won’t get lots of romantic scenes, but definitely worth playing 😀 Now if only my local stores import more otome games because I’m too lazy to import games nowadays orz|||


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    • yep I have to say even if it lacks romance, it’s a good and entertaining game 🙂
      that’s too bad :/ I hope you can get one later? every otome game seems ported to VITA lately, along with PC as well, but PC gaming isn’t just my forte

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