About Tsukihana

Tsukihana is an otome games review blog, managed by 2 people, kurorisa and Himawaribell. Both of us are otome games player, and decided to make a blog to review the games we’ve been playing. Sometimes we also gonna post some guide to help you otome gamers ๐Ÿ˜€ that is, if we’re not lazy enough…

At first we decided to merge this into an all genre games but as it’s not working, kurorisa decided to move the RPG contents into Remocon+

About the Authors


A university procastinator kid. I like watching anime, reading manga, and browsing the net til I drop, which makes me a number one procastinator in studying. I also love playing games, mostly JRPG.

It hasn’t been long since I started playing otome games, I started at 2012. Pretty much started it coz my friend *coughshestheotherauthorinherecough* plays it and I read some reviews about them. Oh and I started becoming a seiyuu freak that time. Combine those two factors, you got me. I’m not japanese, so my vocabs are pretty limited (I sometimes even use google translate when playing xD). I learnt stuffs from anime/manga/games, but I pretty suck at reading kanji so I rely my ears a lot to hear them lol. Also, I actually rarely play otome games since I prioritize other stuffs (not school definitely), and play JRPG games first. I haven’t played much, probably less than 10, though I keep adding stuffs on my backlog. But I’ll try to play as much as possible so I can do decent reviews.

I don’t have any fav otome games genre, as long as they’re decent and have a good plot. System do some justice as well sometimes, though I rarely get affected by it. I’ve played Otomate and 5pb. games so far, but I have QuinRose’s on my list as well (coz someone here just wants me to play rofl). The only Rejet games I wanna play is Tokyo Yamanote Boys, but uh, that’ll be waiting coz I only have PSP as my otome platform. I’ve never played R-18 games, I’m too scared coz just too much raeps. Also, they’re affected by the cast as well, since I pretty much play it for dem seiyuu voices /bricked.

Anyway I’ll do what shiz and sort, and I’ll try not to use bad languages much xD even though the temptation is still there


I’m a high school student from the land of santa claus. ย My hobbies include gaming, drawing, fangirling, watching tv and reading manga. I used to watch anime a lot more when I was younger but now I only watch some certain animes that interest me. I play a lot of RPGS and shooter games. I’m a huge fanboy of Bioware games such as Dragon Age and Mass effect. ย Also I’m a proud owner of a mittelspitz dog, Nemo and a cat, Cosmo.

Just like my friend here, I’m not japanese. I’ve learnt japanese by listening to it for 10 years(I started watching anime when I was 9). Though I’d say I understand it pretty well. Kanjis are still bit alien to me but hiragana and katakana I have learned.

My very first otome game was Hiiro no Kakera when it was released to the nintendo DS in 2008. So I guess I have played otome games for 4 years now. I usually try to get my hands on every otome game I can find and finish them… though I probably haven’t finished ~50% of them. I tend to lose my nerve very easily and rage quit some games if they annoy me too much. And the reason for this is; I’m a big S myself and I hate weak heroines. I ย also hate to be treated like I’m some idiot from a planet called “Monkey”. So games with bishounens like this; goodbye. And if I don’t rage quit some game but just get annoyed with it, the reason for this is that there is not enough romance. Risa probably knows this side of me better than most; I always rage to her whenever a game is too.. unromantic?

My favorite otome game publisher is Quinrose. I love the games to the death and have probably played every game from them. (Seriously Bangie, you should play them =3=) I also enjoy D3P andย 5pb. Otomate isn’t that great anymore since it’s been a while since they have released a good game. (Though I’m a huge freaking fan of the Wand of Fortune series. It’s probably one of my top 5 otome games.) And don’t even get me started on Rejet. Those games are just too weird.. I also play R-18 games. Yes, I seriously do. Though I only started playing them this year. I shall review those games too if my partner in crime allows it. ( รณ3รณ )

I’ll try to keep my language clean but sometimes my feelings gets the best of me and I’ll say every bad word I can think of. So when that time comes, you all are free to clean my mouth with a virtual soap.

Ta ta for now.

25 thoughts on “About Tsukihana

      • Well, thanks!
        I’m looking forward to your posts in future! Especially DiaLovers? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

        Oh, you are playing Custom Drive, too? Be sure to take breaks while playing the game, since it can be really frustrating sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. lol xD I’m playing dialovers right now and typing it one by one. I’m still one one guy though so don’t expect me to be fast though I’ll try to finish this asap.
    and yeah I’m playing custom drive as well, lol I know what you mean by frustrating. the system is so bad that I decided to take a break and play dialovers first.

    • Oh, just take your time to get abused by the vampire brothers. xD No need to stress yourself! I’m still on the fence, if I should buy DiaLovers, since I love all the CV’s… But I don’t think my wallet is able to pay it. ^^

      Yeah, Custom Drive is really cute, but the system is so freaking annoying…. ั‰(เฒ ็›Šเฒ ั‰) So which character do you like most in Custom Drive? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m totally in love with Riito, since I just can’t resist childhood friends. (โยดโ—ก`โ)*โœฒ๏พŸ* But Ruka is good to, since I really like Hosoya’s voice.

      • if you’re looking for romantic games, don’t get this one xD it’s not exactly romantic, just making you a total do-M over them.
        I like Ruka the most so far though I haven’t played other routes. though yea, childhood is usually more promising ๐Ÿ˜€

    • To be honest…, I like all characters in DiaLovers except for Kanato (I don’t like shota’s, especially, when they are creepy ^^) . I didn’t expect any romance in DiaLovers, since the drama CD’s were not romantic at all. xD

      Well, thanks for your recommendation though!

  2. Hello, nice to meet u. I stumble across ur blog by chance when I was browsing for something ^^ love ur blog, I hope u will review L.G.S.

  3. Hi, there! I found a way here following Haruna-san’s thread. Nice to meet you!
    Hope you don’t mind me putting your blog on my blogroll. Looking forward to your further reviews. I’ll try catching up as much as my time would allow. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m seriously busy recently but I just can’t keep myself from otoge news. Dewa, yoroshiku ne!

    • lol I’ve just posted on your blog xD I’ll put yours as well in my blogroll, nice to meet you!
      I’m slow as well because I’m busy at the moment but I’ll keep my best as well! >w<

  4. greetings! I don’t know how I get myself here but nice to meet you! ^^
    If you don’t mind can we exchange links? I’m looking forward for you future reviews ^^

    have a nice day~

  5. Hi there, I chanced upon your blog while looking through some otome game reviews news, and I really like the way you write those. I’m actually new here and I hope you can continue reviewing. Mind if we exchange links? (=^โ€ฅ^=)

    • I don’t really mind actually but I don’t really update the blog anymore while I tried to post but ended up not continuing. another blog I have (remocon plus) also hasn’t been updated for a while but a little bit recent than this one. but that’s more of an RPG thing, feel free to link both if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

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