Merry Christmas 2015!

It’s past Christmas in my place already but half of the world is probably still celebrating anyway so Merry Christmas 2015! I hope you have fun and joy this Christmas. Be it with a 2D man or otome game www

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Otome Game Review: Nekketsu Inou Bukatsu Tan Trigger Kiss

Nekketsu Inou Bukatsu Tan Trigger Kiss | Cero B | Otomate | PSVITA


Our heroine, Sendou Futaba, just transferred school to Akizuki High School, with the wish of living a normal life by joining the Art Club. She is asked to join the superpower club because she is the daughter of one of the elite superpower users group, called R8, but she refused. Tricked by one of her senpai, she is now forced to join the superpower club, to go win the national tournament of superpower club because it’s the last year for 2 of her senpai. Because of an incident, the club is almost disbanded but if they achieve the title of national champion, their club will be saved. How will our heroine do, who refuse to use her power because of her mother title and an accident that happened years ago? Futaba has the power to strengthen someone’s superpower when she kiss that person btw, which is why this game is called Trigger Kiss!



Code : Realize Coming West!

I was scrolling through my twitter timeline after a shower and I was shocked by a news in my timeline. Yes peeps, Code Realize will be coming to the west! Aksys will release the game with the title Code : Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

So should we be happy?

I am actually pretty excited because this means it will be easier for outside people (aka non japanese) to get the game including me. I’ve said in my previous post before how hard it is to obtain otome games in a local store unless you import all the time which can be impossible for some people. The chance for the game to be sold in a local store is higher.

Second, Aksys actually chose the right game. Let’s face it, Code : Realize got a good rating. Some of the recent Otomate VITA releases are actually pretty good if we remember how they fell during the last PSP period of otome games.

Third, western game tends to be cheaper. I sometimes import japanese games but tend to buy from local stores as well (recently) so I know how much differences in the price can be. If you’re someone who actually have a problem playing otome games because of importing, this is actually good to support otome market in the west. Not to mention, hey english language! Every woman who are always crying because they can’t read japanese will be more than glad to buy this game!

However, as someone who have played BlazBlue, which is localized by Aksys, I know the translations can be “off” sometimes. If you didn’t know, they kinda changed some important terms from the original japanese words. Some people like it though. I, who is biased with seiyuu cannot afford to play with english dub, therefore I like Aksys who localizes games with dual audio available. BlazBlue story mode is like visual novel so it’s easy for me to encounter and feel something when there’s a translation that feels off. Of course I know it’s what they do to adjust with western people, sometimes could be slang or phrases.

That being said, I am still pretty happy. I am still longing to play Code Realize ever since it was released and it will never change. If I’m lucky, then most likely local stores could sell this and I will one of the happy customers. Eventhough I am used to “off” translations, but let’s just cross our fingers for this.

A Few Words

Yeaaaa this blog is pretty much dead coz I barely play any otome games specially since the whole wagon moved to VITA. But a miracle hapenned! As we know otome game market isn’t that popular besides in Japan and I’m having a hard time to buy otome games since there are only a few otoge available in my country such as Amnesia of course, and prolly Hakuoki. I also rarely import games and I usually prioritize RPG before otome games, not to mention low on budget xD; Although now I tend to buy from online local stores which miraculously have some japanese games so I don’t need to import as much as I used to. And apparently don’t know from where or how or what kind of wind brought it there, the game Trigger Kiss appeared!

I really consider myself whether I should buy this or not since the end of last year coz I was really broke thanks to RPG and I was absorbed into Eiyuu Densetsu : Kiseki fandom and pretty much buy the games so I waited. The item kinda went missing for a few periods that I lost all hope (Norn Var Commons appeared in the store though but I’ve played the one in PSP so no thanks). What do you know, this week there’s a national day for women in Indonesia, lo and behold, Trigger Kiss appeared and discounted as well! I haven’t bought any games since last month, saw I could spend some since it’s discounted, and bought it.

Played it today, it was awesome eventhough just a bit. It’s not on my priority list as I still want Code : Realize so bad or at least Norn 9 FD but I guess the local store taste and mine doesn’t really match lol. Trigger Kiss was my first otoge experience in the VITA and I have to say it’s great. I agree with Hinano though how bout it almost feels like a shonen manga xD

That being said I hope there are more otome games coming here or at least I could buy it. Just pray I could review it here coz the last part of Norn9 review kinda scrapped away from my brain lmao

As for blogging, no I’m not dead at all. Like I’ve mentioned I moved to Remocon+, a JRPG review blog site along with my friend. You can check it out there for more RPG stuffs 😀

Merry Christmas 2014

elphelt xmas

Might be a bit late xD; anyway wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! hope you guys have a wonderful one too this year! Long time no post, I didn’t even make an anniversary post coz this blog is kinda dead lol. Not to mention busy. Hopefully I can go back to Otome games next year! I really want to play Code : Realize actually ww

Anyway hope to see you again next year!

Quick Impression : ALICE=ALICE

Hey folks! it’s been a long time and now I’m having my sweet sweet holiday! Since I’m still taking time on revenging my gaming, I decided to do a new corner which is a quick impression. This is basically what I see in the game only on the first glance, as in I haven’t played it very far, even only in the beginning because you gurls know how slow I can be when finishing an otome game. Since a full review isn’t effective, I decided to do this to keep this blog alive! Of course it might still contain spoilers and I’ll upload a CG or two so it won’t be lonely.

First, lololol why the heck am I playing this game. I had no idea wtf struck me so I decided to play this. I HAD NO IDEA. I decided to get this a try rather than BAD MEDICINE, just because lmao. Anyway I haven’t got really far, only at the beginning of the first guy, which is Black Rabbit. That’s the guy in this pict.



A little rambling

Let’s seeee, first of all, I want to apologize for being inactive. I’ve been following otome games news, I know otomate is jumping to the so called PSVITA bandwagon, and I kept my eye for Rejet’s games and videos on youtube, so sorry I haven’t been posting anything and just stay dead.

Reason, right. I’m on my 2nd semester in university and it’s really hard for me to balance my schedules between studying-assignments-gaming-drawing. In the first place, my hearts has RPG >>>> otome game. Sure I love seiyuu but after reading some reviews of last year til now games, I don’t think I’ve taken interested in otome games anymore. Sure I still have backlog, but most likely I second them after rpg games which are backlogging as well. It’s kinda hard for me as well when you have 80% of your life taken by assignments and got stressed with it coz I barely have any good sleeps these days lol.

I’m still in the middle of writing the oh so have been left Norn9 last part, and GHP Platinum which I started playing a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can make a comeback starting from that. As for otome PSVITA games, I am unsure of myself whether I’ll be buying it or not. The reasons are, 1. Otomate is the first company to do so and looking on their past games specially last year, it has been a train wreck from them. 2. I have limited budgets. Like I’ve said I prefer playing RPG so when one or two games I like have their release date decided, I plan to save the money for them first, specially limited editions. I think it’s more worthy for me to keep stuffs from LE edition rather than some freesbies that Otomate usually gives. Let’s face it, I like the art and the seiyuu, but they are not really convincing me with their games.

Instead posting stuffs here, I have been active on my other website specially for RPG, managed by my friend and I, called Remocon+. You can take a peek and check if you want, follow if necessary 😀 I just want to share the fun of the games I’ve been playing so far.

That’s it for now, I hope I found more courage to play otome games after the current semester is over, although I’m planning to attend a doujin event but I’ll try to find a free time between those drawing days.

Merry Christmas 2013!

colette xmas nsg

(Sorry I never drew an ikemen for Christmas ^^; I drew this for something so I’ll just use it since I’m busy drawing for an event orz. Maybe next year? :p)

Wishing all the readers or viewers or whichever stalkers you are, a Merry Happy Jolly Christmas! I apologize for being inactive in the past half year because I’m stuck with uni XD; I actually finished Norn9 (like FINALLY) about a month ago, but yeah my life is dominated by the restless uni days. I’ll try to post stuffs before the year ends.

Anyway it’s been another year and hopefully I can see more of you people next year! Merry Christmas 2013 and have a happy New Year 2014!

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Wow time flies fast 😀 After that countdown raffle we finally reached 1 year anniversary! Man it’s been one year but we barely post anything so firstly, I apologize for that. This year’s otome game has been a roller coaster road from reviews I’ve read so far and apparently, it’s not a good roller coaster too. I’m currently in uni and eventhough it’s still the first semester, I barely have enough time to play games and watch anime coz I live away from home (renting a place) near my uni coz it’s on a different city.

As for this blog, thank you if you’re actually following us! We don’t have many posts and rarely active but managed to get 40+ followers! It’s one small step but thank you very much! Never expected to get more than 36,000+ hits too! Simply said, you have my gratitude.
Diabolik Lovers, both the review and guide is still number 1 in this blog. I have no idea why but the recent peaking views must be because the anime started airing, and the girls who are attracted started playing the game? I don’t know lol.

Now for the winner announcement! It’s quite unfortunate only few people joined the raffle but I’m thanking everyone who joined in 😀 There will be only one winner though 😦 And that winner is…


Congratulations! \o/ As for your reward, I shall draw Philosoper from Clock Zero as requested. I’ll try to finish it ASAP coz you know, uni is never nice. I do have a holiday about 3 days next week so I’ll try to finish it by then (hopefully). I was never a fast person both in gaming and drawing anyway XD As for Yume, if you kindly leave your e-mail so I could send it to you? If not e-mail, maybe your other accounts like twitter or such. Anything works really. Or does anyone know if I could message someone from wordpress?

I apologize for those who didn’t win but THANK YOU for joining the raffle. Man the announcement kinda sucks, I didn’t have time to draw something for the anniversary itself xD;

In any case we’ll be gladly to continue our stupid (and slow) reviews, and those who are watching us, THANKS and ENJOY for the next upcoming reviews! Hopefully this blog still exists til our next anniversary 🙂

Tsukihana Blogversary Countdown Raffle!

Heyo peeps! Time flies so fast that Tsukihana almost reaches its 1st Anniversary! It’s on 8th October so I decided to do something since it’s our first anniversary…..

Not that I have any merchandise to give lol BUT! I will still give you something! I decided to do a raffle, and I will draw you a piece of fanart. It could be anime/manga/games/otome games character. Remember it’s only one character! So make your choice wisely!

Just comment below and mention if you want to join the raffle. I will pick the winner randomly and I will announce it on our anniversary, precisely on 8th October 2013. If you want to see my artwork style, just checkout my deviantArt. I’m not a pro but I will do my best! Although you must remind yourself that I won’t draw a BL/GL/R18/anything explicit character. I apologize but it leaves a bitter taste when I need to draw something I don’t like. Also, since I probably won’t have much time coz I’m on uni, the fanart is probably about thigh up and simple bg, unless I’m a masochist when I was drawing it, or some kind of idea struck my brain.

Idk if there are gonna be many participants, considering this blog is quite new, but join for the fun 😀