Merry Christmas 2013!

colette xmas nsg

(Sorry I never drew an ikemen for Christmas ^^; I drew this for something so I’ll just use it since I’m busy drawing for an event orz. Maybe next year? :p)

Wishing all the readers or viewers or whichever stalkers you are, a Merry Happy Jolly Christmas! I apologize for being inactive in the past half year because I’m stuck with uni XD; I actually finished Norn9 (like FINALLY) about a month ago, but yeah my life is dominated by the restless uni days. I’ll try to post stuffs before the year ends.

Anyway it’s been another year and hopefully I can see more of you people next year! Merry Christmas 2013 and have a happy New Year 2014!


Happy 1st Anniversary!

Wow time flies fast 😀 After that countdown raffle we finally reached 1 year anniversary! Man it’s been one year but we barely post anything so firstly, I apologize for that. This year’s otome game has been a roller coaster road from reviews I’ve read so far and apparently, it’s not a good roller coaster too. I’m currently in uni and eventhough it’s still the first semester, I barely have enough time to play games and watch anime coz I live away from home (renting a place) near my uni coz it’s on a different city.

As for this blog, thank you if you’re actually following us! We don’t have many posts and rarely active but managed to get 40+ followers! It’s one small step but thank you very much! Never expected to get more than 36,000+ hits too! Simply said, you have my gratitude.
Diabolik Lovers, both the review and guide is still number 1 in this blog. I have no idea why but the recent peaking views must be because the anime started airing, and the girls who are attracted started playing the game? I don’t know lol.

Now for the winner announcement! It’s quite unfortunate only few people joined the raffle but I’m thanking everyone who joined in 😀 There will be only one winner though 😦 And that winner is…


Congratulations! \o/ As for your reward, I shall draw Philosoper from Clock Zero as requested. I’ll try to finish it ASAP coz you know, uni is never nice. I do have a holiday about 3 days next week so I’ll try to finish it by then (hopefully). I was never a fast person both in gaming and drawing anyway XD As for Yume, if you kindly leave your e-mail so I could send it to you? If not e-mail, maybe your other accounts like twitter or such. Anything works really. Or does anyone know if I could message someone from wordpress?

I apologize for those who didn’t win but THANK YOU for joining the raffle. Man the announcement kinda sucks, I didn’t have time to draw something for the anniversary itself xD;

In any case we’ll be gladly to continue our stupid (and slow) reviews, and those who are watching us, THANKS and ENJOY for the next upcoming reviews! Hopefully this blog still exists til our next anniversary 🙂

Tsukihana Blogversary Countdown Raffle!

Heyo peeps! Time flies so fast that Tsukihana almost reaches its 1st Anniversary! It’s on 8th October so I decided to do something since it’s our first anniversary…..

Not that I have any merchandise to give lol BUT! I will still give you something! I decided to do a raffle, and I will draw you a piece of fanart. It could be anime/manga/games/otome games character. Remember it’s only one character! So make your choice wisely!

Just comment below and mention if you want to join the raffle. I will pick the winner randomly and I will announce it on our anniversary, precisely on 8th October 2013. If you want to see my artwork style, just checkout my deviantArt. I’m not a pro but I will do my best! Although you must remind yourself that I won’t draw a BL/GL/R18/anything explicit character. I apologize but it leaves a bitter taste when I need to draw something I don’t like. Also, since I probably won’t have much time coz I’m on uni, the fanart is probably about thigh up and simple bg, unless I’m a masochist when I was drawing it, or some kind of idea struck my brain.

Idk if there are gonna be many participants, considering this blog is quite new, but join for the fun 😀

AFA ID’13 : Indonesian, Otaku, and Crowds

Overall view of the 1st floor. It’s crowded with otaku that makes me really hard to walk. (photo from AFA facebook)

I finally have time to write something lol. This is about the recent event (anime convention) I attended. It’s one of the biggest event for otaku in Indonesia, and probably the only one I’ve ever cared about since last year. For the 2nd time, they make the place bigger and better. There are still some problems though so yeah… The event is held from 6th to 8th September 2013. I only came on the 2nd day aka Saturday, 7th September 2013.


Otomate Moar Special Pack : DiaLovers Limited V Edition, Hakuoki SSL, and Amnesia World

With the recent news of Playstation VIta TV brought by Sony, I checked the list of playable VITA games, only to find a certain otome game title written “Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition.” I’m like HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO at first but with the upcoming Amnesia x Hakuoki special pack, after one second I thought this must be the Vita ver of DiaLovers. I decided to check the website later that night and apparently I was correct.


Rejet + Otomate News

Decided to post another round of news since somehow I got some regarding both Rejet games and drama cd as well as Otomate’s. Let’s start with Rejet.


Website and Commission

Heya peeps. So not long after I posted the post below, I’ve decided some things in the past 2 months. or something like that.

Remember the thing about merging otoge contents with other games such as jrpg? welp I don’t see it working in here so I’m moving unrelated otoge contents into a new site called Remocon+. It’s still empty atm, and I’ve only designed the banners but it’s midnight and I’ll fix things by tomorrow. If you’re a fangirl but likes to kickass on other games as well, drop by to visit sometimes 😀 I will ravel not only jrpg, but other genres as well that I usually play. That’s for the website update. As for the banner in Tsukihana, there’s an unrelated otoge picture besides Norn9 lol, but I won’t take it off coz I’m lazy. Unless I made a new banner in the near time, it stays up there.

Another thing I’d like to offer is a commission. Let’s be honest here I’m currently a NEET coz I’ve graduated high school but not exactly a university student as well at the moment. I’ve gone through freshmen program but I’m not officially studying there yet. I’d like to get a job, but only what I can do. I draw fanarts quite a lot and I’ve posted a commission in my dA profile but I’ve got none so far except a friend of mine. The rule is simple, you ask, I draw, you pay. That’s it.

If you’re interested, I’m opening about 4 slots at the moment, which are still empty.  You can check all the details you need in here. You can read what I will draw and what I won’t draw. How the payments work and so on. If you decided or you wanted to ask more, you can ask here, or e-mail me at If you have a dA account, you can post it there as well. Anything works really.

Thanks for the attention! I apologize if we post things so few and uh, long XD