Otome Game Review : Glass Heart Princess

Glass Heart Princess | Cero B | Otomate | PSP



Himeno Kyoko is a rich ojou-sama and the only daughter of a rich family, Himeno. She was spending her last summer vacation as a 3rd year high schooler until her chest felt weird and she fell unconscious for 3 days. According to the doctor, she is diagnosed with a rare disease that appeared 30 years ago called “Glass Heart Syndrome” and she only has another 4 months to live. Because therapy won’t help her either, her maid Satsuki suggested to have a beautiful rose colored love life instead of waiting to die in her room. Finding “love” is a good training in her mind since by dating someone, you would go doki doki and make a good practice for your heart! The doctor is convinced and thought it’s a brilliant idea so Kyoko decided to have a love life!

In this game, Kyoko normally has 70 HBM. At first, her limit is only 100 HBM, but as spend your time with practice by Shinnosuke, her butler, and Satsuki, it will increase. The training for her heart includes physical training (conducted by Shin) with a special jersey created by him and romantic scenes (Satsuki) including watching romantic movies, reading shoujo manga, even playing otome games lol.  The physical training will add her HB limit while the romance training will increase her L-int, which is ranked from G and as it increases, the better the date event. So onward to a beautiful love life!



Otome Game Review: Issho ni Gohan. Portable

Issho ni Gohan. Portable | Cero C | Otomate | PSP



Like some other otome games, Isshoni gohan is based on a drama cd series. At the moment there is 10 drama cds with each CD dedicated to one character.

Our heroine is Mugibata Akane, a 19 year old girl who hails from Hokkaido. She is a 1st year student in Hanarenjyaku University of Cooking and her department is business administration. At the beginning of the game she is wondering around the streets hungry and tired. She doesn’t have enough money to buy anything; She was forced to quit her job as the place went bankrupt. As she is walking, she bumps into a very alien looking man before she passes out in his arms (how convenient lol). When she wakes up, she is in the park with the man who now introduces himself as Satou. He is the landlord of student apartment called Meshi Yasou. As the two continue talking, Satou offers a job for Akane; his position of managing the apartment to her. Akane of course accepts and we can finally start the game!


DiaLovers Fandisk More Blood PV and more

Since dialovers is getting high rates here in our blog, I thought I should give this new since this is the first thing I saw on my subscriptions from Rejet lol.

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal is getting a fandisk! That’s right fangirls and do-s vampires lovers, rejoice!


Otome Game Review : Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal-

Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal- | Cero C | Otomate | Rejet | PSP



I told you I’ll get something done, though it’s already new year >: but here you go!
Komura Yui, our heroine, is moving to a house coz his dad moved abroad to Europe, and apparently tomorrow is the day of his departure. Apparently daddy didn’t plan to bring her daughter along with her lol. But the house looked creepy, just like a haunted house, that’s why she doubted to go in. Suddenly the door opened by itself and she went in.
Yui found herself in a strange situation coz dem guys just keep licking her. Yui finally explained her situation, and apparently both parties thought it’s a misunderstanding. Wanted to leave, Yui was stopped by another guy named Shuu, and told that he knew that she’d be coming. And they told her that they’re vampire. Yui didn’t believe at first, but Reiji said there’s no reason for them to make a lie. Subaru also broke her cellphone lolol. No escape, sorry and apparently her Rosario and stuffs didn’t work on them. When she was about to get eaten, she shouted that she wanted to pick the guy that will eat her rofl xD so welcome to the Sakabaki Vampire family!


あけましておめでとうございます | Happy New Year! [+updates]

Happy New Year 2013Just a little drawing for you all. Hopefully next year will be even better than this year!

Hello hello, it’s himawari here! I’m sorry for not being active and also sorry for all the delays. My life has been really hectic this year and I’m glad the year 2012 is finally going to be over.

So what has been going on? Family drama. If the end didn’t come to the world, it certainly came to my family. My parents divorced after 26 years of marriage and I decided to move to my own place in another city. My dad’s family and mom’s family has this huge war going on and it is interfering with my life.  A lot. Luckily things are finally starting to calm down and I can start to play games again.

Speaking of games, I’ve been thinking about starting to review the older otome games that haven’t been reviewed yet.  There are a few really good games out there and I really want to replay them again, so why not to review them at the same time? After I have reviewed L.G.S and Confidential money, I shall start to replay some games. Also I’ve been thinking about doing rage reviews because apparently I’m really good at raging.. But of course the rage reviews would be just for laughs and not something that you should take seriously. Rage reviews would be just full of my rage/sadness/angriness/whatever girly feelings I’m having. Any thoughts on this?



something I drew for X’mas hehe, sorry it’s lame orz

We, Tsukihana, would like to say
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

as for status I’m slowly completing dialovers now! I’ll get it done before new year! after that I’m going for Glass Heart Princess. as for Custom Drive, I’m rage quitting it, I’m sorry =|

anyway best wishes for all!

Current status!

kurorisa here. first of all I wanna apologize because we barely post anything since my last review and himawari’s last guide. I’m currently busy with school but I will be free tomorrow after my final exams this semester. I will finish DiaLovers asap. as for himawari, I lost her contact quite a month ago but we’re connected again now but she’s busy and had some private matters. so please bear with us. we apologize because we’re dame ningen.

I’m dragged into the world of JRPG atm *coughxillia2cough* but I’ll finish Dialovers before the end of the year. idk about custom drive but I probably won’t finish it completely coz the system sucks.

Guide: Diabolik lovers – Haunted dark bridal –

I never thought I would actually play this game. I’m not a DoM.. I’m not fan of vampires nor blood, which is why I tried to avoid this game like a plague. But when you have nothing else to do and you are bored to death, this game suddenly started to look very appealing. So I decided to play it… (more…)

Otome Game Review : Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable

Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable | Cero C | Otomate | 5pb. | PSP


In the middle of the night, you were suddenly woken up by an unknown butler (CV. Inoue Kazuhiko), and he’s gonna tell you some bedtime stories! lol why would he do that if we’re already sleep, no, he’s just there, and will tell the heroine, whose name is Himeko? (I forgot) some fairy tales. But it’s not a usual fairy tales, it’s where the heroine can actually feel like she’s inside the story. So that being said, let’s discover the magic of the fairy tales hurhurhur what the heck am I saying. (more…)

Welcome to Tsukihana

Welcome to Tsukihana! We are new here, and we will be doing otome games review. Mostly will be the newer ones but we’ll try to review the old games as well. This site is managed by 2 people, kurorisa and Himawaribell. Both of us will review different games, and if you have any requests, feel free to drop tell us!

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